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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Four: Of Fathers and Blood-Thirsty Marxists

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 20, 2011

My first thoughts for the day:


While America obsesses with her debt and the coming election?

Vladimir Putin and Hu JintaoGuess who are happily licking their chops?

Throw in the Ghost of Osama bin Laden behind these two, very self-satisfied faces?

Is America ready to defend herself?

Is President Obama even willing to defend the United States?

He is certainly all aglow with the Arab Spring!

"We will dig you in!" shouted Khrushchev at  United States diplomats in 1956 during a meeting at the Polish Embassy in Moscow.

"The proletariat is the undertaker of capitalism!", proclaim the Marxists.

Now America has successfully buried herself under mountains of debt.

Somehow the Communist world and the likes of George Soros have learned the tricks of Capitalism more cunningly than a 235-year-old Capitalist Democracy.

And why does our increasingly potential next-President of the United States, Mitt Romney, appear so calmly certain of his election?

Is he waffling on abortion?


He doesn't really want a constitutional amendment banning abortion, despite saying so.

The polls?

Why do the polls repeatedly confirm Romney as the next GOP candidate, while all other candidates, no matter what order they find themselves in, are lagging far behind?

Has America been set up for extinction by more than foreign enemies?

Is the 100-year-old, now very bipartisan, American Progressive Movement a central player in the American downfall?

And just how undeniably treasonous have Progressives been?

Or have all these obvious questions been rendered moot by the tragicomic melodrama being played out by politicians in Washington, D.C., such as Anthony Weiner?

With Russia and China as possibly the hard-line authorities on where The American Left is obliged to go, the Democratic Party, between Anthony Weiner on the one hand and the Chairmen of the Sino-neo-Soviet Bloc on the other, need another JFK. The Left desperately cries for a father-figure with some wizened gravitas to him.

My father, a Republican Progressive and co-perpetrator of abortions in my family, was, to a child crawling the floor, hugely intimidating. However, while waddling till I could finally walk the halls of this nightmare, my father had suddenly become my only salvation.

Unfortunately, to dash such hopeful expectations of a heroic savior, my mother told both my sister and I, ages12 and 9 respectively, that our father, "Your Pa-pá!" as our mother labeled him with a large and frighteningly sophisticated accent on the second syllable:

"Your Pa-pá forced me …. to have not one … but two abortions!"

I didn't even know then what the word abortion meant. My sister had been taught to define it for me as "murder".

I don't, to this day, disagree with any letter of that definition. Abortion is one of, if not the most heinously cold of cold-blooded murders. Given the staggeringly helpless innocence of a gestating infant, abortion seems to me the worst of homicidal crimes, not to mention the most cowardly.

Then, however, it meant that both my sister and I could be in massive danger.

Children were certainly labeled as someone's enemy in this war zone.

On a profoundly more hopeful note, my Concerto For Orchestra has shaped up quite nicely. The first movement, in a satirically classical tradition, was penned, as with my Symphony For Strings, in the 80's. Then I was determined to prove what my ear could unfailingly tell me, that no style of music was beyond my comprehension and full grasp as a composer.

Therefore the first movement of my Concerto For Orchestra again proves that point, but with a more satirical vision of not only the classic principles but even Stravinsky's well-known nod to Mozart in Stravinsky's Symphony In C.

To that extent, I'm an actor to the core of my predominantly musical soul. I played roles musically until I realized my very own, inimical vision of life had a bizarrely Brechtian cynicism to it that I can only attribute to the massive amounts of Brecht I performed early in my career as an actor, going all the way back to Dartmouth College.

To enhance that memory, here is Lotte Lenya leading the original cast of Brecht's Three Penny Opera.

Where was I?

Abortion as homicide and my parents as murderers.

Brecht/Weil rather fits my family. Even the original German leaves most of us with the same bewilderment I felt as a child looking up at the very, very, very, very adult pretentions of my parents.

My childhood in a domestic war zone.

The Kurt Weill music of 1931, pre-war Germany is most appropriate.

Such a nightmare made me infinitely separated and apart from the rest of the world and secretly independent and a massively strong survivor of even my own, decades-long pessimism.

Yes, Man is, without question, the most horrifyingly sadistic, cold-bloodedly homicidal creation in the Universe.

However, when divinely inspired?

"How like a God! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals!"

Why did I never perform Hamlet when I was offered the chance? On Broadway no less!

Hmmm … that is a melodrama that awaits me in some later chapter of this mystically prolonged concerto of my life.

Meanwhile, let me bring in the seductively more palatable translation of Brecht and Weil by Louis Armstrong.

Listen to these lyrics, or rather read them:

Oh, the shark has
Pretty teeth, dear,
And he shows them
Pearly white!
Just a jackknife
Has Macheath, dear,
And he keeps it
Out of sight!

Oh, the shark bites
With his teeth, dear!
Scarlet billows
Start to spread!
And silk gloves
Wears Macheath, dear,
So there's not a trace of red!

On the sidewalk,
Sunday morning,
Lies a body
Oozing life!
Someone's sneakin'
Round the corner!
Is that someone
Mack The Knife?

I'm sure my older readers "kind of" know the lyrics and the rendition; and learned it without really examining what the songs intent originally was.


The narrative voice introducing this video of Louis Armstrong sing a song so popularized by many singing stars from Louis to Bobby Darin, is that of Edward R. Murrow.

As one of the comments on this link says, "Excuse me, Mr. Narrator, Louis is playing trumpet if you don't mind!"

Edward R. Murrow doesn't care about Louis' trumpet, he only cares about the primal message that Bertolt Brecht's lyrics are sending throughout all of Three Penny Opera: The Communist Revolution.


He cites Louis as having "played at many of their funerals".

The funerals of black Mack The Knives? For Louis it is a triumph of his own survival.

For Edward R. Murrow Three Penny Opera meant the martyrdom of the Communist Base.

It held the promise Marx made, Lenin offered and Stalin fulfilled.

Three Penny Opera proudly celebrates the disenfranchised, bitter and homicidal rage of the Communist Revolution.

Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot would be enacting Macheath's butchery en masse!

Murrow always did have that tone of "I know something you don't know".

A holier-than-thou, "enlightened despot", as Robespierre might have described him.

Murrow and the Major Media's "useful idiots" for Soviet manipulation successfully branded Senator McCarthy as not only unconstitutional but utterly Un-American.

In essence, the Communists, with the invaluable assistance of the American MSM, have been telling Americans what is or is not American.

Edward R. Murrow did as much to pave the way for both Presidents William Clinton and Barack Obama as did William J. Fulbright and George Soros.

To the likes of Murrow and his descendants, the only "enlightened" Americans were, are and always will be Marxist Americans.

This underground had risen during FDR's administration as "Progressives" but the Communist underpinnings to the first, high profile "Progressive", FDR's vice-President, Henry A. Wallace were discovered.

That truth made it impossible for FDR to give Henry A. Wallace a second term as Vice-President, therefore the welcome entrance of Harry Truman.

Imagine then, how bold it was for William Clinton, in his autobiography, to describe himself as not merely a Baptist but a Progressive Baptist.

Why could he do it?

America, as always, has forgotten!

With the MSM already whipped into the Soviets' "useful idiots", the arrival of a full blown and virtually shameless Marxist, Barack H. Obama, became almost a cinch.

By the year 2008, Hillary Clinton, for the "Party's" hardliners, had become insufficiently Left or too much a Pale Red or, yes, just not Marxist enough. Now they say the Democrats may want to bring her milder poison back to replace Obama.

Is any version of Mack The Knife, Clinton's or Obama's, really all that harmless?

"Whattya mean, Moriarty?! It's a nice tune!!! Gets ya snappin' yer fingahs!!"

Stalin's "purge" alone was the best first glimpse of the Size of Macky's Knife.

Throw in Mao Zedong's tens of millions dead in China because of his agricultural policies and his wife, Chiang Ching's "Cultural Revolution", and between Mack The Stalin and Mao The Knife, you have thousands of innocent human beings executed and millions more starved or tortured to death.

Brecht, from everything he has written, particularly his earlier play Baal, enjoyed and romanticized cold-blooded murderers. Found something romantically poetic in their utter and complete barbarity.

Brecht, more than any other Communist writer, was the most honest and prophetic of blood-thirsty propagandists.

A Communist has no home but the ideology and criminality of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro. Communism is an exclusive home for the most psychotic and blood-thirsty of alpha males.

With such men as the heroes for our present occupants of America's exceedingly Marxist White House?

What do you expect will happen when the financial collapse of America reaches Great Depression levels?

The same thing that is happening in collapsing economies of Europe and the increasingly bloody purges going on in the Middle East: martial law!

Martial law under full-blown Marxists is a universe away from North America's last martial law in Canada under the would-be Castro, Pierre Trudeau.

Canada wasn't financially disemboweled during Black October, as History calls it.

America may well have more than her monetary guts torn out.

With Red China as our major lender threatening to "foreclose"?

With Iran's cutthroat, Ahmadinejad, joining the neo-Soviet Union and Red China at their "Summit" in Kazakhstan.

Here might very well be America's fate. With Iran now hanging on Red China's coattails? What might that foretell?

With Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro as the major "Father Figures" for the likes of the Obama Nation's,

Anita Dunn?

She who "controls the press"?

Your homes are inevitably becoming their homes.

To "go home", in the most Brechtian sense of the word, is to take not only possession of your earnings but eventually the entire ownership of your house, your job, your children and your free will.

Oh, the shark has
Pretty teeth, dear!

Barack ObamaWhat a charming song, eh?

What thrilling entertainment we can expect from power-thirsty Marxists?!

The Sino-neo-Soviet Communist Bloc has something bigger planned for the West than a Cultural Revolution.

Obama's reelection is Step Two.

His "fundamental transformation of the United States" carries with it something much more uncompromising than a "Cultural Revolution".

The Reds know they must "slam the door shut" on individual freedom or they're facing World War III.

… and he shows them

Pearly white! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and 4Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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