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SPP: Sovereignty a prosperity perversion

By Henry Lamb                                      
web posted September 4, 2006

It may go down in history as the worst idea of the century: the Security & Prosperity Partnership.  In reality, it is a partnership for the perversions of national sovereignty and  prosperity.

The so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership is designed to essentially erase the U.S. borders between Mexico and Canada, and instead, build a security fence around all of North America.  What a joke.  The U.S. has demonstrated its inability to control its own borders.  Why would anyone in their right mind think for a moment that by entering into a partnership with Mexico and Canada, the border around all three nations would become any more secure than they are now?

In fact, the goals of the partnership have nothing to do with restricting the flow of illegal aliens.  The report of the 2006 meeting says that one of the goals is to: "Develop standards and options for secure documents to facilitate cross-border travel."  The implications of this goal are frightening.

Imagine this: people who are willing to provide answers to an array of questions asked by government, to be stored in a database available to all three nations, will be provided with a "bio-metric" card or device, that can be read electronically at a border crossing.  If a bell doesn't ring, the traveler is on his way. 

The idea of developing "secure" documents in this hacker's world is simply an invitation to the bad guys to produce highly profitable counterfeits.  What's worse is the idea of a tri-national database containing all kinds of information about individual citizens.   This would be a rich treasure chest,  ready for raiding by the bad guys.

All of this foolishness, of course, is designed to enhance the flow of  NAFTA/CAFTA trade, with the hope that the Mexican economy will improve to the point that Mexicans can earn a decent living at home, and have no reason to come to the United States.  The way things have been going since NAFTA was adopted, suggests that Mexico's economic base is not improving, but the United States' economic base is diminishing. 

When a barrier between two bodies of water is removed, the water will find the lowest common point.  When a border between two economic systems is removed, economies will also find the lowest common point.   This is precisely what NAFTA/CAFTA is doing.  The so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership only expedites the process.

Since NAFTA, U.S. businesses have exported millions of jobs to Mexico.  Mexico has exported millions of people to the United States.  These people are willing to work for much less than U.S. workers, because whatever they are paid is more than they can earn in Mexico.  And, if it is not enough, they can supplement their income with  food stamps, medical care, welfare - or crime. 

This two-fold attack on American Prosperity has been underway for more than a decade.  The current efforts to further "integrate" the three nations will benefit Mexico, and perhaps Canada, but it is, and will continue to be, a horrible drain on U.S. prosperity.

In an effort to deny growing criticism, the SPP website has recently posted a "Myth & Fact" page.  It boasts that the SPP is not an "Agreement," or "Treaty," and that the President has signed nothing.

This means that the ten "working groups" assigned the task of implementing the partnership are functioning purely on executive authority, without the benefit of Congressional oversight.

To get a more accurate picture of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the location of the words "Myth" and "Fact" should be reversed on the SPP website.  Most of what the White House says is "Myth," is much closer to reality, than what they say is fact.

This crazy idea of fully integrating the citizens of these three nations into one "North American Community," is the reason why U.S. borders have not been closed to the invasion of illegal aliens over the last decade.  It is the reason why employers who hire illegal aliens have not been prosecuted.  It is the reason for NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. 

It is an idea that the American people have never been asked to consider.  It is an idea that the academic and political elite have decided would be best for the masses, and they are proceeding with the project administratively,  with little or no Congressional involvement.

If its implementation continues apace, the sovereign nation of the United States will disappear, and the people of North America will be governed by a hierarchy of professional bureaucrats.

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International.


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