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The American light

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 1, 2005

In an earlier article, I gave the acronym ISR to an all-pervasive arm of the New World Order, its scientific lobby – the "Illuminated" Scientific Revolution. Well, the only thing that can cover this phenomenon with resonance is "S.S." Those of us who have even the vaguest memory of the Third Reich and the Holocaust know what the Nazi "S.S." stood for – Schutzstaffel, which means "Protection Squad."

An article by Alex Roslin entitled Germs gone wild, which appeared in the July 21/05 edition of Vancouver's Georgia Straight, lays out the new toys in the Social Scientific Lobby. This S.S. has put them in children's hands as toys to play with, like E. coli.

"It's very safe," says Catherine Anderson, a University of British Columbia instructor of Dentistry and Medicine and a consultant at Genome British Columbia. "We're using a kit that has E. coli. You put in a plasmid with an antibiotic-resistant gene and a green fluorescent protein from a jellyfish. The next day, the kids get to see their kit grow green. Plus, the E. coli will have antibiotic resistance."

Gee, Dr. Joseph Mengele with colors and adult words like "plasmid." What fun! Parents, aren't you impressed by how like experts your children sound? Oh, that wide-eyed stare on a mom and dad when their kids can understand Dr. Strangelove!

Continuing with her S.S. aria, Anderson effuses: "It's the perfect marriage between recreation and science."

Well, at least one remotely sane geneticist in Canada disagrees. "It's spectacularly stupid!," says Joe Cummins, a professor emeritus at the University of Western Ontario in London. "Any way you cut it, these high-school kids will get it [E. coli] on them. That's inescapable among these young kids."

Cummins says the risk is that it could pass on its ampicillin resistance to any of the billions of other bacteria that live in a person's body or into the environment, if it hitches a ride out of the lab on a student.

China's Master Race Proponent

I've been pondering the unavoidable fact that the last Napoleon spawned by the French Revolution, the Big Eternal One, must be Mao Zedong. France's search for a messianic answer to Christ led to Mao. China's Great Helmsman cannot be topped for sheer evil. You know why? Because he was a Chinese racial supremacist.

Mao Zedong was the most cold-blooded soul who ever lived. He once observed, "Why, when I point my finger at the moon, does everyone look at my finger?"

Mao's answer, of course, is that he was the moon… and the stars, sun and solar system combined. It's a wonder the man died in 1976, he seemed so immortal! Mao's profound and utter indifference to everything except his immortal self is so Kelvin-scale cold that no metaphors can quite capture it.

Is it possible there's a follow-up, a sixth Napoleon? I don't think so. It is only fitting that France got herself into a cul de sac with Hitler, when her Vichy Government welcomed the German Army into Paris with quivering excitement and, when asked by Hitler to help him kill all the Jews, said "pas de problème." And it is therefore also fitting that the last Napoleon, Mao Zedong, should arrive and order the entire Louvre burned to the ground. Nothing, absolutely nothing in Western Culture, had any meaning for Mao. It was all utterly irrelevant. There's Hitlerian purity and then there's Mao. He will admit to not one ounce of non-Chinese blood as having made any contribution to the future of humanity.

So, as Paris weeps while the Louvre burns, the very Napoleon they prayed for will put them to work in slave camps.

Only the icy indifference of the Eternal Mao could inspire such insectile disregard for life and suffering as is being displayed by the new North American, "Enlightened" Social Scientists, the ultimate "S.S.," who are embracing the most diabolical point of view – that of Mao Zedong.

When will China get the opportunity to storm-troop its way into Paris? When the European Union faces an uprising and Arab terrorists who were so openly invited onto the continent destroy it from within, France and Germany will be obliged to call Beijing for back-up, since the chronically inept United Nations peacekeeping forces cannot be counted on to save them.

The French will get their chance to stare at the legions of Mao's Minions in uniform. Their boots will goose-step down the Champs Élysées even more impressively than the Germans'. The depth to which they've been utterly convinced by their superiors that the Chinese are the only race god-like enough to rule the earth will explode from the pride in their chests and blaze from their lidded eyes. France will once again be held in thrall by tyrants: "At last, not only our Eternal Napoleon, but his entire cavalry."

Since the ghost of Mao, through the Peace Treaty of Paris over Vietnam, literally expropriated the U.S. Supreme Court and entrenched a further arm of the Great Maoist Abortion Wall of China, that Great Dam Against the Waters of Life and did so with the
unstoppable mandate of Roe v. Wade to "kill all the babies or as many as you can," Beijing has sat with such breathtaking quiet and certainty that the world is more than willing to give her Taiwan on a platter.

The day of killing Chinese babies, however, will suddenly end when Chinese troops begin parading through the streets of America. China's population will double, new Chinas will be built on every continent, and the great Maoist Dream will come true.

That the naiveté of the multicultural ideologues blinded them to Mao's true intent is bitter and rough justice. When that cabal has engaged in 30 years of humanicide, slaughtering one million gestating Americans a year, Rainbow Death and Pestilence Without Prejudice justify at least the shocked look on liberal American faces when the Chinese stare at them as if they were the aliens.

American culture will be remodeled to make China and the Chinese the heroes and the rest of us, at best, a supporting cast. Mao's Hollywood friends will be the vanguard of a 21st century Great Cultural Leap Forward. If the Soviets could influence the Hollywood studios for decades, it's only fair that the final Napoleon, Mao, not only haunts the lots but owns them as well.

Thanks, France. Little did we know that that your Trojan Horse, the Statue of Liberty, held such poisonous hidden troops as Stalin and Mao. We'll at least have time to replace the Twin Towers with two massive beacons radiating light across the sky. Yes, at sundown, two powerful beacons will shoot rays into the clouds. This light will be seen hundreds of miles away. Children will bounce in their seats and point. "Look, Mommy!," they will cry. "The American Lights!"

"Yes, dears," their mothers will say, tears welling up.

"Mommy!!! Mommy!!! American Light! American Freedom!"

Pray we keep those lights burning.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.


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