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This administration must think Teamsters are stupid

By John Bender
web posted July 11, 2011

It flew under the radar and produced no comment from any quarter but it was a story begging for comment. Vice President Biden spoke to the Teamsters at their convention seeking support from the rank and file like the support he has from the union's so called leaders. Nobody mentioned that this was just five months after Obama announced that this administration was going to let Mexican trucks come to the U.S. to kill Teamster jobs.

The administration must think truck drivers are stupid. Why in the world would truckers vote for people who are trying to give their jobs to aliens?

James Hoffa, the president of the union, is a big Obama/Biden supporter. But Hoffa never drove a truck. He is a lawyer whose only qualification for the job of president of the union is that he happens to be the son of the late labor leader Jimmy Hoffa.

Of course he is nowhere near the man his father was. He is neither as smart as his father nor as tough. He is a leftist, elitist, who thinks more government is the answer to every problem. And he doesn't have the balls to stand up to the government when it kicks his union in the groin.

I didn't know Jimmy Hoffa. Nor do I know James. I did have the pleasure and honor of knowing Roy Williams. I can assure you that were Mr. Williams president of the Teamsters today, Mexicans wouldn't be taking Teamsters' jobs and Biden wouldn't be anywhere near a Teamsters convention. And, from what Mr. Williams told me about Jimmy Hoffa, Jimmy would be fighting Obama/Biden tooth and nail. I'm also sure that he would be ashamed of his son.

The Teamsters backed Reagan against the radical leftist Carter. The Teamsters were the most vocal of the Reagan Democrats. Of course, in those days the union had leaders with balls. These were men who actually drove trucks and understood how the economy works.

Mr. Williams didn't look down on the membership. He came from their ranks. He knew the membership was smart enough to know that their standard of living depended on a thriving private sector and not on an ever expanding and ever more intrusive government.

Obama, Biden and James Hoffa may think they can fool the poor dumb truck drivers into thinking it is in their interest to vote for an administration that is destroying American jobs, but I tend to doubt it. I also doubt that the drivers will vote for an administration that doubled the price of fuel, and is raiding the Highway Trust Fund to pay to replace the mufflers on Mexican trucks with catalytic converters. I also doubt that the drivers will forget that this administration is using tax money to pay to equip Mexican trucks with electronic on-board recorders (EOBR).

The administration and the union bosses may think the drivers are stupid. I don't.

I'm betting that no matter what the pampered punk of a president tells the drivers, they will vote to get rid of this administration. Hopefully they will get rid of James too. After all, he's spent more time trying to save government jobs than fighting to save Teamsters' jobs.

The teachers' union and the state, county and municipal workers' union aren't putting food on the drivers' tables. The Teamsters' union's bosses are more worried about protecting the bloated bureaucracies in all levels of government than about protecting drivers' jobs. Back when the union was run by real men that didn't happen.

Teamsters helped rid the country of Carter and the economic mess he created. I have faith in the drivers that they will once again stand strong and help rid the country of Obama as well. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer living in Dallas.

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