Lieberman bows to the Democratic socialists

By Charles A. Morse
web posted August 21, 2000

Before the Civil War, the Democratic Party championed chattel slavery and southern authoritarian slavocracies. Democratic southern state governments would attempt to hinder the free market as a means of preserving the authoritarian plantation system. Many southern states seceded from the Union to preserve this barbarous institution and an agrarian-feudal way of life. This stood in sharp contrast to the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln which stood for free market Capitalism, the Constitution, and abolition of slavery. Today, the Democratic Party still stands for an informal form of servitude and authoritarianism. This philosophy is called Socialism. Michael Zak, in his book "Back to Basics for the Republican Party" presents this case brilliantly.

Today the Democratic Party, maintaining the status-quo of its predecessors, stands for preserving and maintaining a semi enslaved "underclass" dependant on an increasingly large and powerful authoritarian "plantation" bureaucracy. The Democrats erect their colossal edifice on the emotionally driven doctrine of class and race hatred to further enthrone and institutionalize their plantation system on a national level. Democrats use these ideas to garner favor in the same way that their Democratic predecessors used "states rights" to preserve slavery and, later, their Jim Crow system.

While the Republican Party respected the rights of the States, they wanted State power balanced by the national implementation of the Bill of Rights. While today’s Republican Party retains mere vestiges of respect for the balance of states rights with a strong Federal Constitution, the Democrats openly oppose both. The Democrats have a record, with Wilson’s internationalism, FDR’s New Deal, and Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, of transferring state power to a Federal government that then operates outside of the Constitution. This Democratic Socialist policy has had the effect of hindering free market Capitalism, eroding private ownership of property and privacy in general, and creating a public elite with increasing power over the life and welfare of the sovereign individual citizen.

The authoritarian Socialist ideals of the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles are entirely consistent with these Democratic Party traditions of the past. The Democratic nominee for Vice President, Connecticut Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, has taken a few stands on issues that indicate that, at least in theory, he understands freedom, individual rights, and Constitutional limitations. Consequently, he is being forced to fall, lock step, in line with the Plantation owners.

Appearing before a delegation of the Congressional Black Caucus, Lieberman was forced to denounce comments made the previous evening on "Meet The Press" where he questioned whether affirmative action leads to quotas. He commented that affirmative action would not "lead to equal opportunity". The original, laudatory purpose of affirmative action was an outreach by government agencies to encourage qualified minorities to apply for jobs, but, in the hands of authoritarian Socialists, it has led to granting government the power to institute racial quotas. Lieberman genuflected in a humiliating display as he intoned "I have supported affirmative action, I do support affirmative action, and I will support affirmative action".

Lieberman was also forced, Stalinist style, to plead forgiveness for past support of public school vouchers stating that his support applied to "experimental programs that don’t draw money away from public schools". The idea of an inner city student getting out of attending a miserable city school and exercising choice over his own education is anathema to the authoritarian Democrats and their tax fattened public education union allies. This issue in particular, shines the light of hypocrisy on their absurd claims to represent the interests of the "disadvantaged".

Lieberman, in a shameful groveling tone, said he regretted his "naïve expression of support" in 1995, for Proposition 209 which eliminated racial and gender preferences in the California public sector. In Clintonesque style, Lieberman stated that he "didn’t understand the implications of what he was saying". The "implications" were, clearly, that he was straying off the authoritarian plantation and he would require re-education to be welcomed back into the club.

Lieberman is being brought to task for such heresies as supporting parental notification of abortion, tort reform and patient reform. Some on the extremist fringe have expressed dismay at Lieberman’s publicly intoning scripture and belief in God. Perhaps the authoritarian Socialists view God as their main competition in their quest for control over others and their fantasies that they themselves are God-like. Either way, Lieberman is quickly losing whatever shreds of independence he commanded before his selection for the Vice Presidential spot.

Chuck Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network and a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right and Ether Zone.

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