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Support the Iranian freedom movement

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted July 7, 2003

I was amazed! These Iranians sound more like conservative Republicans than a bunch of insurgents in their open letter "To the Free People of the World" that can be found at their website, "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran". Although lengthy, it's truly an enlightening message that is well worth reading.

Again, the old rubric "never assume anything" rings true. Before reading their communiqué of June 22nd, I thought of the Iranian dissidents as dyed-in-the-wool socialists that were thoroughly in sync with the pro-Palestinian, pro-Arafat drivel almost universally espoused throughout the Islamic world. Gee, was I wrong!

An unidentified Iranian university student speaks with Mehdi Karroubi (R), Iran's Speaker of Parliament, inside the parliament building in Tehran on June 22. Iranian student leaders said hundreds of students had been arrested following a wave of protests against Islamic clerical rule, and warned the crackdown could make them adopt more radical and violent methods
An unidentified Iranian university student speaks with Mehdi Karroubi (R), Iran's Speaker of Parliament, inside the parliament building in Tehran on June 22. Iranian student leaders said hundreds of students had been arrested following a wave of protests against Islamic clerical rule, and warned the crackdown could make them adopt more radical and violent methods

Don't misunderstand -- I would have supported the Iranian freedom fighters in their struggle against the crazed mullahs and their terrorist accomplices in any event. However, it was incredibly refreshing to discover that the Iranian pro-democracy activists are indeed insightful thinkers in the broader political sense. And this is even more impressive in light of a populace that is really quite young, with approximately 70 per cent under the age of 30.

By way of further clarification, Iranian expert Michael Ledeen underscores that the majority of demonstrators are, in fact, non-students. Essentially, there is now widespread opposition to the current Islamo-fascist regime among the Iranian populace, which is generating significant strife in the Iranian streets. Ledeen believes that revolution is in the air. In response to the daily protests of the past month, there's been an ongoing government crackdown resulting in more than 4000 arrests and many deaths.

Significantly, the overall tenor has shifted from street demonstrations to the beginnings of armed resistance as the situation on the ground continues to escalate and dissidents are willing to strike back against government thugs. In his June 16th column at National Review Online, Ledeen states, "The protesters know that they are going to be attacked with guns, knives, machetes and chains, and they are responding with Molotov cocktails and guns of their own". Ledeen further notes that the regime has taken to importing "foreign thugs" to do the dirty work of beating down and terrorizing the populace. Reportedly, among the ranks of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, there is notable sympathy for the demonstrators and their cause.

In their open letter to the "decent men and women of conscience", the dissidents unabashedly skewer the Leftist elites and "self-promoting great thinkers" of the United Nations, the European Union, the State Department, academia, and the media that have consistently coddled Iran's Islamic Republic. And, of a more salient nature, they deplore and denounce Iranian-supported terrorism of any kind.

Regarding the incendiary Mid-East situation, the dissidents aver, "Palestine is not our cause; the Arab-Israeli conflict is not our fight. We are Iranians! That is totally between the parties involved. Nonetheless, as a peace-loving nation we should encourage and support a peaceful solution rather than interfere in their affairs and instigate terror and war."

Moreover, the insurgents explicitly despise Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, and all other Islamic terrorists for that matter. And that's totally understandable considering the following -- the Iranians have been systematically brutalized by foreign thugs, which are the mullahs' henchman and enforcers. Iran is the epicenter of state-sponsored terrorism, and the mullahs utilize terrorist mercenaries to maintain the regime.

In their June 22nd message, the protestors state, "Torture and terror are the regime's proven methods of control; that is how they have sustained their power for the last two decades. To carry on their inhumane acts, as usual, they have at their beck and call their pillars of support -- The alien terrorists of Hezbollah and other foreign mercenaries; for no decent Iranian could be as barbaric as they are…In 1979, through deception and ignorance of the populace, intrigues and plots of Western powers, inept foreign policies of the United States and the support of hungry, backward and atrocious terrorists groups such as Hezbollah, and other Palestinian groups, our blessed land was handed on a silver platter to a gang of corrupt and Godless Mullahs".

As rightly noted by the dissidents, the Iranian government should be attending to the nation's terrible societal ills instead of providing monies and safe harbor to terror groups, and developing chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs. Despite its considerable petroleum and natural gas reserves, the ayatollahs have managed to run the Iranian economy right into the ground, resulting in 57 per cent of the people now living below the poverty level. Reportedly, child abuse, domestic abuse, disease, hunger, drug addiction and crime are rampant.

The insurgents name names, and take significant swipes at well-known figures including the United Nation's Kofi Annan and media liberals such as Charlie Rose, Christiane Amanpour, and Robin Wright who have been among the prime supporters and enablers of the corrupt Iranian regime, now derisively dubbed the "Satanic Republic". The Iranian freedom movement has correctly characterized the UN as unprincipled and ineffectual. Moreover, foreign affairs expert and author Robin Wright is sharply criticized for referring to the mullahs' Iranian regime as a "democracy", when in fact it's obviously a dictatorship.

As to Kofi Annan, the open letter states, "We have made numerous appeals to the United Nations' Secretary-General and its pathetic Human Rights Commission. Sadly, the words in the Charter ring hollow in Mr. Kofi Annan's United Nations. With a Secretary-General like Mr. Annan who is so blindly enamored with the Islamic Republic and its Mr. Khatami, our pleas are ignored completely and repeatedly".

The pro-democracy activists are even tougher on journalist Christiane Amanpour, who is of Iranian ethnicity herself. They assert, "Ms. Amanpour, one word of advice: Don't mess with Iranian women! Now, you have done your duty for your Mr. Khatami, and in turn have been rewarded handsomely. We hope betraying not only your heritage, but also journalistic integrity, was worth it. Ms. Amanpour, the truth is out! As we said: It is greed, self-serving ambitions and hypocrisy that rule".

And the open letter also portrays PBS talk-show host Charlie Rose in an extremely unflattering light. How do I say this delicately? By the time dissidents are done with Mr. Rose, his "intellectual integrity" and credibility have been significantly assailed. They charge that his favorite guests and representatives of the Islamic Republic, "Khatami, Kharazi, and Zarif", are nothing more than "documented terrorists".

These insurgents certainly don't mince any words. And, they are clearly driven by palatable rage due to the tyrannical rule foisted upon them, and all Iranians for that matter, by the reprehensible ayatollahs. They assert, "The fire of rage, for what has been done to us, is our motivator. We will honor our glorious past and achieve the liberated and free Iran of tomorrow". Although these courageous souls appreciate President Bush's rhetorical support for the Iranian freedom movement, they are profoundly opposed to the State Department's "failed policy of so-called engagement and dialogue" with the Islamic Republic. They believe Foggy Bottom's efforts are inappropriate and "misguided" – Why pretend that fruitful discussions and rapprochement can be achieved with a murderous regime, which will ultimately have to be toppled in any event?

For approximately a month, there have been daily protests in Iran, which will culminate in massive demonstrations and a general strike on July 9th, the fourth anniversary of a brutal government crackdown on students. America, as the world's beacon of freedom, should not only stand in solidarity with the Iranian freedom movement on July 9th, but until the wicked and oppressive ayatollahs are removed from power.

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.

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