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Democrats recruit God to advance their agenda

By J.B. Williams
web posted September 25, 2006

The new DNC is at it again… Still reeling from a string of campaign losses and struggling to find the right words to connect with a nation that has great faith in religion but little in the Democratic Party as a result. Democrat leaders are desperate enough to try anything.  But can weaving carefully selected religious lingo into crafted campaign speeches save a political party built entirely upon an immoral and un-American platform?

According to DNC Chairman Dean and all DNC leaders, they must talk religion to win elections, like it or not. They have come away from the string of political defeats with the new belief that Americans won't elect people who don't talk about religion. This has become a typical strategic blunder for the modern Democratic Party. They never read voter dissent as opposition to their political positions. They again misinterpret their disconnect with American voters as only a language gap, rather than the cataclysmic divide between today's socialist anti-religion Democrats and average Americans who still very much believe in both God and America.

Will scripting religious language into their campaign speeches save the Democratic Party, or is adopting real moral values the only thing that can save the party now? The rhetoric will undoubtedly work for some, but not most. I'm reminded of an incident I'll share…

President and Mrs. Bush, along with several heads of state, in this case, specifically John Kerry and Dick Durbin, both Democrats, both Catholic, attended the funeral services of the late Pope John Paul II in Rome. Although several star-struck Italian liberals gathered for a quick photo op with the two internationally known liberals, a priest in attendance took the opportunity to share a moral moment with Kerry instead, warning that he would have to answer, "maybe in hell", for his position on abortion. That priest was from Minnesota…

A few liberal-leaning evangelical preachers, writers and political activists try to explain to Democrats, that America is heavily Christian and that if they hope to win elections, they must learn to speak the language effectively. 

The Rev. Jim Wallis, founder of the progressive magazine Sojourners and his new political action organization Red Letter Christians, said in an interview with well-known socialist propaganda organization Mother Jones, "The American Right has been able to define "moral values" narrowly, almost exclusively in terms of wedge issues like abortion and gay marriage."

This is not true of course. Conservative Christians simply happen to apply Christian principles to all facets of life, including abortion and gay marriage, whereas liberal Christians prefer to cherry pick their issues, ignoring the most obvious offensives to Christian ideals while seeking to use hand-picked scriptures to promote a progressive [socialist] agenda. I'll refer you to my column of November 2004 on the subject, titled "Jesus was a Commie".

Wallis and Sojourners also plan to issue 200,000 "Voting God's Politics" voter guides and sponsor an Oct. 2 candidates' forum in the key electoral state of Ohio. I wrote to Mr. Wallis for clarification on his positions, but have received no response as of this writing.

The point is this – Today's Democratic leaders are all about talk, all about appearences, all about nuanced positions and pointless political opposition. They tell us how they are strong on defense, but we watched as they gutted defense spending at every opportunity for 40 years in control of congress. They talk about being tough on terrorism, but we watched as the Clinton administration did nothing to thwart a growing international threat, and we watched as they gave nuclear technology to China, who in turn gave it to North Korea and possibly Iran.

Only a complete fool could interpret the Democrats current offensives against CIA, NSA, FBI, and Military efforts to defend America by tracking, capturing, interrogating, prosecuting or killing terrorists who openly threaten further harm to innocent civilians all over the free world, as some nuanced defense plan.

Likewise, only a non-Christian could interpret pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage rights as morally sound Christian principles. It's akin to believing that anti-capitalist rhetoric echoing from the political left is somehow an American idea. It just won't pass the sniff test, right from the start.

For too many years now, too many elections, we are forced to vote for candidates who are not the best America can offer, just to keep the worst we could do out of office. The Democratic Party does not need to improve its communication skills. We know their official positions all too well already. Democrats need to drop their anti-American, anti-religion; anti-morality based positions on a whole host of issues and then begin to speak honestly to voters in terms of real American concerns about real American principles and values. They should start with life and work their way down to liberty and happiness.

The Democratic Party must become pro-capitalism, pro-free enterprise, pro-national sovereignty and security, pro-military and national defense, pro-morality, including the right to life and the right to honor the pro-family traditions of marriage and good parenting. They must return to real American principles and values, not just enhance or improve their hollow pro-American disguise in an effort to trick voters into voting for their anti-American agenda.

The limousine liberals [closet socialists] currently in control of today's DNC have mistaken the ill-advised public tolerance from American voters as ignorance, apathy and acceptance. They have once again miscalculated and arrived at the wrong answer to the right question.

American voters, 96% of whom claim a fundamental faith in God, are not likely to elect people who work at odds with fundamental Christian teachings just because Democrats learn to speak the lingo. Some will - those who would vote for them regardless. But most won't.

Liberals are correct in suggesting that Christian morality reaches far beyond the issues of abortion and gay marriage. However, they are wrong in assuming that Christians will buy into their religious campaign rhetoric while they at the same time continue to defend and promote two of the most obvious offenses to basic Christian principles. The words hypocrite and liberal are entirely synonymous today.

If liberals can't get it right on abortion or the meaning and purpose of marriage, they can't be trusted with less obvious Christian principles concerning war or poverty. Real Christians believe in charity, which requires the unselfish giving of one self and ones own property, with the consent of the giver, not government controlled tyranny, the taking of property of others against their will, for the greater socialist good. The latter being today's Democrat version of charity…

Until they change not their rhetoric, but their entire morally bankrupt agenda, no new revelation that only results in more nuanced religious dogma will do… As long as liberals see their problem as only a communication gap, they will continue to have a victory gap…

Whether regarding religion, war, peace, life, marriage, enterprise, liberty, security or terrorism, talk is cheap and of no value. Democrats are full of talk… They don't need to talk American, they need to act American. Don't look for this extreme make-over any time soon… ESR

(c) 2006 J.B. Williams


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