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The Nietzsche/Wagner melodrama and the American president who never was

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 22, 2016

Barack Hussein Obama, the first, boldly and undeniably shameless, anti-Semitic and entirely fraudulent President of The United States, is helping to inspire my most immediately demanding, music project, my opera, WAGNER IN HELL.

For myself, at any rate, one cannot appreciate the depth of Richard Wagner's anti-Semitism without Friedrich Nietzsche.

The Unwanted Lover and His Anti-Semitic Idol

Nietzsche's legendary indictment, Contra Wagner, includes, most importantly, his condemnation of Wagner's Nazi-like hatred of the Jews.

Friedrich Nietzsche represents all of the Germany that woke up to Wagner's anti-Semitic insanity but woke-up so too late that Nietzsche had no alternative but to leap into his own, very special brand of insanity.

If, for his brave humanity alone, Nietzsche deserves all the admiration, recognition and attention he already has and will continue to receive.

Contemplating the legendary composer Wagner, as Nietzsche did, confirms a genius within the philosopher's meditations that everyone who ever seriously experienced Nietzsche knew he possessed.

The prophetic nature of Nietzsche's portrait of Wagner, Nietzsche's profound sense of what was not only hidden in Wagner's music but lurking within a genius that contained a profoundly lethal, racist and homicidal nightmare.

Wagner's assault upon simple common sense and decency!

The well-pondered thoughts, instincts and conclusions of Friedrich Nietzsche, in the almost half-century of two world wars following his death, were eventually proven all too true.

The Wagnerian effect, what I describe as Nietzsche's discomforting restlessness as he listened to the Wagnerian canon? Somehow Nietzsche could sense the inherently evil effects that the power of Wagner's music and, what is more relevant, the composer's shameless anti-Semitism could have, particularly upon a German-speaking audience.

As for myself and the high school experience of a Jesuit education, with four years of Latin and two years of ancient Greek, Nietzsche's own classical background and expertise as a Latin and Greek scholar has me increasingly and, yes, rather intensely interested in anything to do with Friedrich Nietzsche.

In addition, his seemingly inevitable descent into madness, possibly because of his contracted and incurable case of syphilis – one, generally accepted point of view about the cause of Nietzsche's insanity – this affliction lifted him into a major intellectual and philosophic escape route that was beyond a mere vision of grandeur.

He began to think of himself as, indeed, the very God of wine, love, theater and revenge!

The Greek God Dionysus.

We must realize that with his lifelong involvement in ancient myth and mythology, where else could Nietzsche escape to permanently, away from a mundane yet increasingly cruel world and into the arms of the very God that had created, owned and still, in the eyes of mystics of every kind, rules over everything that artists like Richard Wagner have created:

The Theater!

In Nietzsche's heart and soul, he had become not merely a servant of the God Dionysus.

Nietzsche had become Dionysus himself!

With that, albeit psychotic evolution within Nietzsche's psyche, his profoundly redemptive literary campaign against the kind of virtual daze and conscienceless trance that Wagner and his music was putting all of Germany and many parts of Europe into… Nietzsche's fierce condemnations of Wagner, his fierce damnation of Wagner's entire creative process were the stuff of divinely redemptive history for all German-speaking peoples.

In November of 2012, at the beginning of Barack Obama's second term, Mary Matalin diagnosed the President as a "narcissistic sociopath" who "leveraged fear and ignorance" to achieve his basically treasonous goals.

Yes, I hold her opinion to be not only accurate but just the first hint of a Presidential megalomania that still hovers on the precipice of both national and international disaster.

The rabid anti-Semitism of Richard Wagner was what I consider, because of the composer's fame, success and influence throughout all German-speaking nations, the motivating factor behind not just World War II but World War I as well.

The fame, success and influence of the venomously anti-Semitic President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, is far deeper, more impressive and much profounder and possibly longer-lasting than even that of Richard Wagner.

While speaking out about the rise in anti-Semitism, the film Director Steven Spielberg is unwilling to name President Obama as the major cause for this hideously threatening phenomena.

America's Congress, in both sides of its aisle, while shamelessly allowing treasonously unconstitutional actions by Obama, has yet to call for Obama's impeachment.

Spielberg presents the evidence that Obama has acknowledged the rise of anti-Semitism but has not spoken out against the President's actions – such as his multi-billion dollar gift to Iran – which have fueled and supported such hateful racism!

Steven Spielberg is a classic, Hollywood Liberal and, despite his genius as a film director, refuses to call the dictatorial President Obama for what he is and always has been: an explosively dangerous anti-Semite and enemy to all of Judeo-Christianity!

It is time for a few American versions of Friedrich Nietzsche, yes formerly blinded American Leftists, to realize the nightmare Obama is creating. To stand up and speak out against his racist and divisive policies which are tearing the United States and the World apart.

Why would men like Steven Spielberg remain silent before the obvious involvement of President Obama in this rise of anti-Semitism?

The New World Order!

The very delusional pipe-dream that both sides of the American Congressional Aisle have been sponsoring.

Hitler, father and virtual creator of Nazi Germany, sold his pipe-dream of a Thousand Year Reich!

Basically, a world, an earth, an entire New World Order without any Jews in it.

This becomes obvious when you examine the lives of both Wagner and Nietzsche as thoroughly as Joachim Kohler has.

The Holocaust, brought to Germany by the Third Reich's Adolf Hitler, was clearly the inevitable wish and result of the rabidly anti-Semitic composer Richard Wagner, his writings, his music and his Wagnerian retinue, one of which, for a desperately blind and deluded time, was Friedrich Nietzsche.

More deluded than even Friedrich Nietzsche was is America's current President of the United States!

And the American Congress will do nothing about it, despite all the unilateral declarations of unconstitutionally erected Presidential orders that flow out of the Obama White House regularly.

The depth of Anti-Semitism within the oligarchy that is demanding a New World Order to be created and run by the United Nations is by now staggering.

Many decades less than a century, roughly 70 years separates us from the end of World War II and its full exposure of Adolf Hitler's concentration camps!

How can America, of all nations, fund the worst and most committedly terrorist and anti-Semitic nation in the world, Iran, with Obama's gift: billions of dollars?!

And Liberal icons like Steven Spielberg merely mention "the noticeable rise in anti-Semitism" and not demand the immediate impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama?!?!


He, perhaps like the late Elie Wiesel, has been a fan of The Progressive New World Order and the potential for a dreamed-of "World Peace" if the entire human race is run by the United Nations.

Here is, perhaps, the eye-opener we all have needed, ever since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The book needn't even be ordered. Much of it can be read at no cost on the Internet.

As is stated: "Some pages are omitted from this book preview."

Just bump up the link, press on the book's cover itself and voila, there is a generous sampling of Psychological Warfare and The New World Order.

I'm just beginning to read it so don't hold me accountable

I know by now that it and its portrait of a conspiratorial elite are a well-researched cri de Coeur by Servando Gonzalez.

If you'd like a shorter sample of his expertise, here is a fire-spitting doozy.

For those like myself, convinced of Barack Obama's criminal and utterly unconstitutional presence in the White House, read with pleasure.

It was published in 2011!

Only three years after Obama's first election.

No one read the complete and insanely hidden history of President Barack Obama more swiftly than Servando Gonzalez.


He was on to the entire, decades-old, mind-boggling scam before even most of the so-called experts in the press, or those drawing salaries at Universities as historians were.

Needless to say, a surprising share of these journalists and "historians" are in on and actually colluding in AMERICA'S GREATEST SCAM.

They support a President whom they know cannot even be officially called a President because his continent of birth was Africa and his swearing in ceremony was so compromised that a second swearing-in had to occur privately.

"Despite his promises of transparency,

Mr. Obama allegedly took the oath

for a second time

at the White House's Map Room, at 7:35 p.m.

And I said allegedly,

because the ceremony not only was not announced

until it was completed,

but also no sound or film record of it exists.

And there is no record

because the president and his staff,

on purpose,

left the accredited White House press

and impartial witnesses out."

Best read the entire article yourself.

It is not that long.

However, it is a shocking revelation of not only how devious the American government, both political parties of it, have been but basically how disinterested and, to a suicidal extent, completely out of touch with political reality the American public actually is.

With Justin Trudeau now put in charge of Canada, I doubt if most Canadians are fully aware of what New World Order plans and rather frightening operations await them.

My response to this virtual nightmare of North America?

I write articles about the deplorable situation… and pray.

These days, I pray a lot. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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