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Obama hits new low

By John Bender
web posted September 15, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama hit a new low the other day in what can generously be labeled the sleaziest attack on a political opponent in the fifty–some years I've been watching politics.  In a campaign ad Obama makes fun of McCain's disability sustained in the service of our country.

You see, McCain can't type, comb his own hair, tie his own shoes or throw a ball to his grandchildren because of the injuries he sustained at the hands of the Communists in Vietnam.  His inability to type means he doesn't use e-mail.  Obama's ad makes fun of McCain because he doesn't send e-mails.  Will he also make fun of the fact that McCain can't comb his hair or tie his shoes? 

Of course, nobody in the buggy whip media or on the radical leftist blogs is complaining about this distortion or trying to set the record straight.  Without the new media and talk radio the public would have no idea what the truth is in this case.

This is just the latest example of what passes for journalism in the elitist buggy whip media.  It is also a great example of why the buggy whip media is failing and on its way to extinction.  People can't trust the airheads, nitwits and fools, who populate the old media outlets today.  Fewer and fewer people are turning to the newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news shows for information.  The public knows they can't trust those old news sources for the truth.

Over 70% of the people in the nation can see that the buggy whip media is in the tank for Obama in spite of the fact that he is the least qualified candidate in more than 100 years to head a major party ticket.  The people can easily see the blatant bias in the coverage of Obama and anyone who opposes him.  Most of the people in the elite media still claim to be unbiased but arrogantly shill for Obama so openly that only the totally uninformed and the mentally challenged can't see it.

I'm no McCain fan.  I would rather have a conservative heading the Republican ticket.  But I'm disgusted by Obama's attacking McCain's physical disability.  I'm especially disgusted because McCain got that disability serving our country.

This is a new low even for Obama and his followers.  They treated Hillary Clinton badly and their attacks on Governor Palin and her children have been, and continue to be real sleaze.  But it takes a true slime ball to attack a man because his war injuries keep him from doing something that, while not critical to his job, would make his life easier.

This attack on McCain's war created disability comes from a man whose major accomplishment in life was to keep post delivery abortions legal in Illinois. As chairman of the state senate's Health and Human Services Committee he killed a bill that would have made it illegal to continue the practice of leaving unwanted babies that were born alive to die without medical attention or care of any kind in Illinois hospitals and abortion mills.

This scum bag doesn't have as much character as a sewer rat.  He's the least qualified candidate to a major party's nomination for president in at least 100 years.  He's a friend and associate of racists, felons, terrorists, and other radicals.  Had the buggy whip media vetted him instead of covering for him, he would not have been nominated.  Now that the new media is vetting him and exposing him for what he is, it's doubtful that he will be elected.  If he keeps attacking McCain's war disabilities he'll kill the chances of some Democrats in House and local races too. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer living in Dallas.  He is a past EtherZone staff writer and his columns have appeared in various internet and print publications.

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