Communist tactics of the Palestinian Authority

By Charles A. Morse
web posted July 17, 2000

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to employ tactics learned by much of its leadership in Communist training and support which goes back to the late 1950s. These tactics, as well as an accompanying leftist political orientation, continue to be rewarded with powerful support from the American and world left, including elements of the American and world Jewish left. The PA employs the dialectical tactic of "peace" and/or violence, which are offered, often at the same time, at strategically advantageous junctures on the road toward the destruction of the Jewish State. This terror strategy was first developed in the Soviet Union.

Co-existence between Israel and a Palestinian entity, which could, with time and trust, become a sovereign state would be beneficial to both sides. Most Israelis and Palestinians want peace and economic prosperity. The outmoded PA leadership however, is driven by ideology, greed, and lust for power and is egged on to hatred, division and violence by international fellow traveling leftists.This axis of power is what stands in the way of a fair settlement.

What is the background of the PA leadership? Egyptian-born Rahman al-Qdwa AKA Yasir Arafat began his career in 1951 at Egypt's Fuad University where, at age 22, he worked as a student organizer for the Moslem Brotherhood. One of the goals of the Brotherhood, headed at the time by leftist Hassan Banna, was to infiltrate the Islamic fundamentalist movement. In 1956 Arafat, along with student cohorts Salah Khalef and Khalil al-Wazir, attended the Soviet run Prague World Festival of Youth where they formed the nucleus of the terrorist Al Fatah. This radical cell would later make up the core of the PLO.

Arafat achieved prominence after the 1967 Arab-Israel war with the help of the Soviet Union and it's pro-left media stooges. According to international terrorism expert Yossef Bodansky, as described in his book "Target America", the Soviet strategy toward Israel and the West in general was formalized in 1972 at the Baddawi Conference held at the Baddawi refugee camp in Lebanon and chaired by Marxist George Habbash. The result of the conference was the establishment of an "alliance of progressive movements and terrorist organizations" which would include, besides the PLO, terrorist cells from Europe and the Third World.

This conference institutionalized left-wing international terrorism directed from the Kremlin. The theory was that terror, murder of innocent people and the mayhem that would result, would undermine Israel and the West and lead to socialist victory.

According to the documentary "The Russian Connection", which involved interviews with several members of the PLO, no terrorist attack against Israel would occur without Soviet consultation. The PLO itself boasted of Arafat's weekly meetings in Beirut with Soviet Ambassador Alexander Soldatov. The Soviets, according to the documentary, lent support to the PLO in the form of arms, training, planning and propaganda.

These planned attacks, rather than military actions, would involve the killing of innocent civilians. Among the many heinous and cowardly attacks were the April 11, 1974 attack, in Israel, of Quirat Shemona in which 18 civilians, including 8 children were murdered and the May 15, 1974 attack on a school in Maalot in which 28 civilians, mostly children were murdered. This action continues to this day and includes exploding busses in downtown Israeli cities. The strategy is that Israel can be defeated and destroyed by the action of terrorists killing as many Jewish men, women and children as possible.

While the Soviet Evil Empire has imploded on its own decayed and immoral philosophy and Moscow is no longer the epicenter of the quest for world socialist domination, the leftist mindset and strategy still finds full expression in the present Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Palestinian leadership with their leftist friends in the US and the rest of the world continue their quest to destroy the Jewish State and replace it with some fuzzy secular utopia. History yields several examples where this idea was enthroned, one example would be the Cambodia of Pol Pot.

They seek to rip Jerusalem out of the heart of Israel for obvious political reasons. In addition, Jerusalem is of significant religious importance to the Jewish faith which the left loathes in the same way as they despise any God based faith. They hysterically claims that Israel is a theocracy. This is an attack, make no mistake, on all monotheistic faiths. Jerusalem today is open to all faiths at an unprecedented level.

The Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza would be well advised, for their own good and long-term success, to rid themselves of their Communist oriented leadership. Only then will they be able to put aside their goal of conquest by any means necessary. Only then will they be able to create a state alongside Israel. Only then will they obtain a state that would exist to serve the interests of the Palestinian people who reside there, not the interests of international forces and ideas whose interest is to promote perpetual violence.

Chuck Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network And a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right and Ether Zone.

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