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web posted July 28, 2008

Re: A cat's tale: Conservatism vs liberalism

A stray cat had kittens in our yard. My wife attempted to barricade the kittens in a contained area to protect them from predators. Short of caging them, this proved impossible. The rambunctious kittens escaped my wife's protection to explore, wrestle and play. With every fall, their climbing skills improved. Mama cat taught "gecko catching 101". Soon the kittens were supplementing their breast milk with gecko snacks. Had my wife been successful in her intrusive attempts to protect them, the kittens' growth would have been stunted leaving them ill equipped to survive.

The kittens scenario illustrates the superiority and compassion of a conservative approach to life over liberal. Liberal politicians always promote lowering standards and intrusive protection programs which ultimately enslave people to government dependency.

For example, despite documented historical proof that speaking one national language is vital to economic success, liberals demand that America become more bilingual. They accuse anyone suggesting that immigrants learn English as being racist.

Conservatives joyfully lend a helping hand when needed. They reject the trap and demoralization of cradle to grave dependency.

My 80 year old black dad shined shoes as a child. On a good night, he earned as much as five dollars. Dad always gave his aunt, who raised him, a portion for board. He remembers purchasing an undershirt. Dad said he proudly bragged to his buddies, "I'm buying my own clothes now!" Dad was experiencing the joy and self esteem which comes from a conservative approach to life vs a liberal approach of receiving a welfare check.

Just as the kittens escaped my wife's crippling liberal protection, I challenge minorities to reject liberal crippling government dependency programs.

Lloyd Marcus
Deltona, FL

web posted July 21, 2008

Re: Speculators are not responsible for the high price of oil

Congress is blaming oil speculators for high oil prices and calling for tighter controls over futures trading. But speculators are not responsible for the skyrocketing prices of oil and gasoline. Our government and other governments around the world, on the other hand, are directly responsible for restricting the production and the supply of oil, causing prices to rise today and in the future.

Speculators shouldn't be blamed for predicting, and trying to profit from, disasters caused by politicians. Speculators bet on the future price of goods according to their judgment, but they have no power to dictate prices in their favor.

Speculators stand to lose or profit depending on what the future might bring. They take risks--and take losses when their predictions turn out to be wrong. They don't determine the future, and they should be free to profit or lose from their decisions. Moreover, speculators serve the crucial function of signaling to the market what the future supply and demand for a given product is likely to be, which helps producers plan ahead accordingly.

Congressional attacks on speculators will not increase the supply of oil or drop its price. If Congress wants to lower oil prices it should deregulate the energy market and permit oil exploration throughout America.

David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute



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