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Of buggery, skullduggery, and left wing thuggery

By Alisa Craddock
web posted October 27, 2008

Since September 24, cities around the United States and some in Canada have been holding prayerful vigils in front of abortion mills, holding signs, praying, singing, answering questions, and in some cases, actually saving unborn lives.  In my town, there have been several interventions, one abortion mill worker actually quitting her job, and joining those who were standing vigil.  Another woman, I was told, drove up to the vigil group, and said this was her sixth abortion.  She already had four kids and she couldn't afford any more.  What is she supposed to do?  They referred her right next door to the alternative women's clinic, where she will receive the help she needs to keep her child.

But not all the stories have been positive.  One woman launched bottles of water from her windows at those standing vigil, another threw potatoes at them.  (They both missed.) And of course there are always the verbal assaults.

The stories in my town are mild compared to some.  In Omaha a couple of weeks ago, a 72-year old grandmother named Mary Adam was attacked outside an abortion mill.  The assailant was the mother of a young woman who the elderly lady and another pro-lifer, had persuaded the day before not to have an abortion.  The mother returned the next day with her daughter and forced her to have the abortion.  As she approached the clinic with her daughter, Mrs. Adam, unaware of who was approaching, said, "This is the worst thing you will do in your whole life.  Your baby's heart is beating right now."  The girl's mother then cursed and screamed at her and rushed her, shoving her backwards so hard that she fell into the street, and hit her head on the concrete.  Then she marched her daughter inside.   Mary's friends moved her out of the street, and an ambulance was called to take her to the hospital.  The police were summoned, but only gave the woman a citation for a class three assault.   

Contrast that with the treatment by police officers of two teen-aged pro-lifers using sidewalk chalk to write their messages calling attention to Sen. Obama's pro-abortion position.  Though the girls had the permission from City Attorney David Fine and Denver Deputy Chief of Police John Lamb to share their message in this way, they were brutally manhandled, cuffed and arrested by police officers without even a warning.

Jayne White, 17 (the older of the two girls), states "I was peacefully sidewalk chalking when I was forcefully pushed to ground by a police officer from behind. As I was being cuffed on the ground, the police officer pushed his knee into the back of my neck. I was pulled roughly off the ground and taken away.  I was given no warning to stop and was completely shocked when I was arrested. My back was throbbing from his knee."

The younger girl, Julia Giacopuzzi, age 15, was surprised by a police officer twisting her arms behind her back and using them to lift her off the ground to be handcuffed, as she reported later. 

I wish I could say these were two exceptions rather than the rule, but the truth is, it is becoming a disturbing trend.

Marriage proponents are also seeing a disparity between their treatment and the treatment of their homosexual assailants.  In Santa Rosa, California volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) were distributing literature, and a supporter of same-sex marriage began shouting obscenities at the volunteers, and then slapped the one who was filming the event.  He missed the filmer, but not the camera.  Another gay-marriage advocate threw hot coffee at the face of a different volunteer.  In Phoenix, a gay marriage proponent sprayed toxic insecticide at a TFP group at Arizona State University.  TFP is distributing flyers in California, Arizona and Florida where there are marriage amendments on the ballots.  The flyer reads "10 Reasons Why Homosexual ‘Marriage' is Harmful and Must Be Opposed." 

At gay pride parades and other obscene gay events, police are expressly ordered not to arrest people for appearing nude or for performing shockingly indecent acts or behaviors in public.  Christians holding signs and quoting scripture, however, are frequently silenced and threatened with arrest, and sometimes are arrested even when their actions are entirely legal and peaceful.  The case (now dismissed) against 11 Christian protestors at a gay rights event in 2004 is a case in point.  They did everything they were told to do, but the gay activists came out in their pink jackets and held large barriers up around the Christian protestors and shouted at them, but it is the Christians who were arrested.  Charges against the Christians included criminal conspiracy, possession of an instrument of crime (a bullhorn, if you can believe it), reckless endangerment of another person, ethnic intimidation (the state hate crimes law was twisted to include that charge), riot, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct and obstructing highways (even though it was on public streets that had been blocked off from traffic).  Fortunately, they filmed the entire altercation, and it was plain they had committed no crime.

It is an all-too-frequent occurrence, as I have frequently reported in my columns, and which has been widely reported in the pages of WorldNetDaily and Christian Newswire, among others.

With the election only a week away, it would behoove us to think about the kind of country we would have, what kind of conflict there might be, if we elect a man who promises that his first act as President will be to sign the "Freedom of Choice Act", and who has promised to use the Presidency as a "bully-pulpit" to promote so-called "gay rights".  If things are bad now, what will they be like under a Left-wing President with a Left-wing Congress to back him up?  Imagine if they passed a homosexual "hate-crimes" (read hate-speech) law.  Imagine if they passed ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  There are already myriad instances of homosexuals in high positions abusing their power to promote their agenda, and to attack Christians and their values, using the law or company policy to bludgeon them into submission.  Imagine the persecution and bullying, the discrimination and legal entanglements in store for Christians and others of good morals who will be put in a position of having to choose between their Christian values and conscience or their job, their livelihood, their retirement savings.  Imagine when criminal and civil law conspire to silence and subdue those who don't agree with the prevailing atheist, socialist "ethic".

Sen. Obama has already shown that he is willing to use bullying and police state tactics to silence opposition to him, threatening legal action or IRS action.  The case in Missouri is particularly noteworthy, since public officials with the power to legally entangle anyone they decide was not being truthful signed on to Obama's so-called "Truth Squad."  This, before he's even elected.  What kind of state will we have after he's elected?  Oh, we'll have change alright.  But change WHO can believe in?  Only the most radical, lawless, far, far-left types—the homosexuals, the feminists, the socialists, the God-haters.  All these bullies in positions of power in Obama's administration and in high level state and local positions.  All with the tacit permission to force their twisted world-view on this once free land.  Can you spell Fascism?  Like Germany's biggest thugs and twisted perverts in positions of power, securing and maintaining that power through fear.  If you don't see it, you're not looking very hard.  It is the history of every Leftist power grab in every nation where it has happened.  Do we honestly believe we're immune? 

How do you think they will use their power?  With wisdom and equity?  John McCain did us, I believe, a great disservice when he told us we didn't have to be afraid of an Obama presidency.  Barack Obama has lied about his associations, he's lied about his embrace of their political views, including his membership in the "New Party", a socialist political party that only accepts those who pledge to actively work for a socialist state.  He has quite probably lied about his very citizenship of this country.  He even lied about the Missouri incident.  But of course, all he has to do is deny it.  We know from experience that his party and his constituency will rally around him, or any one of its members that fail the smell test, because all they're interested in is getting and holding only the power.  When a child gets involved with the wrong kind of friends, does the child not begin acting like their "friends".   That's why good parents make them end their dangerous associations.  You are judged by the company you keep, and the company he keeps are radicals, all of them.  His history is radical.   His views are radical.  His methods are frightening.  This is not merely bad judgment.  This is an agenda, and a warning.   

I still have faith that McCain may prevail in this election.  But I am afraid of Barack Obama.  I don't believe he is what he pretends to be.  I anticipate the beginning of a period of great persecution directed at people of Christian faith and traditional American ideals if Sen. Obama is elected President.  I believe his administration may mean the end of America as we have known it, that our sovereignty will be handed over to the United Nations through treaties that defy American law, and we who protesteth too much will be ignored (at best) or silenced.  I believe that it will become impossible under an Obama administration for Christians to practice good citizenship, when the Leftist version of "good citizenship" goes against every natural law and natural right that we embrace in our faith, and our American heritage.  Only by the grace of Almighty God shall our nation overcome it.  ESR

Alisa Craddock is a columnist and activist in the culture war, a convert to Catholicism, and describes herself as a Christian Libertarian.  She may be contacted at alisa.craddock at hushmail.com.


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