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Divide and command

By Steve Farrell
web posted May 30, 2011

In Federalist No. 7, Alexander warned as to America divided, as to America under a loose offensive or defensive confederation, as some 'save America' groups clamor for today:

America, if not connected at all, or only by the feeble tie of a simple league, offensive and defensive, would, by the operation of such jarring alliances, be gradually entangled in all the pernicious labyrinths of European politics and wars; and by the destructive contentions of the parts into which she was divided, would be likely to become a prey to the artifices and machinations of powers equally the enemies of them all. Divide et impera [Divide and command] must be the motto of every nation that either hates or fears us.

Are we really naive enough to not believe that this would be the case today? That our enemies would not pick us off one by one — if we are not first set against each other's throats in a horrific civil war — and then turn us against a plethora of foreign enemies as well, and this for their gain not ours? Indeed, we are already under the sway of that pernicious European labryinth – and need to get out from under it – but how much the worse, how much easier the prey for a nation divided, for a nation split apart under a return to something like the Articles of Confederation, as some suggest!

If we want to save America, we need to do the long hard work of returning the United States to its constitutional bounds, to educate ourselves , our children, and our neighbors on America's Founding Principles, and then stand up for them with our time, talents, and resources … firmly, diligently, and enduringly.

What we must not do is fall for quick fixes such as so-called "loyal to the Constitution" pleas for what may be in truth plans to dissolve the Union and bring about political and moral anarchy, and thus, tyranny also (as is always the case following anarchy), but by a quicker, meaner, more violent path.

I remind my readers that  the Communists have been behind nearly every separatist/self-determination movement across the globe in the past century … think of Africa and Southeast Asia; but also those separatists movements that have occurred closer to home in places like Hawaii and Vermont, and the Southwest (Aztlan); and before these, in the once upon a time effort for a separate black America, and in the still not defunct Native American effort (with sponsors at the anti-American, pro-communist U.N.). What makes us think that what we hear on some 'save America' fronts has not been influenced, guided, financed, or hijacked  by a branch of the International Communist conspiracy or what some say are their higher ups in the Eastern Liberal Establishment,  taking advantage of the unwary in the midst of a political crisis?

Tread carefully. I've seen some pretty dishonest history writing and analysis by some of those who call this movement an American one. Stand by the Constitution, not those who would have us shred our nation to pieces in the name of defending it. ESR

Steve Farrell is one of the original pundits at Silver Eddy Award Winner, NewsMax.com (1999–2008), associate professor of political economy at George Wythe University, the author of the highly praised inspirational novel "Dark Rose," and editor in chief of The Moral Liberal.


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