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Prayers for such a miracle!

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 1, 2011

What do you think happens inevitably when human life is no longer sacred to human beings anymore?

Not only will the human race fall apart, it will inevitably destroy itself.

You don’t legalize murder and then somehow stop a killing field which you yourself have started.

Of course the "enlightened despots" of the Progressive New World Order don’t believe that. They’re planning on "pruning" their human herd.

The human race is to be "depopulated" by its own leadership.

Bill Gates, in this analysis of his vaccination program, does not, to say the least, seem like a person who considers human life sacred.

He is clearly one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the world, so these declarations of his would carry a great deal of serious effect on the future of humanity, wouldn’t they?

I had thought the "Global Warming" predictions and the terrorism over CO2 have been under close scrutiny ever since The Al Gore Panic.

Weren’t the Doomsday Scientists somewhat discredited?

Here’s Laura Ingraham’s investigating. A clearer videotape of this interview should be made available.

Here’s another bit of testimony. Please listen to the denial of Ezekiel Emanuel.

"The Hippocratic Oath should be junked?!"

"Do no harm" is to be scrapped from any oath a physician takes?

"You’re a scare-monger, Moriarty!!"

"Moriarty, you’re not even sane enough to be allowed an opinion!"

Hmmm …

Here’s Spike Lee on Obama. What, I assume, he means to say is the "pre-ordained" Messiah of America.


As far as I’m concerned, we have the Bible’s anti-Christ, Barack Obama, the "wolf in sheep’s clothing", entering as a "pre-ordained" event, helping to institute a "depopulation" program for America, or, as Sarah Palin described it, "death panels".

Obama will, I am almost certain, be reelected.


Read the entire article, please.

Now that the President has so repeatedly circumvented Congress and the "checks and balances" inherent within the Constitution, what would or will come of a two term, New World Order, Messianic Presidency?

One thing is for sure: the depopulation of America.

Whether it occurs by dint of civil wars in the Middle East that are growing exponentially or by a Second Civil War in the United States, the size of the human race will indeed be decreased decisively and inevitably because of world leadership’s commitment to shrinking the human race by at least one billion people.

Since neither the United States under President Obama’s abortion and euthanasia policies nor the Communist-led masses of both Red China and neo-Soviet Russia nor even the entire, Kamikaze religion of Islam … since none of them hold life to be sacred, the Judeo-Christian civilization has, in effect, been brought to an end.

The Catholic Church is the last great institution left with any humane sense of life’s sacredness.

If I didn’t know of the Holocaust or the Soviet Gulags or the Cultural Revolution of Maoist China, I wouldn’t know how American Progressives can even live with themselves. Tragically these elitists are celebrating with the same verve the Nazi S.S. sang Deutschland Uber Alles.

However, they have learned from the Chinese about how to close a velvet fist around the human race.

Why has there been no "fall of the Berlin Wall" in China? Why no end of Communism?

  1. Because there has been no real end of Communism in neo-Soviet Russia.
  2. There has been no successful revolution against Maoist China.

Because of those two facts, the Progressives, both Democrat and Republican, see no real obstacle to the eventual annihilation of individual freedom in America.

If Americans can turn their back for 38 years on legal infanticide in the United States, there will be absolutely no problem taking away any other individual right from Americans. Once the right to live is denied the most vulnerable of us, who, in the end, has any right at all?

That has been the successful bet of the entire American Progressive Movement.


Since the Nixon/Kissinger Team’s virtual alliance with Maoist China over America’s surrender in the Vietnam War, and the Nixon Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade Decision of 1973 legalizing abortion, the increasingly authoritarian government of America has been constructing a corrupting tyranny: an all-powerful State united with what amounts to a Communist New World Order.

A dictatorship that feeds directly into the weakening of individual freedom and responsibility through corruption?

The complete end of a moral code and the entrance into the United States of foreign drug cartels?

Increasingly lax drug laws are intended to addict Americans to chemical highs in the same way ancient China eventually became addicted to opium.

Obviously the enemy to collective serfdom is individual freedom.

No machine knows how to destroy individual freedom with greater tenacity than the International Communist Party.

They have "transformed" the phrase "There’s safety in numbers" into "The only chance for survival will be the Communist Party".

That "transformation" is exactly the one that President Barack Obama promised us and that he and his Far Left Friends are endeavoring to construct.

There’s only one problem the American Communists face.

America and the American Dream never lived in either Red China nor neo-Soviet Russia.

The "conversion" or "transformation" of America to a Communist State will not happen with the inevitability that both Stalin and Mao subjected Russia and China to their tyranny.

The only hope for American Communists is this: Roe v Wade has so corrupted the American individual that what opposition to the "Communist Revolution" exists in the United States can be disposed of.

The American Resistance, like the French Resistance, can’t possibly be that big, given the undiminished popularity of abortion, of legal infanticide, of what amounts to bottomless American inhumanity.

The French Resistance to Nazi occupation only succeeded because of America’s entrance into World War II.

There really is no America. Not now! Not after 38 years of Roe v Wade!!

That is the Progressive and American Communist hope, at any rate.

"Tea Partiers hate government more than they hate the national debt."

That was a recent judgment by Robert Reich.

He didn’t say "big government". He said "Tea Partiers" hate government.

Reich obviously loves the "impending Civil War" within the GOP, the battle between the "Tea Partiers" and the onetime backbone of the Republican Party, Big Business and Wall Street.

Would I call Robert Reich by now an American Communist?

In an interview with The New York Times, Reich explained that "I don't believe in redistribution of wealth for the sake of redistributing wealth. But I am concerned about how we can afford to pay for what we as a nation need to do."

For someone who "doesn’t believe in redistribution of wealth", here is an interesting codicil to the will of Robert Reich: "Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit — a wage supplement for lower-income people, and finance it with a higher marginal income tax on the top five percent."

No, Robert Reich is not a Communist. He isa Professorial version of the "useful idiot", as described by the former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov.

A classic American Progressive.

However, Reich’s gleeful analysis of the "split in the GOP" between Tea Partiers and Wall Street Big Business is tragically an undeniable truth.

That is why I’m fairly certain that Obama will be reelected.

Sarah PalinThe GOP divided cannot stand, let alone reach the White House.

Eight years of Obama, I fear, will turn almost all Americans into Communism’s "useful idiots".

Without an America left to rescue the Tea Partiers and their version of a French Resistance?

Will there be Communist foreign troops on American soil?

Well … not if The Friends of Sarah have anything to say about it.

Are there enough of them to have Sarah Palin elected President?

I passionately hope and pray for such a miracle!

That would, indeed, be individual freedom’s rolling thunder for eight years!! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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