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Heaven sent: The court gets it right, but the activist doesn't

By R.A. Hawkins
web posted August 22, 2005

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just got one right. I was hoping that one day we would see some good come from all of these criminals studying law and suing the government.

It started with a prisoner that was not allowed to form an atheist study group because atheism was not considered a religion. After much deliberation the seventh circuit court decided that atheism is actually a religion. I guess they decided on the fourth entry for religions definition. I can't say that I disagree with them on this matter either. The fourth definition is "A cause, principle or activity that is pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion." The seventh circuit court decided that atheism is actually a religion.

Many of us have watched the train wreck of our society from the sidelines as atheism was treated as not being a religion. Now that it is considered a religion the playing field will be given a chance to be leveled. I hope this makes it all of the way to the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court so that it will become permanent.

Now that it risks the possibility of being considered a regular religion right along with everything but Islam, which is of late given ‘special' consideration by the left-wing apologists, we might be able to get on with our lives. Yes there will be a few court cases left to deal with but this has the possibility of brushing the anti-religion duplicitologists(sic) to the sidelines where they belong. They will end up standing right next to us as we laugh at them for having created their own undoing.

Brian Fahling, of the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy said, "Up is down, and atheism, the antithesis of religion, is religion." He is very upset that the "R" word is being applied to something such as atheism. He has forgotten one very important thing and that is that Atheism has been pushed down everyone's throat as not being a religion and this will change all of that. Brian Fahling doesn't strike me as a very good activist unless he is playing dumb. I hope he plays dumb all of the way to the Supreme Court.

It is interesting to read his comments about how horrible all of this is and I am amused that it is somebody who is more than likely rooted firmly in the left that has created the situation that will undo years of left-wing activism in our courts. But that is one of the things I've always enjoyed about reactionaries. You can read the article here if you would like to enjoy it as much as I did.

Mr. Fahling doesn't seem to realize that this is a landmark decision in the same way that the Supreme Court's recent decision on private property rights and imminent domain was a landmark decision. Not only are the people ‘we the people' after Justice Souter's house, we are also after Justice Breyer's property so we can have a 167 acre Liberty Park. Unfortunately those who had the unmitigated audacity to stand up the corporate pin heads in New London are being told they now owe back rent dating back to the time when they were first awarded the property by those who don't own it and never did. It is time to go after that corporations land holdings and the land holdings of their executive personnel while we're at it.

Both of these court decisions have a side to them that I particularly enjoy: The imminent domain ruling rips the mask off of those who care only for corporate profits and it also rips the mask off of those who are against individual property rights. Ruling that atheism is a religion exposes those who simply want to tell you how to think, both pro-religion and anti-religion. It is like a wind separating the wheat from the chaff.

Those of you out in la-la land who are anti-American apologists are going to have to talk to your terrorist brethren and tell them that you will continue your efforts to not allow anyone to declare Islam as a religion. As you do this make sure that you grip their hand firmly and look them in the eye as you promise them your fealty. I would suggest that you also reach up and pat them on the shoulder with your left hand as you tell them of your undying loyalty to their cause. Make sure you let them know that you will continue to ensure they get special treatment, and that any Madrasa started under the banner of freedom of religion will not be subject to the same rules as any Christian or Atheist organization.

R.A. Hawkins is the author of "Through Eyes of Shiva", available through http://www.amazon.com/. Visit http://www.entropical-paradise.com/ -- Entropical Paradise - The Home Of R.A. Hawkins for more commentaries and editorials by R.A. Hawkins. Comments are always welcome. Please send them to ra_hawkins@earthlink.net. © 2005 R.A. Hawkins

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