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The river of influence

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 13, 2008

The bailout, or "Rescue Package", as the rescued prefer to call it, is like an abortion. It tries to say the pregnancy never happened, although the post-partum depression on Wall Street says otherwise.

America was destined to be pregnant with debt ever since the Roe v. Wade decision erased individual responsibility for pregnancy, or anything else, for that matter. Murder -- and lies that say murder is a matter of choice -- can solve almost any problem temporarily.

Look at the bailout as an abortion. It kills the personal responsibility for the crisis by bailing out those organizations and lenders who were personally responsible for it.

It's almost as if the debt had never happened, had never grown in the womb of a corrupt Washington and its corrupt relationships with the major players in the American real estate business.

The taxpayers will bail Washington out and, since Washington is in charge of the bailout, the taxpayer will never really know who or what was responsible for ignoring the growing real estate nightmare.

The finger pointing on the "Hill" has never been faster or more furious than in late September and early October of this year. Allegations are flying by like locusts.

With growing national panic rising because the bailout, even when passed, has not stemmed a record-setting "Fall" on Wall Street, America is shaking.

"The two nightmares, Wall Street and the bailout, are not related," say some financial experts … if you can believe that.

 Finally, thank God, a clear, concise but thorough analysis of the mortgage meltdown is traced both to the Jimmy Carter years and his Community Reinvestment Act, CRA. Stanley Kurtz of the National Review, more persuasively than any other analyst, has traced the path of the looming disaster, the growing nightmare that some pundits can liken only to the Great Depression of '29.

Long before Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac entered the drama, there existed Jimmy Carter's CRA, plus ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - and President William Clinton's efforts to be America's "First Black President" … or America's "Biggest Soft Touch". No wonder "Bill" became so upset with a mere "community organizer" named Barack Obama. How presumptuous of a small time player in the housing-trough, pork-barrel business to challenge the wife of the "Greatest of Global Initiators", particularly when that wife wants to help return her husband and "family of influence" to the White House.

How could one man's greatest achievement, his presidency, lead to the greatest economic threat to America since 1929?

Bill knew for certain … that the collapse would not happen on his watch. He and Jimmy Carter before him, as the Kurtz title infers, "planted" the seeds of disaster.

However, now the markets still fall … worldwide … and, of course, "the mortgage crisis had nothing to do with it."

I know, I know, that very pro-Clinton interpretation of events can no longer be floated.

In fact, the bailout was enacted as law. Then the real crash began … which has now lasted for days. The consistent drop may very well exceed two thousand points.

I ask you, would that have happened if the now infamous bailout act had not been passed? By confirming to the world that America is now applying socialist panaceas to capitalist challenges, hasn't the United States joined the Marxist community's irresponsibility, its love of a bottomless debt that increasingly places the human race at the mercy of its governments?

"The bailout is about credit, not investment!"

Hmmm … ultimately making the United States Government our nation's biggest lending bank which, when mismanaged (a virtual inevitability given the bi-partisan blindness which created this mess) will leave the American citizen, as this bank's only source of money … will leave him and her ultimately bankrupt. Throwing more and more money into a corrupt and endlessly greedy, Marxist bank, the government itself, this leaves each citizen increasingly helpless, penniless and eventually without rights before a bank/government that generates no money. It only takes.

Today investment has been increasingly piggybacked on credit, which has decreasingly been based upon assets. That increasingly empty credit is then piggybacked on increasingly fraudulent investment. Then all of it, given the absence of even a gold standard, is piggybacked on nothing but increasingly monumental greed.

Why then do John McCain's bipartisan and maverick credentials sound increasingly like a cover-up for "business as usual" politicians? A "maverick centrist" is a contradiction in terms.

Obama, however, is even worse!

The ACORN influence, which most likely made this bailout obligatory and Obama's calm response to the crisis predictable, is beyond even Chicago-politics-as-usual. In addition, there is the already, publically proven voter-fraud by ACORN. Not even CNN can deny it.

Finally, we're faced with the increasingly smelly, bi-partisan strategy to get the government more and more profoundly involved in what looks less and less like a free-market.  This is "planting the seeds of disaster", as Stanley Kurtz titled his revelations of all the connections that floated epidemically down the polluted river of influence.

President Bill, honored frequently as the "most influential man in the world", definitely put some teeth into Carter's Reinvestment Act and hung some "nuts" on the ACORN.

Can the former President again "get away with it"?

Why not? It will all be "W's" fault now!

Besides, in the river of influence, the blame never stops in one place for long. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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