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Terror site provides detailed handbook for kidnaping Americans

By Jeremy Reynalds
web posted October 21, 2002

An Islamic terrorist web site, is hosting a guide providing detailed instructions on how to kidnap American citizens.

The handbook offers a variety of information, such as choosing an appropriate location and dealing with the need to properly stake out an area where a potential kidnaping is to take place; having the necessary "tools of the trade," and ways to mask the real location of an area where a kidnap victim is being taken.

Here are some of the instructions in the guide. To make for easier reading I have paraphrased them, as they are written in Arabic on the site, and I have made use of an online translation tool which while providing the gist of what is being said does so in a very stilted fashion.

For example. Under a heading of discipline and patience, the guide reads that for a successful kidnaping, it's important to follow directions and be patient. That includes selecting suitable individuals and studying them and their daily movements. After that, it's necessary to go to the locations that potential targets frequent and see if these areas would be suitable for a kidnaping. For example, the guide reads, does a location offer suitable cover? It is also important, the guide continues, for kidnapers to establish good communication between themselves.

As part of the procedure involved in checking out an area planned for a kidnaping, the writer of the guide encourages people to carefully check out anyone who appears to be new to the area; pay attention to any cars that appear to stop for long periods of time and any people who just look as if they are "hanging out, as well as "regulars." In addition, newer people in the area who look as if they're trying to make friends with the regulars should also be checked out.

Some of the necessary "tools of the trade" listed for a successful kidnaping are anaesthetic along with syringes, strong "Al-Raafi'i 's wire," an electric stick or sprayer as well as dark glasses.

There are also detailed instructions given for the kidnaper once the abduction has taken place. The handbook writer points out that both audio and video recordings should be used to mask the true location of where the kidnap victim has been taken. For example, the writer says, take a cassette player out into a market place or busy roadway and record the hustle and bustle. The recording should then be played back to the kidnap victim to give the impression that he is being held in a busy area when in actuality he is in a desolate location such as a cave.

Of course, the handbook writer continues, the victim should not be allowed to approach the window to allow him to see what his real environment actually looks like. Kidnappers are also encouraged to try and disorient their victims by not allowing them to know what time it really is.

An Israeli Defense Force article (http://www.idf.il/newsite/english/binladen2.stm) about this guide points out that :

"The guide was apparently written by someone associated with Bin Laden's organization (the guide mentions ‘Al-Ansar' - a name used by Bin-Laden supporters). In addition, the influence of Hamas' is evident in the actual kidnaping ‘doctrine' itself. Some chapters from ‘A Guide to the Kidnaping of Israelis' which Hamas recently published on the Internet are used in their entirety in this guide to kidnaping Americans. This connection may demonstrate the affinity between Bin-Laden and the Hamas, which also prides itself on its ideological extremist Islamic line which is hostile towards the U.S., and which sees itself as the ‘head of world terror'"

The site is apparently hosted by dv2.com. Jeff Hinkle is listed as the contact. He may be reached at jhinkle@dv2.com or 1 (404) 230 9150. Additional contacts for dv2 are: sales@dv2.com, support@dv2.com, abuse@dv2.com.

dv2.com also appears to host other terrorist web sites. Those sites include www.purenectar.net, www.kataebq.com and www.jehad.net. An e-mail to Hinkle to comment was answered with a copy of an e-mail he sent to the Atlanta Bureau of the FBI asking for commentt.

The contact person listed for the www.mojahedoon.net/vb/ site is: Abu Asad, Mojahid mojahedoon_webmaster@yahoo.com Mojahedoon Net Amman Str.74 Amman, Jordan.

Jeremy Reynalds is a freelance writer and the founder and director of Joy Junction, New Mexico's largest emergency homeless shelter. He has a master's degree in communication from the University of New Mexico and is pursuing his PhD in intercultural education at Biola University in Los Angeles. He is married with five children and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His work can be viewed here and weekly at www.americasvoices.org. He may be contacted by e-mail at reynalds@joyjunction.org.

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