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The fall of Da Vinci's Troy

By Michael Moriarty
web posted September 26, 2005

To understand this editorial, it helps to have read Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. In that veritable Mein Kampf of an 800-year old, goddess-worshiping cult, called the Priory of Sion, is all the information required to identify the Socialist Federations for what they've always been: a religion.

While Socialism has literally expropriated the main vocation of churches, which is to inspire charity out of free will, replacing it with the religion of enforced charity, we have failed to see that the socialists' desire to maintain the "separation of church and state" in all public debate was a cover, a veil over their growing secular empire. The worldwide socialist federation under the United Nations is the largest, wealthiest and most powerful church in recorded history. The Catholic Church at its zenith was insignificant by comparison.

"Pay your taxes joyfully," said the high-ranking Canadian cleric. Gee, death and taxes, right? "Die joyfully!" Gosh, what a New World Order way of looking at things. Death and taxes replace our "pursuit of happiness." We realize that in post-Vietnam guilt, so prolonged by a Soviet Hollywood that loved reminding us of our villainy, we were snookered. We've lived under that totalitarian scam for over 30 years. About 35 million legal abortions later, we see the bad guys complete their socialist ecstasy with an infanticidal abomination.

With The Da Vinci Code, an expose of a cult so eagerly laid out in almost scholastic detail by the effervescent freshman of this university of intellectual supremacy, Dan Brown, we have at last peeked into what keeps the fanaticism going. French intellectual supremacy has proven to be the most horrifying form of thinking the human race has ever known. The French Revolution gave us the first commune (or Communist cell) and also propagated the Da Vinci Code.

The first Grand Master of the Priory of Sion was Jean de Gisor in 1188 A.D. His successors were mostly French until the undisputed creative supremacy of the Italian Renaissance replaced French leadership with artists like Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo Da Vinci. France regained control of this intellectual supremacy movement, which then crossed the English Channel and was briefly led by Isaac Newton. Paris again reclaimed authority under Jean Cocteau's veritable papacy, which ended with his death in 1963.

Paris. What a name for a city. Paris was the singular cause for the fall of Troy in ancient Greece. This son of Priam and Hecuba, King and Queen of Troy, had slipped into Athens, stolen Helen, wife of Agamemnon, and carried her back home to Troy. Because of that, the Greeks and the Trojans warred, battled and slaughtered one another for over 10 years. The Greeks won eventually. Under the cunning advice of Odysseus, better known under the Roman name Ulysses, the legendary Trojan Horse was built and presented as a gift from the Greeks to the Trojans. Inside the horse were Greek soldiers who, once inside the gates of Troy, erupted from within the wooden beast and conquered the fabled city.

Paris. The future of the human race can almost be charted by names alone. The poetic underpinning of all communication, no matter what the language, carries Jungian symbolism that, when examined closely enough, determines the fate of millions.

The city of Paris was the birthplace of an anti-Judeo-Christian ideology, but it wasn't until the advent of Da Vinci that the ultimate Anti-Christ was found. The creator of the Mona Lisa and the Madonna of the Rocks, those two encrypted messages to the world from Da Vinci's intellectual supremacy, perfectly fits the Bible's description of Lucifer, the most gifted and shining angel of light who chose to spend eternity "boxing with God," and in Da Vinci's case, proving that Christ was an overgrown baby who refused to listen to the wisdom of his more intellectually advanced and powerful mother Mary.

Paris conceived the ideology, but Da Vinci became its spiritual Napoleon. Meanwhile, the French Revolutionaries knew they'd need to install a ruthless leader to expand the French Intellectual Empire. They settled on Napoleon. Later, they worshipped Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

Trojan Horse
The fall of another Troy: Western Europe!

Here is where the patriarchal Trojan Horse arrived. Three patriarchies still remain with us today: the Judeo-Christian civilization; the Islamic patriarchy; and the millennia-old patriarchy of China, ruled for 27 years by the most bloodthirsty tyrant of all time – Mao Zedong. This chubby Hitler in pajamas was responsible for the deaths of 70 million people!

What could three patriarchies possibly think of a matriarchal, Goddess-worshipping cult that now almost rules the rest of the world? It's not for nothing that Al Qaeda, the Islamic, militant arm of Muslim patriarchy, is bombing London. European unrest under growing Islamic terrorism will stir the masses. I do believe there are more guns in European homes than the census-takers would be willing to admit. I also believe that Europe's citizens will wrest control from the governments and forcibly deport the Islamists back to North Africa.

The European Union may have one final recourse at hand: it may have to call on Red China to quell the unrest. Only Red China's two-million-man army is powerful and ruthless enough to end a European variant of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations.

Ironically, their Last Napoleon will prove to be the very Trojan Horse that brings them down. Mao's ghost will inform them of the obvious: "You cannot be the servant of two masters. You cannot destroy the tree of Judeo-Christianity and still love the fruits of that cultural tree, the ones sitting in the Louvre. You cannot burn the Bible and keep Da Vinci's version of it."

I don't believe for one second that Mao had any more courage than Hitler: as the Fuhrer refused to send Nazi troops to conquer England, Mao's minions will never send jack-booted, goose-stepping soldiers to conquer North America, where they know they will face a state-of-the-art military packing every weapon known to man. Beijing will send biological weapons our way. Perhaps China already has. The flu strains in the air and deadly drugs on the streets are likely a good indication of the 24/7 activity in China's biowarfare research labs. It is the Third Millennium version of the Battle of Britain.

While Red China is salivating over its planned assault on Russia's Siberian oil holdings, a dream more inviting to them than capturing Taiwan, and while Europe ties Red China up in a police action, America can and will drive the entire United Nations and its Da Vinci worshippers back to Paris. This will most certainly happen by late 2012. With these conditions prevailing, America again assisting Russia through lend-lease and perhaps a new and larger arm of the Flying Tigers to fend off the Red Chinese, the ultimate moment of truth will arrive.

The United States has always been a counterpuncher.Whenever America acted preemptively, it almost always lost. Between now and 2012, American defense should concentrate on one thing only: speed of delivery. As Ronald Reagan began to build his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), America can most certainly accelerate the speed with which its missile payloads can be delivered.

Red China recently bragged about knowing our inner targeting system. This information cannot solely be detected by satellites. It's clear that through Communist infiltration, the Red Chinese scientists have placed monitors within the very computer system that controls our targeting capabilities. Beijing said if it detects even the slightest movement within our atomic missile system, it will rain atomic bombs on us. It won't matter by 2012. By then, should a Chinese missile even lift one foot out of its silo, our own missiles will be released and reach our targets before the Chinese atomic salvo reaches theirs. God willing, SDI will take out at least a third of their incoming. The world, the entire human race, of course, will be rooting for us. There'll be no doubt about that. Why? Because we'll be watching the Red Chinese Trojan Horse bring all of Europe to its knees.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.

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