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The Heritage Foundation

Few think tanks have made a more positive contribution to American political and cultural life then the Heritage Foundation, which alongside the Cato Institute, is one of the most influential voices in Washington, D.C. these days.

Heritage FoundationLike Cato, the Heritage Foundation promotes free enterprise, limited government and individual freedom and like its libertarian counterpart, their briefing papers are nearly required reading for conservative lawmakers. At the risk of gushing, it's truly remarkable the amount of work that the Heritage Foundation produces on every topic of importance, everything from missile defence to urban issues.

All of that work is available online at the foundation's web site, making it one of the most important resources for anyone in need of quality research from a conservative perspective. Divided into several major categories (lawmakers, journalists, researchers, coalitions, scholars and supporters), the web site makes all of its services and studies (numbering some 200 every year) easily located.

Given the number of think tanks populating the Beltway, it's a given that if any manage to contribute meaningfully it's because they have something important to say. As Heritage itself says, "[our] publications and policy experts make news and change people's minds. In short, they have a real impact on policy decisions made in Washington. Our aim is to make a significant impact on major issues."

Mission accomplished.


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