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The view from Crackerland

By Robert T. Smith
web posted July 19, 2010

Based on events surrounding the New Black Panther civil rights voter intimidation case, cracker is an apparently acceptable term to identify white people here in America.  Nobody in the liberal-mainstream media or even in many parts of our representative government seems to have found the recent events unsettling, comment- or news-worthy.  The liberal media and politicians are curiously not outraged at what is an arguably race-based federal civil rights case.  We were told of a post-racial era that all Americans would enjoy as the outcome of the election of America’s first African-American president.  This post-racial era is not so evident in the view here from, what can now apparently be described as, Crackerland. 

Post-election of President Obama, the only racial agreement that is apparent to those of us who reside in Crackerland is Eric Holders’ admonition that we are cowards to not discuss awkward racial issues here in America.  Here, then, is an offering to contribute to the discussion.

Here in Crackerland, there was some consternation when we noticed the unique past, and unusual relationships that our, then, presidential candidate Obama had throughout his life.  There seemed to be an underlying racial anger and confusion as a mixed-race person in his autobiography Dreams From My Father.  As example from the book and audio of the book, was Mr. Obama being so moved by the notion that “white folks greed runs a world in need.”  Mr. Obama’s long-term black liberation theology minister and mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Right, so clearly represents many other African-American religious leaders.  These African-American religious leaders, such as Reverend Right, have perspectives and sermons that seem to be a whole lot more about justifying and supporting their racism, than Christian theology itself.  There is an apparent seemless link between black liberation theology and the racist, bigoted radicals in the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers.  Our view from Crackerland was Mr. Obama as a relatively unknown politician infused with a lifetime of racist relationships and thoughts.   

Here in Crackerland, we noticed an almost 100% voting rate for Mr. Obama from the African-American community.  Difficult to miss was the many formerly non-Democrat African-American persons who stated their support for Mr. Obama, based solely on his color, a clearly racist vote

As viewed from Crackerland, this affiliation of the Democrat party and the African-American community appears to be based on the promise that the Democrat politicians will provide for the entirety of living conditions desired by the African-American community.  The individualism of Crackerland recognizes these government supplied conditions as dehumanizing, reducing people to veritable chattel of the government.  Human chattel of the government is not the condition we crackers wish upon any person, irrespective of race. 

Here in Crackerland, we took note that Mr. Obama was elected by both cracker and non-cracker alike.  However, it didn’t take long for the signs of racism to appear in association with our new president.  The invocation by Reverend Lowery at Mr. Obama’s swearing in ceremony seemed a bit inappropriate for such an auspicious, racially historic occasion.  The Reverend Lowery was intent on bringing racial issues to the forefront, and used the occasion and captive audience to vent his lingering racism by means of a recitation of hopes for the various non-white races, while those who are white were admonished to embrace the right.  This appeared here in Crackerland to state that white’s somehow had prevented and/or are preventing the other races from achieving their desired hopes, a racist lie. 

The history of America we learned here in Crackerland included hundreds of thousands of dead crackers in the civil war, decades of cracker-led civil rights struggles, altering of the very foundation of America’s constitution and laws facilitated by the crackers, billions and probably trillions of cracker dollars poured into the non-cracker communities that were incidental in the Reverend Lowery’s mind to doing what is right.  Arguably, the view from Crackerland was that the Reverend Lowery outed himself as a racist and perhaps bigot, as an integral part of Mr. Obama’s historic day for race relations in America. 

Here in Crackerland, we pursue happiness for ourselves and our families’ benefit, the base building block of society.  In Crackerland, we established in our founding documents and celebrate unalienable rights for all men, endowed by our creator, not arbitrarily assigned rights by government officials based on race.  We inhabitants of Crackerland don’t wake up thinking about how to stick-it to other Americans, cracker or non-cracker, we work for ours and expect you to work for yours.  We see our pursuit of happiness realized as the property, money, land, and all other possessions we work hard for, and not as community property to be confiscated by government officials and dispensed to others based on racial status and conditions.  The inter-relationship between redistributive socialism and black liberation theology that President Obama has been steeped in and embraced in his policy decisions is viewed by us here in Crackerland as both racist and the antithesis of Americanism.

In Crackerland, it is our hope that all citizens would be Americans, no hyphenated citizens.  Our preferred organization is the National Association for the Advancement of American People (NAAAP), otherwise referred to as the United States of America.  We encourage all American citizens to join our group and become active members.  The group benefits are the best in the world.  We crackers prefer our group’s exceptionalism and do not look to diminish its standing in the world.  President Obama does not appear to us here in Crackerland to celebrate and embrace our open-to-all citizen’s organization or exceptionalism. 

The racism we see from Crackerland in our current Obama administration, those surrounding the administration and those who support it, looks a whole lot more like retribution instead of a brave discourse on race relations here in America.  We were told of a post-racial era that all Americans would enjoy as the outcome of the election of America’s first African-American president, that is not so much evident to many of us here in Crackerland.  Cowards should step aside, as Mr. Holder so ineloquently put it, so that this discussion will not have to be carried on into posterity.  With slavery and civil rights issues distant in the rear view mirror of America’s history, the changes in our social structure over time, and the integration of all Americans into all portions of our society regardless of race, this black/white race discussion is now absurd within the context of racial reparations, and can only be viewed now as a purely political power play. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.


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