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That conservative books are popular with Americans is a theory that can simply be proven by checking the latest New York Times Bestseller list. What's harder to find, however, is reasoned book reviewing by conservatives. Brothers Judd Good Books and Recommended Readings fills that void admirably with an impressive array of book (and movie) reviews covering not just books by conservatives, but from every literary genre.

Brothers Judd Good Books and Recommended ReadingsReviewing can be an entirely subjective enterprise given taste is often the reason why one book is praised by a reviewer while another one is given little credit. Despite that, reviews when properly done aren't merely a thumbs up/thumbs down proposition, they can become a debate between the author, reviewer and reader. Brothers Judd fulfills that promise with incisive commentary that's sometimes more of a pleasure to read than the book or movie that's being covered.

While you may not agree with some of the judgments proclaimed by Brothers Judd, this magazine's editor finds their praise of Francis Fukuyama's Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the biotechnology revolution to be misplaced for example, the web site's reviews make compelling arguments as to why they earned those judgments. For most people Brothers Judd won't replace the New York Times Review of Books and its established roster of worthy critics but it does serve as a useful compliment to the mainstream community of reviewers. Simply put, Brothers Judd Good Books and Recommended Readings is quite simply the best online review service that exists for conservatives today.

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