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web posted October 24, 2005

Re: The Marxist confessional: Worldwide psychiatry by Michael Moriarty (October 17, 2005)
Mr. Moriarty was right about one thing in this article.  In his statement, "Stockwell Day lived through this same nightmare when he became leader of the Reform Party. His own conservative "friends" eventually undercut his mandate.", he has "hit the nail on the head."
Stockwell Day still has the potential of making a great party leader.  He is doing an excellent job in his role as Foreign Affairs Critic. 
If only those who are supposed to stand behind their leader would do so we could have leaders of his character and integrity take the helm as they should.
Don Allan

web posted October 3, 2005

Re: Those New Jersey bears! by Alan Caruba (September 26, 2005)

When I read that Alan Caruba feels that New Jersey should have another bear hunt,  I felt compelled to say that another human is far more likely to hurt me than a bear! 

The following statistics collected from 1960 point out that people need to be more afraid of other people than afraid of bears!

 In the last 45 years in New Jersey alone, over 16, 296 people were murdered by a human, and nearly half of the murders were committed by family members and friends.

 On the other hand, in the last 45 years in New Jersey, 0 people were killed by a bear!

 In the last 45 years in New Jersey, statistics show that 69, 545 rapes committed by humans were reported.  People have also been robbed by humans.

I'm sure that a few bears have stolen food, from time to time, but I doubt that they have stolen vehicles or jewelry or money.

 Yes, a bear may have killed an animal in New Jersey, but we have animal cruelty laws because so many humans kill and torture cats and dogs.  Humans should know better, but many don't!  So, how can a bear understand if people don't!

Also, what do you think hunters do?  They kill animals for fun!

Therefore, when we consider the safety of people, we should worry more about problems from humans than from bears.

 I am far more worried about the more than 9, 290 registered sex offenders in New Jersey, the more than 16, 700 gang members in New Jersey and the Terrorists who may be hiding in New Jersey.

 They are far more likely to hurt my children and grandchildren than are bears.  So are hunters!!!

Our daughter was nearly killed by a hunter's arror on her own property! We still have the arrow that luckily landed at her feet -- instead of in her neck!

My husband and I are totally opposed to a Bear Hunt in New Jersey!

For the sake of the media, and to frighten people, the number of bears as well as the seriousness of the encounters has been greatly exaggerated.

What is needed now is education that shows people how not to attract bears to their homes in the first place.  There are rules for living where bears are, and some people don’t want to follow those rules.

People who encounter a bear can yell, stomp on the ground, wave their arms and back away slowly.  Hikers can carry air horns and pepper spray.  Aversive conditioning works.  New Jersey bears are afraid of people People need to secure their garbage so as not to attract bears.

In these difficult financial times in New Jersey, it seems to me that our DEP Commissioner should definitely not be spending precious money for a bear hunt simply to treat people who kill for fun.

Even if the purpose of this bear-killing spree was to remove “so-called” problem bears, we would like to say that the “so-called” problem bears will not be found in the woods where they are to be hunted, because those bears are in areas inhabited by humans where they are already “being taken care of.”

The predators we need to be protected from are not bears.  We need to be protected from humans.

We need to savor, not kill, the last bit of American wildlife that is our heritage. Many creatures are suffering from loss of habitat due to development and are losing their lives to hunters for trophies.  How thoroughly unacceptable!

Barbara Metzler

Never heard of this man as a New Jersey citizen, but evidently he has New Jersey all figured out. A self appointed "expert".

I want to say that the people of New Jersey have spoken at that public hearing and have overwhelmingly said that they do not want hunting,killing, violence, guns to kill.

Mr. Caruba is evidently of the old school, if it gets in your way - kill it. I understand he has some connection with a National Anxiety Center - his writing clearly shows that connection.

The majority of New Jersey citizens have spoken time and again - they want wildlife issues dealt with humanely.

Does Mr. Caruba understand that? Why in heavens name would we follow Mr. Caruba's alleged "expert" advice?

B. Sachau




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