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web posted September 22, 2003

"The two best anti-poverty programs are work and marriage, and the government withdrew its assistance from any poor person who openly engaged in either of these activities. To put it bluntly, the 'Great Society' implemented by the 1960s liberals was one where the government supported poor young women, but only if they never had a job themselves, never got married, and raised their children without a father even contributing to the support or nurture of the family. Unsurprisingly, this experiment turned out to be a massive failure." -- Rep. Jim Talent

"It's becoming increasingly clear that our culture has reached an impasse. Thirty-plus years of moral relativism has not made a better world. In fact, it's done the opposite: It has produced fatherless children, broken homes, schoolyard shootings--horrors we never dreamed of." -- Charles Colson

"Those who want to seize Sunni power and establish an Islamic fundamentalist regime in Iraq are no one else than the Wahabi, read al-Qa'ida and company. In fact, thousands have poured through the borders of Saudi Arabia. Significantly, a Saudi Jihadist told al-Jazeera today, that many Islamists are crossing the border to fight in Mesopotamia. But you have the 'other' fundamentalists, i.e. the Shi'ite Islamists. Let's not forget that the radical clerics of Iran want an Islamic Republic in Iraq, and that Hizbollah of Lebanon has pledged to 'support' the Iraqis 'if they decide to resist.' If the Wahabi want a Caliphate in Baghdad, the Hizbollahi wants a Khumani in Najaf. Both are anti-American, both reject any Arab or international recognition of the new Iraqi gfovernment. Now read the events under the light of this objective alliance: If you wish to keep the moderate Arabs out of Iraq, you blow up the Jordanian embassy. If you want to threaten the international community you blow up the UN site. And if you wish to pressure the Iraqi Shiite into submission and fear, you kill their leader. Deja vu? Yes, in Lebanon back in 1982. Embassies, multi-national forces and a President -- Bashir Gemayel -- they were methodically eliminated so that the ground would be left open to Hizbollah, all other terrorists and eventually the Ba'athist troops of Assad." -- Walid Phares, PhD, Professor of Middle East Studies at Florida Atlantic University

"Since America put out the fires of September the 11th, and mourned our dead, and went to war, history has taken a different turn. We have carried the fight to the enemy. We are rolling back the terrorist threat to civilization, not on the fringes of its influence, but at the heart of its power." -- George W. Bush

"The White House is not responsible for Estrada not being confirmed. So who is? I'll tell you who is, in my judgment. It is the Republican Senators, both liberals and conservatives, who didn't want judges to be an issue. ... All sorts of pundits will now blame Majority Leader Bill Frist. Frist is not the culprit. A Majority Leader can only go so far when he is bucking his own conference. I am here to tell you that Frist wanted to make judges a front and center issue. His colleagues of all philosophical stripes said 'forget it.' He strung out the battle as long as he could, but in the end he gave in to his colleagues." -- Paul Weyrich

"In this mission of sabotage, no political figure has stooped as low as Al Gore. In the wake of the war that went spectacularly well -- the swiftest, most casualty-free liberation of a nation in human history -- Al Gore has accused the President of deceit and cynical manipulation of the facts with the purpose of misleading the American public and sacrificing American soldiers. By linking these accusations to the Florida election recount, he and other Democrats have implied that the war was merely an instrument of a partisan plot to deprive them of their claim to the White House. ... It is a dark day for Americans when one of their two ruling parties cannot be counted on to support the flag when it is committed in battle, and when the battle is America's response to a bloodthirsty aggressor with access to biological, chemical and perhaps even nuclear weapons." -- David Horowitz

"Yet despite the need to rebuild America's defenses, Reagan never let it be an excuse to give up on controlling domestic spending. It would have been a lot easier for him to buy the votes needed for national defense by loosening the domestic spending reins. But he never did and fought hard to bring domestic discretionary spending down from 4.7% of the gross domestic product in 1980 to 3.1% by 1988. That is equivalent to reducing spending by $165 billion per year in today's economy. ... By contrast, George W. Bush has raised domestic discretionary spending by 0.4% of GDP in just his first two years in office -- equivalent to $630 billion over the next decade if sustained." -- Bruce Bartlett

"Step back and look at the two years since September 11. In 2001, the Islamists killed thousands of Westerners in New York and Washington. In 2002, they killed hundreds of Westerners, but not in the west itself, only in jurisdictions like Bali. In 2003, they killed dozens -- not Westerners, but their coreligionists in Morocco and Saudi Arabia. The Bush cordon sanitaire has been drawn tighter and tighter. Meanwhile, the allegedly explosive Arab street has been quieter than a suburban cul-de-sac in Westchester County, and I wouldn't bet that blowing up fellow Muslims and destroying the Moroccan tourist industry and Saudi investment will do anything for the recruitment drive." -- Mark Steyn

"'Why We Fight' is a question that a free people are compelled to answer not merely by invoking the imperatives of self-preservation but also by reminding themselves of their blessings and, correspondingly, their duties. ... Chief among our blessings is the United States Constitution. ... Human dignity; the rule of law; the equal rights of men and women; limited government; separation of powers; the consent of the governed; due process of law; separation of church and state; freedom of speech and religion -- these are the glories of our constitutional order. To the tyrants who struck New York and Washington, however, these are a syllabus of errors." -- Charles R. Kesler

"It's better to be viewed as a foot soldier for Bush than spokeswoman for al-Qaeda." -- Fox News spokeswonman in response to Christiane Amanpour who stated during an interview on CNBC that she was "muzzled" by the "administration and its foot soldiers at Fox News."

"Do images of those fighting on the peaks of Afghanistan or in the desert of Iraq, when juxtaposed to the rallies on our elite campuses, suggest that a populist military is doing a better or worse job than our privileged universities in training our youth to be educated, well-spoken, and rational?" -- Victor Davis Hanson

"Modern Democrats insist on confronting thugs and tyrants with tea and sympathy. This approach was expressed indelibly by Michael Dukakis in 1988, who, when asked during the debates with George H.W. Bush how he would deal with a rapist in his wife's bedroom, offered to set up a blue-ribbon commission to study the root causes of crime. Poor Kitty Dukakis was to be left in her nightie to deal with the brute while the little Duke hurried off in search of ribbons." -- Wesley Pruden

"His campaign reminds me a lot of what we did 30 years ago." -- Former Democrat presidential candidate George McGovern on Howard Dean's campaign

web posted September 15, 2003

"Last week, The Washington Post published a rosy front-page tale headlined, 'Illegal Immigrants Buy Into Homeowning Dream.' The article detailed how illegal aliens in the Washington, D.C., area are successfully hooking up with cunning mortgage brokers and complicit lenders to secure home loans. Despite federal laws making it illegal to violate the borders, overstay visas, and recruit, harbor and encourage illegal aliens, the Post notes that the illegal alien home loan schemes are 'legal.' Here we are, nearly two years after the September 11 terrorist attacks underscored the need for consistent immigration law enforcement, and the lesson continues to be ignored in the nation's capital.... A 25-year veteran of the mortgage industry in California confided to me recently: 'It boggles the mind to think how many illegal aliens are homeowners in this country thanks to these programs, all fully insured by our government. Because of fear of lawsuits for discrimination I can also tell you that a lender may have a borrower who speaks little or no English who claims to be either a citizen or resident alien and it will not be questioned nor any proof required. Since FHA does not require any such documentation, a lender cannot cite their regulations as a basis for the request as they can on conventional loans'." -- Michelle Malkin

"One Democratic Texas senator returned from hiding out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which provides the GOP-controlled Senate the quorum it needs to take up a new redistricting plan which the Dems whine is a 'power grab.' ... Keep this in mind. The Democrats controlled the Texas State House of Reps for 132 years until the elections of 2002. How do you think the Democrats -- who have no state-wide offices and now control neither the House nor the Senate, and where President Bush got 70% of the vote in his re-election bid for governor -- managed to draw lines which allowed Democrats to have a 17-15 edge in the Congressional delegation?" -- Rich Galen

"Identifying 1% of mandatory program spending as wasteful should not be difficult for Congress. In fact, some consider a 1% target excessively modest and unlikely to provide significant savings. However, cutting wasteful spending today saves money not only in the current budget, but in future budgets as well. If congressional waste cutters had reduced mandatory spending by 1% in 1980, taxpayers would have saved $190 billion through 2003 -- more than $2,000 per household." -- Brian Riedl

"And for America, there will be no going back to the era before September 11th, 2001 -- to false comfort in a dangerous world. We have learned that terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of strength -- they are invited by the perception of weakness." -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"In Iraq the United States cannot hope to win the wider war against terrorism or demonstrate the superiority of freedom if it loses -- or, worse, gives up -- the local battle against al-Qa'ida and the Ba'athists." -- John O'Sullivan

"...America was at war with bin Laden. But on America's side it was a phony war, while America's adversaries were waging a real one." -- Richard Miniter, author of "Losing bin Laden: How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror"

"What will your child learn about 9/11 on the second anniversary of the attack on America's security and economy? Last year, on the first anniversary of 9/11, the National Education Association urged teachers to not 'suggest any group is responsible.' In suggested lesson plans, the NEA recommended that teachers 'discuss historical instances of American intolerance' as the lesson America's schoolchildren should take away from the most dastardly attack on America since Pearl Harbor. The NEA is an American Fifth Column, an enemy within that uses our public schools to turn children against their nation." -- Alan Caruba

"This is a battle in the war on terrorism. Failure and defeat is not an option." -- Sen. Joe Lieberman

"It was Marx who said history happened twice, the second time as farce. It may have been the only thing he got right." -- Paul Greenberg

"The only way we will fail in this country is if we decide to walk away in Iraq and fight the next battle in the war on terrorism in America." -- Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez

"The Bush administration has indicated it will present yet another resolution on Iraq to the United Nations, and the French have indicated -- again -- they will block it.... In the United States, the French are popular only with Howard Dean Democrats, whose numbers do not equal their shrillness." -- Jack Kelly

"Terror and tragedy have made us more aware of our vulnerabilities and mortality.... We're living through a time of testing and consequence and pray that our wisdom and will are equal to the work before us." -- Condoleezza Rice

"Imagine the date is September 12, 2001. Ask yourself this question: Are you willing to bet that two years will pass and there will not be another terrorist attack on American soil? ... There is one reason -- and one reason alone -- that Americans have been safe for the almost two years since the 9/11 attacks. That reason is the aggressive war that President Bush and the American military have waged against international terror and its Axis of Evil." -- David Horowitz

"When Kucinich actually began a sentence 'When I'm president...,' the sheer ludicrousness of the moment diminished everyone on the stage." -- James Taranto, on last week's Democratic presidential candidate debate

"The military is a killing instrument; if we want finesse we should hire a ballet company." -- Ralph Peters

"It's getting ugly out there. The governor, the recall Governor, Gray Davis, was making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent. He said if you want to be governor of California, you have to be able to pronounce it. And so, this upset Arnold, and Arnold said to be governor of California, you should be able to govern it." -- David Letterman

web posted September 8, 2003

"I was taught to respect everyone for the simple reason that we're all God's children. I was taught, in the words of Martin Luther King, to judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. And I was taught that character is simply doing what's right when nobody's looking." -- Julius Caesar (J.C.) Watts

"If we want our children to possess the traits of character we most admire, we need to teach them what those traits are and why they deserve both admiration and allegiance. Children must learn to identify the forms and content of those traits." -- William J. Bennett

"The purpose of a criminal justice system is not to be fair. Its purpose is to protect law-abiding people from criminals. There is no need to be unfair but, as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said: 'It is desirable that the burden of all should be equal, but it is still more desirable to put an end to robbery and murder.' The left has never really recovered from the fact that, after their theories about 'root causes' of crime from the 1960s were finally abandoned in the 1980s, and we belatedly started locking up more people for longer periods of time, crime rates began falling for the first time in decades. Liberals have certainly never asked how many crime victims could have been spared violence and murder if their ideas had never been listened to in the first place." -- Thomas Sowell

"Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, the United States has always been an engine of globalization. Our founding documents speak to the universal rights of mankind. Our culture -- high and low -- is a stew of influences from around the world. Our economy and our armies have led the way in pulling huge segments of humanity out of the twin yokes of poverty and tyranny. No, we haven't done a perfect job, but that's always been an unfair standard. The question is whether you think someone or something -- like the U.N. -- could do a better job. And how you answer that question answers a lot of other questions as well." -- Jonah Goldberg

If someone declared that traffic laws are so complicated that he couldn't figure out which side of the road to drive on, most people would support yanking that person's driver's license. Yet no amount of ignorance can disqualify a voter from a role in choosing representatives and presidents. -- James Bovard

"Where did this expanding deficit come from? A sluggish economy, tax relief and necessary defense spending played a part. But one cannot overlook the largest domestic spending spree since the Great Society. Mandatory spending will reach 11.1% of gross domestic product this year, its highest level ever. ... The only alternative to tax increases is spending restraint. ... Now is not the time for the largest expansion of government since the Great Society." -- Heritage Foundation economic analyst Brian Riedl

"As the Left has taken over liberalism, liberals, increasingly indistinguishable from pacifists, have come to oppose virtually every increase in military spending. By and large the Left holds military life in contempt. One proof is the liberal opposition to allowing ROTC programs or military recruiting on major college campuses. As the Left has taken over liberalism, the notion that America should use its might to fight on behalf of liberty has been rejected. In his inaugural address, Kennedy said, 'Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.' Post-Kennedy leftists/liberals revile such talk, dismissing it as conservative and imperialist. A president who advocates unilateral American action against tyranny is no longer considered a moral liberal, but a reactionary cowboy." -- Dennis Prager

"Had the horror of September 11 occurred in 2003 rather than 2001, just imagine what the reaction to it might have been by the current crop of presidential hopefuls." -- Victor Davis Hanson

"What is really needed in Iraq is an accelerated process to turn over governance of Iraq to the Iraqi people." -- Helle Dale

"The Middle East has replaced the Soviet Union as the touchstone of politics and ideology. With increasing clarity, conservatives stand on one side of its issues and liberals on the other." -- Daniel Pipes

"There are some today who are surprised that there are still pockets of resistance in Iraq, and they suggest that this represents some sort of failure on the part of the Coalition. But this is not the case. ...[S]ome dead-enders fought on during and after the defeat of the Nazi regime in Germany. ...One group of those dead-enders was known as 'werewolves.' They and other Nazi regime remnants targeted allied soldiers and they targeted Germans who cooperated with the allied forces. Mayors were assassinated including the American appointed Mayor of Achen, the first major German city to be liberated. Children as young as ten were used as snipers, radio broadcast and leaflets warned Germans not to collaborate with the Allies. They plotted sabotage of factories, power plants, rail lines. They blew up police stations and government building, and they destroyed stocks of art and antiques that were stored by the Berlin museum. Does this sound familiar? ...Today the Nazi dead-enders are largely forgotten, cast to the sidelines of history.... The challenges in Iraq today are in some respects more difficult. Unlike the Nazi regime, the Iraqi regime never surrendered, the surviving remnants disappeared into the population. In Iraq moreover we're dealing not just with regime remnants but also with tens of thousands of criminals that were released from the jails by the regime before it fell, as well as terrorists and foreign fighters who have entered the country over the borders to try to oppose the Coalition. They pose a challenge to be sure but they also pose an opportunity because Coalition forces can deal with the terrorists now in Iraq instead of having to deal with those terrorists elsewhere, including the United States. So the threats our forces face today in Iraq are somewhat different but the result will be the same. The dead-enders in Germany failed just as the Ba'athists, the terrorists and foreign fighters in Iraq today will fail. Coalition forces are going after them, rooting them out, capturing or killing them. They will be defeated but it will take patience." -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

"I would support her in a flash if she came into the race, absolutely. I believe she would have an excellent chance to defeat President Bush and, yes, I believe she would win." -- Mario Cuomo, who has called the current crowded Democratic field of candidates a "babble"

"If there's enough money, I'll try it. Sure." -- DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe on whether he might wrestle Arnold Schwarzenegger as a fundraiser

"...[T]rust me, this recall is a humbling experience." -- California Gov. Gray Davis on the recall effort

"I've got recon out there. I've got some heavy artillery that can come in. I've got logistics, I've got strategic mobility." -- General Wesley Clark, contemplating an entrance as the 10th candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries

"When a man doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fear,' that might just be a deficiency in his education." -- Mark Steyn

"Who but a nanny can burp and diaper a party with a terminal case of the colic?" -- Wesley Pruden

"If I were George W. Bush, my next nominee for a federal judgeship would be the most passionately devout Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, or Muslim I could find. Then I'd sit back in front of the TV and watch Chuck Schumer's head cave in." -- John Derbyshire

"Bill Clinton is out in California helping Governor Gray Davis. Well what makes more sense than an impeached President helping out a recalled Governor?" -- David Letterman

"CIA reports surfaced ... saying Iraq's weapons of mass destruction may be hidden in containers deep inside Lebanon. They have to be somewhere. Americans don't know where their jobs went either, but that doesn't mean they never existed." -- Argus Hamilton

web posted September 1, 2003

"When we were sending our four children to grade school, our major concerns were ensuring they learned what they needed to know and didn't lose their lunch boxes, book bags or mittens in the process. These days, parents have to worry about their youngsters learning anything of value while risking the loss of their lives, their virginity or both. If you're wondering how "education" got to be such a mess for the current crop of kids -- the next generation of leaders -- just check with the National Education Association. And be prepared for an education." -- Oliver North

"We have allowed our constitutional republic to deteriorate into a virtually unchecked direct democracy. Today's political process is nothing more than a street fight between various groups seeking to vote themselves other people's money. Individual voters tend to support the candidate that promises them the most federal loot in whatever form, rather than the candidate who will uphold the rule of law." -- Rep. Ron Paul

"History won't be very kind to today's black mayors, state legislators and congressmen when it examines how black youngsters have had their futures compromised by a callous, corrupt education system while black politicians not only fiddled but organized resistance to any measure that might introduce accountability." -- Walter Williams

"What is wrong with running for office and making it quite clear what you are going to do -- and what you are not going to do? Isn't that really the only honest way to run?" -- John LeBoutillier

"Being free means being able to pick from a wider array of existing methods to solve problems." -- Paul Jacob

"No matter how much military and economic assistance we may provide, the battle for Iraq's freedom and security will ultimately depend on the Iraqi people. In the end, this is a war that they must win for themselves." -- Donald Lambro

"The only way to make sure that government doesn't abuse its power is to not grant it in the first place." -- Tom DeWeese

"Politicians and government bureaucrats are not good at recognizing the unintended consequences of their own actions. ...Most people, most of the time, will behave in a relatively rational manner, and thus government should leave them alone unless they are a clear and present danger to others." -- Richard W. Rahn

"So far, the great white hope of California Republicans has identified himself as the champion of abortion, gay rights and gun control. Now the tax man cometh. He's well on his way to a mere supporting role in his next movie: 'My big fat Mexican governor'." -- Wesley Pruden

"Davis may be recalled, and wrongly so, I believe, because to pin the budgetary woes of the state of California on Davis is wrongheaded, I think." -- Alec Baldwin

"A political and social welfare organization with a military wing that has launched terror attacks against Israel." -- ABC's Mike Lee describing terrorist group Hamas

"I'd love to play the field and run around." -- Bill Clinton with an intentional double entendre at Shea Stadium

"If Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore were a self-styled artist who soaked his Ten Commandments monument in urine, he might have been allowed to keep it on display in the courthouse and gotten an NEA grant to boot." -- W. James Antle III

"In California, the fabulously rich support the poor with government jobs, paid for by the middle class -- which is now living in Arizona." -- Ann Coulter

"I'm all in favor of diversity -- the real, lower-case thing, a diversity of ideas and opinions and talents. It's more interesting than the artificially contrived kind featuring people who look different but think alike. Call it groupthink." -- Paul Greenberg

"Howard Dean passed John Kerry in the polls..., leaving Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephardt behind. Does it matter? The Democratic candidates are so dull the Republicans are beginning to think they could win the next election fair and square." -- Argus Hamilton

"I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman." -- Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Sean Hannity radio show last Wednesday, according to NewsMax



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