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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Fourteen: The Slowing Slickest Sleeper

By Michael Moriarty
web posted September 5, 2011

Bill ClintonThis photo?

It was accompanied in Drudge Report by a headline revealing that one of this man's campaign appearances for Barack Obama only filled a high school gymnasium by two-thirds.

Because of this man, Bill Clinton, and his administration, Michael Moriarty left his own home town of Manhattan, his very own home in mid-state New York, his own country, the United States of America; because of Bill Clinton's insanely un-Constitutional Attorney General, Janet Reno, I began a new life in Canada, only to learn later that, indeed, Clinton gave the order to assault Waco, that it was, indeed, his idea, not Reno's.

It was most likely Hillary Clinton's idea for General Reno to also attack television on equally un-Constitutional grounds.

George Soros' ideological bodyguards at Media Matters, helping Bill Clinton reconstruct his version of history, are trying to rewrite Dick Morris' own version of things.

Hmmm …. One thing is for sure: it was Bill's or Hillary's idea to assault Waco, and Bill and Hillary's idea for Janet Reno to also assault network television

I've had to wait sixteen years to hear that my birthplace, Detroit, Michigan and its Renaissance High School, at last sing "The Thrill is Gone!" to the "Slickest Sleeper" in the history of America, former President William Jefferson Clinton.

A "sleeper" is a fully propagandized young Marxist who returns to the United States of America as Bill Clinton did from visiting Leningrad, Moscow and the Lumumba University, with a copy of Edmund Wilson's To The Finland Station tucked neatly near his heart. He becomes President of the United States and then he and his wife bow to the inevitably hard-line Marxism of an American community-organizer named Barack Hussein Obama.

Who paid for Bill Clinton's deep Red honeymoon with Communism in Soviet Russia?

The Deep Rhodes Scholarship New World Order Foundation.

Who was Bill Clinton's nearest and greatest connection to legendary scholarships?

His mentor, James William Fulbright, then known as Senator William J. Fulbright, Jr.

I had the dubious honor of receiving a trip abroad from this, then secretive "Progressive", Arkansas' first "slick Willy", Senator Fulbright.

What did I get from the Fulbright Scholarship for expressing too much adoration of God in London?

10 electro-shock treatments.

A Fulbright or Rhodes scholar does not talk about his faith in God unless we of Progressively Marxist America know he's a Bill Clinton and using God as a political weapon.

William Clinton? That Rhodes Scholar's faith in Ilytch Lenin and Soviet Communism?

It is now covered over, neatly veiled by his own personal version of a "Progressive Baptist" religion.

With such a cover as "Baptist", the profoundly "Progressive" William Clinton is eventually chosen by the American Progressive Movement, AKA State Capitalists for the Bipartisan New World Order, to become the President of the United States.

Now, after leaving office, he is a multi-millionaire with a billionaire's power through the Clinton Initiative, selling a ruse called State Capitalism, which he has always referred to as The Third Way.

It's a Fourth Reich, this Progressive New World Order, being sold to us by our very own, down-home Slickest Willy of the Universe.

Any Bipartisan, International Putsch that succeeds in legalizing infanticide in America with Roe v Wade has future and impatiently Progressive dreams worthy only of Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

Fifteen years it has taken for me to receive the mild gratification of seeing the attendance records for this Slickest of Slick Willies lowered.

President Obama, another flamingly obvious "sleeper", is not half as slick as Willy.

Within the first two years of Obama's administration, the hammer, sickle and Muslim flags hang all over this Obama Nation's White House and its Christmas tree with a Mao Zedong bulb ornament.

This reveals  the Maoist infection in its highest level of virulence.

Red Islam is my name for an increasingly transparent alliance between Western Civilization's oldest and most mortal enemies: Communists and Jihadist Muslims.

Prior to that it had been generally a case of epidemic human jealousy.

Red Islam is basically an organized epidemic of human envy over the Judeo-Christian Culture's achievements for the last five thousand years.

In short, a Mephistophelean Spite.

Red Islam is the Cain-like progeny dedicated fanatically to the destruction of an Abel called Judeo-Christianity.

This analysis of mine is out of the Bible, a Judeo-Christian tome that Red Islam would like to inflict more than a thousand, electro-shock treatments on, just for openers.

I find it so diabolically appropriate that Bill's wife, Hillary, should pick Esther as her Biblical role model when she really fits the role of Jezebel to a metaphysical "T". Here she is, claiming the role of Feminist World Liberator, defending with her life the rights of Roe v Wade to execute her own children. Infanticide, or the ritual killing of all first born children as an offering to the God of Baal, or in Hillary's case, the Gods of Bill Clinton, Karl Marx and Ilytch Lenin. This act hardly fits with Esther of Kings I & 2.

Hillary and Bill are Jezebel and Ahab, diabolically followed by their African-American doppelgangers, Barack and Michele Obama.

Mass infanticide worldwide!

Paid for by American taxpayers!!

"Population Control".

This hard-hitting lecture in Australia by an American survivor of abortion, Gianna Jessen, might bring the truth of this nightmare home to you.

The Progressives are now selling "Population Control" worldwide as "The Only Solution".

Their admiration for Mao has been elevated by Red China's limit on family size and that nation's forced abortions. As Progressive Woody Allen has suggested, America now "needs a dictator." And Vice-President Biden obviously "fully understands" the abortion policies of Red China.

"Freedom for me but not for thee" … because, dear fellow citizen, as Bill Maher points out, you're "too stupid" to deserve it!

Such an attitude toward that "Other America" for Leftists is the essence of the Progressive New World Order and the Marxist Nightmare which it veils.

Where did my life story go in all this Marxist usurpation of America and the American way of life?

It actually sits beneath my prescience, the prophetic apprehension of World War III.

When will The Hammer fall?

"The Hammer" first appeared in 1906 when Gustav Mahler's 6th Symphony was first performed. At that moment the great conductor/composer shared a musical inner life with us that must certainly have sensed not one but two world wars coming.

What do I sense?

World War III.


I also know my plans now involve a Five Movement Concerto For Orchestra. It moves from an Allegro Satyrico at the opening to an Allegro Furioso in the fifth and final movement.

What was not satyrico was a rerun of the HBO movie The Special Relationship: a most intensely revealing and piercing exposure of the difference between a Progressive Ideologue, Bill Clinton, and one of Western Civilization's examples of individually free and freely individual, Western leadership, former Prime Minster of England, Tony Blair.

No, Blair is no Margaret Thatcher.

However, we could have done a lot worse than Blair at a time when Bill Clinton fed only what he felt he was forced to feed into traditional American idealism. With more of Henry Kissinger's New World Order Real Politik inside Clinton than Clinton would be willing to admit, Slick Willy's greased lightening is slowing down. Not only from old age but from the unrelenting opposition that Western Civilization has always been healthily rooted in.

That George Bush Jr. welcomed Tony Blair so readily into the Bush Family Plans for a New World Order is an indication of the worldwide, bipartisan nature of the entire Progressive Movement and it's more than willing capitulation to Marxist ideology and ideologues such as that most charming couple of Marxist salesmanship: the Clintons.

With each passing month of Barack Obama's growing delirium and refusal to face the economically blighted and inevitably historic failure of the Progressively Marxist New World Order? With it comes increasingly clear memories of how Slick Willy artfully led us directly into the inevitable clutches of the Obama Nation.

There is really not that much difference between Clinton and Obama, except that Clinton is by far the greater, broken field runner.

Certainly Slick Willy is the most profoundly contented, Baptist hypocrite America has ever seen or has, in the minds of many, been forced to endure. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law & Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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