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By Robert T. Smith
web posted August 19, 2013

A bad child can cause disarray and turmoil, confusion and disorder…chaos.  Chaos is our President's ally.  With cover from his toadies in the media, Mr. Obama has proverbially rambled about the country breaking America's institutions, while the Republicans distract themselves trying to re-set the order, demanding that the President play by the rules while taking no meaningful disciplinary actions.  Unfortunately, chaos is the community organizer's agenda to tear down the American system so that he can build his collectivist nation upon the ruins…something we have come more clearly to understand as "fundamental change."

Spend time with an unruly child without enforcing a system of control and your scolding to behave will be ignored, just background noise, and you will spend your time cleaning up toys, broken lamps and nick-knacks without gaining control over the situation.  The Republicans have unfortunately relegated themselves to background noise by their dithering and inaction. 

The Republicans have apparently not yet figured out a meaningful response to the President's Constitutional-insolence.  There have been plenty of Republican remonstrations, congressional hearings, bold statements of disapproval on talk shows and in writing, but no real enforcement of the rules.  Consequently, our chaotic dear-leader continues with his progress, all the while smugly flaunting his dominion over the Republicans and by extension anyone who opposes him. 

Pitiful examples abound.  One of Republican Senator Chuck Grassley's responses to extra-legal Presidential actions was to put a strongly worded poster up in the Senate.  I am sure that had a dramatic effect on the President and his Democrat cohort Senator Harry Reid (sarcasm intended).  Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and others have now conducted so many hearings on blatantly illegal Presidential activities without result, that at this point nobody seems to care, especially our petulant President.  In its most extreme form, the Presidential chaos has extended to Border Agents and Ambassadors killed as a direct result of actions or inactions by his administration and still no discipline, while the chaos continues apace.  

How to control an unruly child who won't follow the rules?  As any adult knows, you must establish consequences for bad behavior and the consequences must matter to the unruly child.  No spinach unless you clean up your room will not do, but no desert will.  Money right now is the only discipline tool available to the Republicans…the House of Representatives controls the purse strings, although this is apparently unknown to House Speaker Boehner. 

Money is the life-blood of the federal leviathan that the chaotic-one directs to his benefit.  Unfortunately, the Republicans haven't collectively decided that they are willing to wield this financial disciplinary rod to its full effect. 

The IRS targeted and unbelievably continues to target conservative groups to impede their relevance in the political system, a direct assault on the core of the Republican party.  Consequently, discipline should entail cutting the IRS funding to a painful extent… no dithering, hand wringing, in-fighting about how this strategy will or won't work.  The IRS is the collection agent for the President's bloated federal government and, better yet, is a key instrument to implement the President's cherished health care law.  What better disciplinary tool in direct response to bad behavior than a painful cut in the IRS funding.  If the Republicans cannot put in place even this appropriate, specific budget cut to their disciplinary benefit, then they might as well cede any control for the next three years.  If the Republicans decide to remain inconsequential to the President's agenda, it may be preferable to simply sit down and shut up, rather than continue to look the patsy to the President. 

The Republicans must start behaving as the adults in this situation, lest the unruly-one continues on with his acting out.  The Republicans must pick very specific targets that are too vague or obscure to be easily understood by the uninformed proletariat, and defund them to control the President's bad behavior. 

Identify keystone issues relative to the President's agenda and specifically defund those to maximize the disciplinary pain.  As example, the President has illegally decided he won't enforce his own health care law - won't enforce the employer mandate or cost-caps for his own convenience… in response the Republicans need to specifically defund the personal mandate or some other key-specific components of the law.  Let the President cry foul while punishing him with a thousand small, targeted budgetary cuts.

Bad behavior = no money….now go to your room in the White House and think about why you were punished and the appropriate manner to behave Mr. President. ESR

 Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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