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web posted October 27, 2008

Re: Media refuses to scrutinize Obama's background and socialist agenda by Carol Devine-Molin (October 20, 2008)

I read your recent article suggesting that the media is refusing to scrutinize Obama. While I feel that you are entitled to thrust your opinion on anyone you wish, I would hope that, as a journalist you would temper it with just a little objectivity. I don’t believe that I have ever read such one-sided commentary in my life. The arrogance of your position or (imposition) truly calls in to question your credibility. There is a thin line between questioning the politics and policies a the candidates, and plain old character assassination.

With regard to Obama's tax on small business, I am that small business that you are referring to, and resent your presumption that small businessmen are unanimously against any tax placed on our businesses. While I have no interest in spending more money, it may surprise you to learn that I, along with many of my fellow entrepreneurs (the engine of the economy), understand the contribution required of our businesses in order to enhance the bigger picture, and feel that it may be in our best interest to support such plans. Many of us believe that some of the benefits that will be gained from a less competitive environment will put us on a more level playing field with the big guys. So please don’t speak for us or do us any favors.

Also, my guess is that you and your family have access to adequate healthcare, and are reluctant to upset the apple cart by helping out those that don’t. When you mention the reduced quality of healthcare, under a socialist system, you are not likely to get any sympathy from those that currently have nothing. Tell the guy who is under employed or living under a bridge with his kids, that we prefer not to make our healthcare system more accessible to him because the quality will be diminished for those of us that already have coverage. As a small business I don’t mind being required to give back a little more because I have friends and relatives to don’t have adequate coverage through no fault of their own.

As a small business owner, my loyalty to fellow man supersedes my selfishness and the belief that those that don’t have, don’t have because they didn’t try hard enough. When you speak for small business owners and the rest of the middle class, please understand that "Joe the plumber" is tired of your "dog-eat-dog" arrogance, and is more than willing to sacrifice a little profit in order to pull up those at the bottom of the food chain.

Even if Obama's strategy were truly, "rob from the rich and give to the poor", would that be so terrible? You seem to be pretty sure that everyone thinks so.

Signed "Joe the small businessman"

Ken Walker

Re: Testing Barack Obama

This is how Obama will be tested in the first six months:

It appears obvious from the context of Biden's statement how Obama will be tested. He will be tested by an attack on Israel and everyone will question why the Obama administration does not step in to defend our staunch ally. Apparently Biden already knows of the plan and is already saying we will have to believe in Obama when he appears to make the wrong response.

This is why the millions of dollars are flooding in and very likely they are flooding in to the Obama campaign from the radical Islamists. This is why Hamas, Hezbollah, the leaders of Syria, and Iran all love Obama. Because they already know that if Obama is elected they will have a green light to attack Israel and the United States will not lift a finger to stop it.

This is the only way that Biden's statement makes sense. The radicals are buying the election and this is the price tag for doing so.

Ed Wrather

Sweetwater, Oklahoma



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