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Outlawing morality, protecting perversion

By Charles Bloomer
web posted September 4, 2006

In a recent column, I stated that anti-war Liberals are a threat to our society.  Their penchant for pacifisms, negotiations, and process, coupled with their refusal to stand up to our enemies could very well lead to the destruction of our way of life.  And as others have stated, this may be a passive threat to us in that these people may not want us to lose, but they do not want us to win.

Now comes a story out of California that leads me to state that Social Liberals are an active threat to our society.  These Social Liberals are busy undermining our values, our morals, and our beliefs.  And they are trying to do it by outlawing any dissent.

According to an article written by Kevin McCullough at Townhall.com, Democrats in the California legislature have passed a law that will make your hair curl.  According to McCullough

Democrats in the California State Assembly voted in unison to pass four bills that are all designed to punish people who disagree with them. To incarcerate someone for daring to criticize a different point of view - over a purely behavioral issue.

The four bills in question

would require that in every classroom from kindergarten through high school that perverse sexual activity be praised and highlighted in a positive light. They would require textbooks many of which would then also be produced for other states beyond the borders of California make positive references to the ideas of men putting on women's under things. They would restrict school districts from being able to bar females from displaying dildos on the outerwear of their prom dress. And in functional sexuality courses from K-12 they would require positive explanation of the merits and instruction of anal intercourse.

The Liberal Democrat-controlled legislature has determined that the behavior of roughly two percent of our population, behavior that is considered immoral by a majority, behavior that is, by definition, unnatural should be taught to our schoolchildren starting in kindergarten.

What if you are a teacher in California and you disagree with this attempt to normalize perverse behavior?  Suppose you speak negatively about behavior you consider immoral?  If these democrats get their way, you will be committing a crime.  So, in addition to normalizing immoral, unnatural behavior, the Democrats want to outlaw any dissent – nothing short of violating your Constitutional First Amendment right to free speech.

And these Liberal democrats make it no secret that their goal is to silence dissent and punish those who disagree with their efforts to indoctrinate children in a lifestyle of immorality.  As reported by McCullough, Democrat Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez proclaimed, "The real purpose of [these bills] is to outlaw traditional perspectives on marriage and family in the state school system….  The way you correct a wrong (perspective) is by outlawing.'Cause if you don't outlaw it, then people's biases tend to take over and dominate the perspective and the point of view."

Think that Nunez is an anomaly?  Not so.  California democrats voted for these bills unanimously.

But wait, there's more.  In addition to celebrating perversity and criminalizing your Free Speech, the Liberal Democrats in California want to forbid police and fire protection

for any religious institution (i.e. a Bible based church) that would in any way demonstrate negative "doctrine" or "propaganda". So if an arsonist (who also just happened to be a radical activist) decided to burn down a church that was in their view teaching the faithful interpretation of scripture as it relates to sexual practice - then the local fire company could be barred from assisting in the recovery and protection of said facility.

Liberal Social Democrats such as those in California are now the dominant wing of the entire National Democrat Party.  These are the people who want a cut-and-run foreign policy while they outlaw "traditional perspectives on marriage and family" and our right to openly voice our dissent.  These are the people that want to brainwash your children into "alternative" lifestyles, homosexuality, and immoral behavior starting at the age of five.  These are the people who support Ned Lamont, Jack Murtha, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer.  This the party that wants to elect John Kerry or Hillary Clinton to the presidency.

Are those the kinds of people you want to see running this country? ESR

Charles Bloomer is Contributing Editor at Enter Stage Right and creator of Liberty Call US. © 2006 Charles Bloomer


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