Senator Joseph Lieberman - Trojan Horse

By Charles A. Morse
web posted August 14, 2000

It should be admitted that Vice President Albert Gore, in a daring and even brilliant attempt to invigorate a seemingly moribund candidacy, chose Connecticut Senator Joseph Isador Lieberman to be his running mate. Gore needed to fumigate himself from the stench accumulated over the last seven years of standing behind President Bill Clinton and Lieberman, an orthodox Jew no less, presented the desperately needed contrast. As a Jew, and therefore a minority, Lieberman could also potentially galvanize ethnic voters tired of supporting people who appear to have had ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. Gore's gamble, however, will not likely pan out in the long run once the euphoria subsides and Lieberman's record becomes known to the American people.

Joseph Isador LiebermanThe appeal of a Jew, particularly an authentic God and Torah believing Jew on the national ticket should not be discounted. Lieberman's public displays of religiosity however, are cynical and transparent given the fact that up until his appearance on a stage in Nashville with Gore, he was intensely private concerning religious displays. Even so, the phenomena of a "liberal" democrat referring to God twelve times in his opening remarks and quoting Scripture, shines the light of hypocrisy on the left with their caterwauling about "the religious right" and keeping religion out of public life. If Lieberman had given the speech at a high school football game, he could have been arrested!

As an American Jew myself, I can't deny the excitement I felt upon hearing of Lieberman's selection. Even though I endorsed George W. Bush for President early in the campaign, and stand four square behind that endorsement, I found myself overcome with emotion as I read the various news stories about Lieberman the day of his selection. A Jew for Vice President! I hadn't been this exited as a Jew since Israel won the 1967 Six Day War and Israeli soldiers were praying at the Western Wall. I'm getting "farklempt" just thinking about it.

Senator Lieberman suffers from a syndrome that many Jews experience and that is a certain timidity when it comes to taking public stands that buck the establishment view. Perhaps because of thousands of years of living precariously in exile where a politically incorrect position could result in calamitous consequences, many Jews recoil in instinctive fear when placed in a position requiring public moral action. This may explain why Lieberman would support positions antithetical to the Torah, Judaism, and, I would assume since he is a practicing Jew, his own conscience, such as partial birth abortion and the disarmament of citizens.

Unfortunately, much of the Jewish establishment, in it's lust for acceptance and "respectability" has eschewed politically incorrect concepts such as God, Torah, and a vigorous moral code developed over thousands of years by a succession of Rabbis. Instead, they kiss the toe of the amoral, atheistic liberal establishment and turn their back on Torah. Most Jews assimilated generations ago and have no conception of what Judaism is or stands for.

The establishment of Israel has, unfortunately, not solved this problem. To curry favor with the International establishment, Israel is expressing a willingness to surrender its sovereignty over large portions of it's small country including Jerusalem, in utter contradiction of Jewish law. Islamic authorities are presently "excavating" an area of the Temple Mount which is possibly in close proximity to the Holy of Holies! No sane nation would tolerate such things.

Lieberman could prove to be as dangerous a figure to Israel as Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was. According to John Loftus, author of "The Secret War against the Jews", Kissinger was aware, thanks to intelligence reports, of plans by Egypt and Syria to attack Israel on Yom Kippur, 1973 several weeks before the invasion. Kissinger waited until just 24 hours before the attack to call and notify Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. After the phone call, Kissinger was incommunicado for about a week. Because Kissinger was "Jewish" the knife could be plunged into Israel's back and "the Jews" would have no reason to complain. If this account of Kissinger's actions proved to be true, he deserves to hang.

At least Lieberman publicly takes moral, even conservative stands and that is an improvement over Kissinger and his ilk. The problem is that he will go just so far and has a record of backing down at crunch time. While I'm pleased to see Lieberman, a Jew, break the invisible barrier and enter national politics, my hope and prayer is that Lieberman will open a door so that an authentic Torah believing Jew, with the courage to be a Jew, can step into a national position of prominence.

Chuck Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network and a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right and Ether Zone.

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