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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Eleven: My Surrender To The Myth of Sisyphus

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 8, 2011

Since this tome of mine is so embarrassingly out of chronological order, I'm committed to calling The Haunted Heaven a Memoir instead of an autobiography.

One of the themes of my Second Concerto for Orchestra has become quite clear now.


Albert Camus, the great French philosopher, actually the only Twentieth Century French philosopher I will even recognize as a remotely sane citizen of France … aside from Simone Weil, that is … oh, and there's Voltaire, of course … forgive my generalization … Camus introduced me to the notion of Sisyphus as the most perfect representative of that repeatedly misunderstood concept of existentialism: Sisyphus.

I don't pretend to understand existentialism except through the eyes of Sisyphus and the proverbial rock which he is eternally unable to carry, push or shove up to the top of a mountain. He is therefore obliged to trudge all the way down the very towering mountainside he had just endeavored to agonizingly ascend with the increasingly heavier burden of The Rock.

Christ, on the other hand, was rolled down the mountain to a crucifixion.

From there He ascended permanently to the heavens of Eternity and a place in the heart of the human race that is and will forever be unsurpassed and untouchable.

Christ's fate, however, was not, is not and will not be our fate. It was His sacrifice that saved us.

We, with His help, however, must roll our rocks up an increasingly steep monument of human delusions if only to crush such insanity.

These days, unfortunately, we are pushed back down by the purveyors of Progress.

Just now the first movement of my Second Concerto For Orchestra turned the Sisyphian corner of harmonic defeat and collapse, offering me some rather promising opportunities for harmonies so painful that, indeed, they may prove irresistible.

Ah, The Haunted Heavens of my life in music!!

I was just kvelling, as they say in the Holy Land, over a two measure contrast between the woodwinds and the brass.

I love the agonies of Sisyphus!!

They oblige Man, through humiliation of course, to accept the divine state which Christ Himself said was only available to those who "become like little children".


The resilience of children far surpasses that of any self-proclaimed adult I know of.

For example, the war between Tea Party America and the Sorosian Forces of the Obama Nation's Cultural Revolution?

Remember King of the Mountain?

The game we would play as kids?

Guess who always wins in the end!


God and Mother Nature both.

And the kids?

Which child always goes home the most satisfied?

He who has most surrendered to our Father in Heaven.

The Sorosian Cultural Revolution in America, despite some of the Christian airs soon dispelled by the likes of Obama's Reverend Wright, to put it quite simply, considers itself and its "fundamental transformation of the United States" far too "inevitable".

To state the obvious, "God frequently has other plans than the ones which some, like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. had anticipated."

Neither The Evil One, George Soros, nor his Mini-Me, President Obama, will accept that fact. The Communist Revolution, to both of them, is more unstoppable than the God which Communism claims cannot exist.

Hmmm … I guess we'll see.

Now, listening to what may well prove to be the Second Movement of my Second Concerto for Orchestra … or the seeds for an opera … "Landagoshen!" … I realize the First Movement just must have a Presto section, highly thrilling representation of The Rock rolling down the mountain as if from the top and watched by both The Good and The Evil.

What will the Second Movement's Allegretto stand for?

Perhaps the villainy of good intentions.

Now, listening to the Fourth Movement of my First Concerto For Orchestra, I realize how China will become, with every passing day, an increasingly more important corner of my consciousness.

I've always dreamed of seeing China liberated from the Communist oppressors that enslave her. Speaking of which, this review of Henry Kissinger's new book on China is just the tip of The K's cold and calculating soul.

Ah, as I will say often and with the ecstasy of a child, "Ah, my haunted heavens!"

Even as I sigh, "Ah" … the corner of my wood-shedding First Concerto For Orchestra popped up! It is now just begging to form the main ideas of a last movement.  Allegro Furioso, its tempo and expression marks, describes exactly what two of the previous four movements of Concerto For Orchestra are leading up to.

As either a comfort or a distraction, I'm listening to the first movement of my Second Concerto for Orchestra, temporarily subtitled, at this point, King Lear.

Or, in light of Sisyphus, King Lear Bound has to do with the price even Sisyphus pays for not surrendering to a Rock called the Marxist New World Order.

My editorial for Enter Stage Right, America's Last Chance, has been graciously acknowledged as sent and received and, indeed, will go to press, so to speak, Sunday night. It is the most clearly and emphatically stated cri de coeur of mine so far. I think of my readers, years, decades, perhaps millenniums after my death, having the advantage of that hindsight, to see how accurate I was.

How presumptuous of me to think my brief fame can live that long?

The comforting fantasy is its own reward!

I'm now listening to Yuri Bezmenov, the former KGB operative whose lectures in the 1980's are an astounding exposé of Soviet subversion.

With the information he has divinely provided Americans, we can defeat the Communist system. The beginning of that struggle will just be touched in the final movement of my First Concerto For Orchestra.

A shaking fist will end the First Concerto For Orchestra!!

Kind of Catholic Brecht!!!!!!!

As for the autobiographical side of this Memoir? Be patient with me, please, and I will pick up where I left off as an 11 year old Judas … or Job. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law & Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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