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Straight talk on truth

By Lisa Fabrizio
web posted July 7, 2008

Two thousand years ago, a man told some local leaders; “The truth will set you free.” Now, those who have been blessed with religious faith understand exactly what He was talking about; yet these words should be universally accepted, even by those in the secular world. After all, only a few hundred years ago, some less worthy but still wise men thought that truth, or truths that were self-evident, were not only important enough to govern a freedom-loving people, but to fight and die for.

So if the truth will set us free, what would the converse effect be? Well, the opposite of truth is deception, and the opposite of freedom is slavery. And if some of our fellow countrymen continue on the path of serving everything but the truth, slavery is exactly where we’re headed. With the heart of the presidential election season right around the corner, maybe the purveyor of the ‘Straight Talk Express’ will capitalize on some issues that will benefit the country and serve the truth instead of the convenient untruths we’ve all been forced to live under.

John McCainJohn McCain could start by doing what liberals everywhere claim to love; emit a loud mea culpa, and admit he was wrong to jump on the global warming bandwagon. Pride aside, this would be easy, as many brave men of science are stepping up to the plate and admitting that the “settled science” is anything but. It’s time that a prominent politician admitted that there isn’t much humans can do to change what God hath wrought other than to embrace it and adapt to it as Man has done from Day One. This is freedom from the slavery of presumption.

Next, he should jump on the nearest rooftop and shout for all the world to hear that America will henceforth take charge of its own destiny when it comes to oil. God has blessed this country with an overabundance of natural resources but apparently, an under-abundance of common sense. Yet this truth is becoming plain even to the average American. The basic laws of supply and demand seem to have finally penetrated the psyche of likely voters; 74% of whom, according to the latest Zogby poll, favor off-shore drilling while 59% would like us to begin drilling in ANWR. This is freedom from economic slavery.

Another area where a dose of truth would go a long way is on the subject of gay marriage. As I wrote a few weeks ago, time is running out for the canard that homosexuals will not have “equal” rights until they have gained control of that very building block of civilized societies. It’s time to admit that codifying the gay lifestyle would be both physically and morally harmful to any such society. This is freedom from the slavery of error.

A good way for McCain to gain the support and admiration of those on the right would be to make a firm commitment that the party’s ‘no exceptions’ platform position on abortion will not change with him as its head. If one believes that abortion is wrong because life begins at conception, and that any taking of innocent human life is murder, how then can one believe that the violence of rape should be visited on the child as well as the mother? Or that a fetus, if not “terminated” will become anything else than a human being?

We know that the last few decades have seen those who deny truth, try and shape our very language in order to further their deceptions. Consider that that Barack Obama has said that he didn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” for “making a mistake.” As if the precious gift of human life could ever be anything but a miracle of God’s creation. In Obama’s world, the only individual deserving of punishment is the unborn child; the ultimate slave of sexual “freedom.”

This is how far away from the truth a large portion of our country currently is: it has taken a federal court three years to uphold the language in a South Dakota law that requires doctors to inform women seeking an abortion that it would "terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being." It is sad comment on our country’s state of affairs that many of us are celebrating this as a victory; for a truth that has been understood by men for thousands of years. This is freedom from the sordid slavery of moral indifference.

Two thousand years ago, one man invested with the political power of an empire that ruled most of the known world asked another man; “What is truth?” This is a good question for a GOP nominee who claims to deliver straight talk. ESR

Lisa Fabrizio is a columnist who hails from Connecticut. You may write her at mailbox@lisafab.com.

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