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Incumbents: Meet Horatio Bunce

By Henry Lamb
web posted July 26, 2010

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Sounding more like a campaigning candidate than a proud President, Obama said that voters will have to choose whether to go backward to the failed policies of the past, or to go forward to the future with him.  Wait a minute: where's the choice?  The failed policies of the past are precisely the same policies that Obama and his Marxist majority have rammed down America's throat since the last election, which he promises to continue until he has totally "transformed" the United States of America.

Let's see now, what are the most egregious failed policies of the past?  No doubt, the most egregious policies are those that ignore the limitation of power imposed upon government by the U.S. Constitution.  Many presidents, and both political parties, have ignored the Constitution at various times throughout our history.  The champions of this ignorance, however, are Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and now the grand champion, Barack Hussein Obama.

None of them ever met Horatio Bunce.  If they ever read Davy Crockett's speech to Congress on charity, they either forgot it, or simply chose to ignore its truth.

Congressman Crockett was with a group of friends in Washington one night when they saw a massive blaze lighting the sky over Georgetown.  The men raced to the fire and worked hours helping to put it out.  Crockett and his colleagues initiated an effort to appropriate $20,000 for the victims of the fire.  He was bitterly disappointed when the bill failed. 

A few months later, while campaigning for the next election, he stopped a farmer who was plowing his field to ask for his support.  The farmer politely told him that he had voted for Crockett in the last election, but that he would not do so again.  Crockett begged the man to tell him why not.

"Did you vote to appropriate $20,000 for the victims of that fire in Georgetown?" the man asked.

Crockett said that he had voted for the appropriation, and that he thought that would be the last vote anyone would find fault with.

The farmer said: "Well, Colonel, where do you find in the Constitution any authority to give away the public money in charity?  The Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred, and rigidly observed in all its provisions."

The farmer was Horatio Bunce. 

Wilson, Roosevelt, and now Obama and his Marxist majority in Congress ignore this question:  "…Where do you find in the Constitution any authority to…?"  The American people asked this question about the authority to take over privately owned automobile and insurance companies. 

The American people asked where do you find in the Constitution any authority to take over the entire health care industry? The American people are asking where do you find in the Constitution any authority to shut down the fossil fuel industry in order to force people to buy exotic alternative energy products that are outrageously and unnecessarily expensive? The American people want to know where do you find in the Constitution any authority to make direct grants to so-called "green" alternative energy companies, or to activist organizations such as ACORN, or to National Public Radio, or to subsidize the media, as is being proposed by Obama cronies.

These are the failed policies that have been imposed in the past with disastrous consequences.  These are the same policies that Obama unapologetically declares that he intends to impose in the future.  These are not the policies the American people want.

Fortunately, there is another choice.

Since the last national election, a rebellion – no, it is better described as a revival – has swept across this nation.  People are sick and tired of seeing their freedoms trampled by a government that ignores the Constitution in order to impose Marxist ideas and socialist policies.  People want no more of the quid pro quo shenanigans that pursue political perpetuity rather than the people's prosperity.     

This year, the people have raised a new crop of candidates, most of whom agree with Horatio Bunce:  "The Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred, and rigidly observed in all its provisions."

 This year, voters are looking for candidates who agree with Horatio Bunce.  Voters are getting organized and volunteering to help in campaigns, and they are getting informed.  They are learning how their elected representatives voted on past issues, and they are painting a target on the backs of incumbents who don't share Horatio Bunce's reverence for the Constitution.

This year, voters intend to reject Obama's plans to "transform the United States of America" into a socialist nation entrapped in a system of international Marxist governance.  This year, voters intend to raise the American flag over Washington, and declare anew that by God, this nation will remain a nation under God, and under the Constitution He ordained. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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