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web posted August 22, 2005

Re: Jeanine Pirro officially declares Senate candidacy by Carol Devine-Molin (August 15, 2005)

I don't understand Enter Stage Right's praise for Jeanine Pirro. Like Hillary Clinton she supports abortion and gun control.

Too bad that New York's ballot access laws make it unlikely that a conservative alternative to the liberal Republican and Democrat candidates will be on the ballot.


web posted August 15, 2005

Re: Is the Boy Scouts of America public or private? by Wendy McElroy (August 8, 2005)

Although I totally agree with Wendy McElroy's conclusion that the BSA needs to formally become public or private, I take offense to how she characterizes the Left side of the "war".

Right from the first paragraph, she pronounces "One side wishes to strengthen the Boy Scouts; the other wishes to destroy the Boy Scouts by forcing politically correct changes upon it." How exactly does allowing membership to gays and others, equate to the destruction of the Boy Scouts? What evidence does she have that this could possibly occur?

Later, she complains about how the Advocate made cracks in retaliation against heartless statements made by Jerry Falwell and that "Public outrage forced Falwell to publicly apologize. I don't believe The Advocate will apologize for its insensitive response to the lightning deaths."

Falwell has repeatedly, and continues to speak hatefully against secular society, especially the LGBT community. Falwell's apology on CNN was undeniably hollow, and I can see no end to this madness until people like Wendy realize that they are the ones who are bigots, and their accusations are nothing more than a projection of that bigotry.

It's disappointing that there is such invective in what is otherwise a well-written article.

Ilsa Hunter

web posted August 1, 2005

Re: ESR and John Roberts

I don't understand ESR's praise for Roberts.
I've already found out about:

Roberts' support for the welfare state.
His wife being a feminist activist.
His belief that Roe vs. Wade is a "settled law".
The fact that it doesn't bother him to uphold Roe.
His mistaking America for a democracy instead of a Republic.
His belonging to two left-wing law organizations.
His support for affirmative action.
His pro-environmental defense.
His support for taking private property.

I found out all that with no insider information or connections of any kind. I didn't even do a Google search. If any Congressman or any Christian pretends that we don't know much about Roberts they are being "willingly ignorant". They don't want to know the truth.

Joe Liberty

Steve Martinovich responds:

I think to be fair, we're not exactly taking a stand on Roberts' nomination. Of the four related stories we ran in the July 25 issue, two were pro, one con and one somewhat ambivalent.

ESR's mandate has always been to promote dialogue within the conservative movement and that means we'll run essays covering all angles and thoughts on an issue. ESR itself has taken no official position on the Roberts nomination and may not do so at all.



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