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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Six: L'enfer est la famille!

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 4, 2011

This morning I had to add these thoughts to this chapter on the dying American family:

I couldn't connect with enterstageright.com this morning.

It has been the blog I have been writing for during the past fifteen years or so.

It may be just a technical matter … OR … well … these days, any plot from above is possible when you consider the ominous coordination going on in The Arab Spring and the vile machinations within the minds of George Soros, his friend Vladimir Putin and their lackey Barack Obama.

As Winston Churchill might describe them: three really "evil" men.

It was inevitable that their likes would show up again to try and rule the world.


Roe v Wade gave Americans the right to execute their unwanted children and Americans took that right and have been wallowing in it for 38 years.

What would you expect from a civilization with legalized murder?!

I tried enterstageright.com again and: "Unable to connect …"

Glenn Beck is off the television airwaves and George Soros' Media Matters is celebrating that loss as their victory.

There can always be Glenn Beck reruns to educate our children about American freedom. However, the Marxist fist is tightening. Closing actually.

As I've said before: "America asked for it, begged for eventual tyranny with legalized abortion."

The Progressive Golden Rule: "Do unto gestating infants and naïve Americans what you wouldn't want done unto yourself!"

Even Glenn Beck took an early pass on the "controversy" of abortion, the Supreme Court's blessings on legalized murder. On the Bill O'Reilly Show, Beck compared abortion's relative unimportance to the hysteria over gay marriage.

No wonder America is being driven to her knees!

Blind to legalized murder would inevitably make a nation and its "Libertarian" citizens blind to the tyranny of their own pro-choice ethics.

The bravest of us won't even fully wake up because of such Libertarian rationalizations for the legalized murder of Roe v Wade.

Our present situation is as if the Holocaust had preceded World War II for decades before the war even broke out.  Over 50 million gestating infants are already dead because of Roe v Wade.

Why is America dying?


Oh, luckily … thanks to God, I believe … I'm now connected to enterstageright.com.

My justifiable fears for America, now so reminiscent of pre-war, Nazi Germany, will only increase in the coming weeks, months and single year before the 2012 election.

If Obama is reelected?

Goodbye, America, for quite awhile!

The Red Islamic Pact will thrive for at least two to three years.

Of course, Hitler inevitably betrayed his non-aggression pact with Stalin in the same way The Hitlerian Muslim Brotherhood will betray Putin, Obama and the Red Chinese. The Communist half of Red Islam knows that.

For now, Islam is the Communist's Bad Cop until, of course, the Bad Cop turns on the utterly amoral "Communist Cop".

A World War III nightmare has been brokered between the International Communist Party and Radical Islam.

The agreement is, "Let's destroy the United States before we return to any quarrels between ourselves."

Treaty"Now is the perfect time with Our Man In The White House because this opportunity for world domination may never come again."

Obama knows that such an agreement has been set between Ahmadinejad and Putin's neo-Soviet Russia.

What is the President of the United States doing about it?

He is waiting and watching how Israel and what-is-left-of traditional America have to say about this threat to all of Judeo-Christianity. His transparently corrupt administration and his Chicago gangsters and his bullying union friends go all warm and gooey over the end of Glenn Beck's stay at Fox News.

America, her money and power are all playing into the hands of George Soros.

Why, in my opinion, did Glenn Beck and Roger Ailes part ways?



Limited advertisers?


George Soros is why.

Media Matters wouldn't be rejoicing as it has if it were otherwise.

However and most conveniently, the video clip that captured The Media Matters' euphoria is suddenly difficult to find on the internet. If anyone finds it again, please let me know.

"We're not bad winners!!" say Media Matters. "We're merely the future of The Press!!!"

That is this morning's glimpse at the state of the American Family: on the edge of suicide.

As for the domestic war and suicide attempt my sister and I lived through in our childhoods?

For myself it was a plunge from the heaven of my first five years into the agonizingly alcoholic idea that both of my parents had about adulthood and parenting.

While my father dismissed my boyish efforts at the piano – of course, he'd paid for piano lessons but was utterly dissatisfied with the speed of my progress – and the gulf between my parents, while their increasing hatred of one another was unmistakable, a memorable and seemingly coincidental event took place in my grade school. I performed in a school skit and pulled laughs from the audience that the teacher, Mrs. Horne, didn't even know were there.

Looks and expressions and … well … ah the joy of comedy which I would have pursued more consistently … if it weren't for the oncoming war between my parents which took their greatest toll on my sister and I.

I can certainly make a fool of myself and get paid for it.

The children of domestic war.

Here's a review of Symphony For Strings by Kenneth DeLong, printed in the Calgary Herald, January 31st, 1999:

Wearing his musical hat, Moriarty is generally known as a jazz musician, having released at least two albums. On this concert, however, he put on a more formal face as the composer of a Symphony for Strings.

As a composer, Moriarty is not yet in the same league as George Gershwin or Copland, but he is certainly well schooled, and his Symphony is a perfectly credible piece of music.

As Stratton pointed out, it might better be called a serenade or perhaps a divertimento. It is easy lyricism, much in the mode of Vaughan Williams via Samuel Barber, it is a work of American romanticism. The four lightly contrasted movements were effectively scored, the thematic development clear, comprehensible and intelligent. Stronger in its lyrical elements, it was the inner movements that made the strongest impression.

Apropos of last week's entry on James Joyce, the opening movement of my String Symphony is certainly Irish enough. I'm too old to dance that jig now but, when first composed, I used to "Troll" around to it in my living room.

Computer playbacks are not the lovely dream I've already enjoyed in live performance by the Calgary Symphony Orchestra … but … the memories are there, particularly the second movement which, I must say, begins to capture the wandering loneliness my sister and I felt as the foundations of our safety on earth were being threatened. The legato feeling I intend, however, is lost in the computer playback.

As a friend once described the second movement: a child hunting for God and finally finding Him.

Now the Third Movement, an allegretto, begins to reveal some of the harmonic liberties I begin to take that lead to where I have now gone in my Concerto For Orchestra.

The final movement of Symphony For Strings? Ironically my favorite, despite the bad reception from one critic in a Midwestern town, the name of which I forget because of that critic. He liked the first three movements but found the fourth disappointing, too passé.


After the judgment of my mother that I was doomed to face within a few years, only one bad review in my professional acting years came close to hurting me as much as the label of "Judas", and that was Pauline Kael's review of my performance in Report To The Commissioner. However, we will come to that all "too soon enough".

How do we lead to my decision to leave the care of my mother for the distant but relatively "functioning" sanity of my father?

Well, coming home one day to the house my mother had burned down to the ground with her drunkenness and cigarettes, I somehow knew that it was merely the prelude to an even more terrifying spectacle: my mother's attempted suicide.

With my father's departure from our house, taking his entire, voluminous record collection with him – and therefore most of my bliss in life – came my first glimpse of Sartre's hellish No Exit, his bitterest definition of existence: "Hell is other people!"

The original French, "L'enfer est les autres!" came to me years later amidst a combination of Dartmouth College's idea of theater and those, still-haunting French classes I had also attended in Hanover, New Hampshire.

I'd much prefer talking about my female French professor than face the specter of my mother's attempted death by sleeping pills. Those two images alone, my mother and the alluring and brilliant Madame Veza of Paris, France: hell and heaven.

There, between the paradise of my French teacher's faith in me and the hell of my mother's suicide attempt and subsequent damnation of me, lies the fairly all-encompassing range of my experience with the opposite sex.

Until, of course, Maria Luisa Calla of Italy entered my life to adopt me as her son … but … well … that is almost sixty years ahead of my first encounter with suicide.

Here I must stop to thank God for the miraculous present of a second chance at childhood. Maria Luisa Calla lifted me out of a bitter resignation toward the major ingredients of family as hell itself.

L'enfer est ma famille!

My blood link, partially the title of one more bad film I was to make later, held something less than even a faint hope. Repeated familial nightmares throughout my history have defined my life as basically a loner.

When you despair of your own family, you walk with minimal expectations of the rest of humanity.

Expectations of love, that is.

If you are drinking, which I was doing with suicidal intent for ten years in Canada, you accept the slightest attention as water to a drowning man.

"This relationship will end up like all the rest!"

How I was dragged out of that spiral I can only attribute to divine intervention and, of course, the spiritual power contained in the lessons of Alcoholics Anonymous.

"Let go, let God."


It is that simple.

With my surrender to that simplicity, my adoptive mother, Maria Luisa Calla, appeared via the internet. She will, of course, be appearing and reappearing in Haunted Heaven quite frequently.

Maria Luisa Calla is the perfect Catholic antidote to this Communist Islamic and American Progressive double-team on the entire human race and Judeo-Christianity in particular.

This is an increasingly large family which I have joined … uh … "to the death" so to speak.

Having hunted for my real family all my life, this profound recognition of which side I'm on is the central heart of my  Haunted Heaven.

Le Paradis est ma famille de la Verité.

As I wrote Mamma today, Dante no longer has anything on my own experiences of life.

Ironically, with all the French floating around this chapter, the truth is that France –in its horrifying Revolutionary days and the communes of the 18th Century – was the conceptual womb of Communism itself.

It has been the French Revolution vs. the American Revolution ever since.

Presently the French Communists are winning worldwide. What is this now covert Soviet Empire but the diabolical offspring of Robespierre?

And what is the meaning of the Obama Nation and Progressive New World Order but the ultimate victories of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao combined?

However, when Christ said, "I am not of this world", he meant it entirely. The world which Red Islam or the increasingly obvious, Communist Jihads are imprisoning under terror is actually meaningless to the ultimate leadership of the Judeo-Christian Civilization.

I just listened to the first movement of my Concerto For Orchestra. It is the technical warm up for the final movement which actually has Sardonico and Satirico intertwined at a technically and more challengingly bitter clip.

The inner movements of Andante and Allegretto Orientale should let the audience and musicians relax a bit in preparation of the orchestra's wild sprint in the fifth movement.

Both the Andante and the Allegro Orientale, I believe, portends further, musical adventures in China particularly.

The Red Violin's later pass through Red China, a chilling portion of that very extraordinary movie, prophesies the West's ultimate and entirely aesthetic victory over Communism.

You will, of course, realize how similar the virtuoso performance contained in this clip of Red Violin evokes memories of the Joycean liberation erupting in Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake.

Meanwhile, Red China will be the last Communist bastion to fall, but fall, indeed, it will.


The ultimate divinity of individual freedom.

Without which no human genius can be sustained.

Without the ability or even willingness to nurture the individual freedom of  genius, the Marxist Progressive Movement is utterly without real Progress, and its fate is inevitably suicide.

As for the Soviets and Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviets?

Their very dangerous games of flirtation with Islam will bring their now worldwide and transparently covert powers to an end.

The West and Judeo-Christianity as Red Islam's common enemy?

Thieves are eternally and virulently susceptible to their infinite "fallings out".

Both the Communists and all of Radical Islam's leadership are thieves, both salivating over the conquest of the West. Their representatives in America are all parts of the American Progressive Movement, more than open to a gracefully disgraceful surrender.

America is now in the political stage of a Second Civil War, the stakes of which will inevitably drive the United States into violence.

Perhaps the Progressive and Red Islamic hold upon America will loosen with the victories of Tea Partiers in the mid-term, 2010 elections. However, the depth of infiltration, even into the Tea Partiers, by the Progressive Reds?

Its corruptive influence, with the indispensible help of George Soros, is unstoppable.

As the song goes: "Money, money, money, money!"

Only when America begins to overturn Roe v Wade, the legalization of murder, state by state, will the Red Islamic Progressive Movement in America begin to collapse. As long as America believes in the legalization of murder, she will find herself committing not only national but metaphysical suicide.

"Michael, how can you possibly get a publisher to produce this political rant and still call it an autobiography?!"

I don't intend to ask anyone to "publish" it. It will be run in enterstageright.com  chapter by chapter. It's my "Tough Love" letter to my former homeland.

Then I will let History do what it must. As for myself, I pit my blissful combination of music and writing against the inevitably bloody politics of President Barack Obama's Marxist bias for a Red Islamic triumph over the United States.

Treat History with the same abandon that History treats us. As we repeat ourselves involuntarily, so does History, of necessity, repeat itself.

In the midst of this nightmare, Americans can play the yurodivy or "Fool" as well or better than Soviets.

It is in the depth of such humility before God

that America will win.

Jackie Gleason is a helluva lot more entertaining than Bertolt Brecht. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and 4Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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