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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Nineteen: Interlude: Holocaust in America

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 17, 2011

This chapter had been a lighthearted glimpse of my wonderfully pre-pubescent but vivid daydreams of boyish sexuality: heroic holidays with Indian maidens. The highly eroticized image of prodigiously gifted ladies in loin cloths swooning before my illustrious feats as a precociously curious and startlingly youthful cowboy.

American westerns and … well … what few nude paintings of females in my father's library I could peek at, later to be further enhanced by Playboy centerfolds, were a lovely and sensuously contemplative introduction to human lust.

Oh, well …  the fruits of such inspirations, which, because of pregnancies, become other human beings in their earliest stages of life?!

That complication, which I ran into out-of-wedlock, brings me to a profoundly urgent subject. Perhaps the profoundest issue facing America today, despite the nightmare of the economy.

It is the one Americans have most tried to avoid: the legalized abortion of Roe v Wade.

This video, featured in this chapter of Haunted Heaven, appeared in the widely read and watched Hot Air and it compares abortion to Hitler's "Final Solution".

 "Holocaust in America"?

"That's a tricky question!" might be your answer.

Admittedly, there are a list of eight American Presidents who all, in one way or another, tacitly supported the Roe v Wade decision. Either through evasion, such as the Republican Presidents or outright support, as with the Democrats, particularly President Barack Obama, Roe v Wade lives! Vibrantly!!

Why has Hot Air shown a complete and historically supported comparison of the German Third Reich's Final Solution to America's legalized infanticide?

There are unquestionably over one million abortions in America per year.

That amounts to at least 38 to 40 million "kills" or legalized assassinations since the Roe v Wade Decision of 1973.

Last week President Obama appeared in one of his previously favorite states: Colorado. Colorado was a groundbreaking, pro-abortion state that began to "liberalize" infanticide in 1963, achieving the ALI model of legalized abortion in 1967. Six years before the Roe v Wade Decision.

It is a well-known, winter vacation state with ski resorts for the very wealthy, many of whom live or work in Hollywood.

A Fetal Personhood Amendment 62 was voted on in Colorado in 2010 and it's pro-life intentions were defeated by the Colorado voters. Perhaps that is why President Obama considers Colorado a very friendly and pro-Obama constituency.

With employment in the increasingly disastrous, economic state it is in, the geographic State of Colorado may not be as friendly toward the President.

They do back his abortion stance, however, and might consider the privilege of legalized murder even more important than healthy employment rates.

Colorado is a barometric glimpse of American morality.

How low has its barometric conscience sunk?

How Colorado's citizens vote in 2012 will be vitally important to the question this article poses: How far have Americans left the very heart of Judeo-Christianity and adopted Progressively Marxist Amorality?

Is human life not only not sacred, but are we surrendering to Jean Paul Sartre's definition of hell: L'enfer est les autres!

"Hell is other people!"

At what point will murder of the "unwanted" be replaced by murder of the "insufficient".

Insufficiently intelligent.

Insufficiently healthy.

Insufficiently beautiful.

With an increasingly centralized government and Progressive New World Order, at what point will the government decide whether or not individuals can be allowed to live any longer?

I'm increasingly horrified by America's Undeniably Bipartisan Agreement: the Progressive New World Order. As of 2012, the volleyball game being played with the White House between Progressive corners of both the Republican and Democratic Parties will have gone on for 24 years!

From Bush Sr. to Clinton to Bush Jr. to Obama!! With nary a menacing scratch on the Roe v Wade decision. If it goes from Obama to Romney?!

That could make it a possible 28 to 32 years of The Progressive Transformation of America into a docile member of a virtually One Party New World Order.

The One Party of America is now called The Progressive Party.

The man who introduced Progressivism to the American public was Vice-President Henry A. Wallace.

His sympathetic links to the Communist Soviet Union are too numerous to be dismissed and left him with the charge of being a "Stalinist stooge".

The KGB itself has a better phrase for it: "useful American idiot".

Now, since we've elected, at this point, Marxism's most useful American idiot, Barack Obama, whose Ivy League credentials should have meant nothing after the Ivy League credentials of both the Clinton and the Bush families?

"But they all look and sound so intelligent!"

Do they?

And Obama sounded the smartest of them all, didn't he?

No one ever said the Devil was dumb.

Humans, however, are not dumb either. Many have simply proven to be, from the Nazi's to the Progressives,  "undeniably more gifted and intelligent and cunning than most other people."

Meanwhile the rest of America seems to remain "conveniently naïve."

"Deaf, dumb and blind" to the horrors of abortion is profoundly more relevant.

Please watch the entire "180" movie. It is only half an hour long. It might turn you at least 90 degrees in the opposite direction of abortion.

If not, you might understand why I eventually couldn't live in the United States.

In Canada they don't have a Declaration of Independence that says we all have an "inalienable right to life".

To that extent Canada and her legalized abortion are not hypocritical.

American hypocrisy, quite a distinctive brand of national self-delusion, endured the hypocrisy of legalized slavery in the South for 89 years.

How long legalized infanticide will continue is anyone's guess now.

The longer it remains, however, the greater the chances for another Civil War.

"The vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored" still exists in America.

The moment God puts His foot down, more than wine will flow.  Perhaps the Almighty is waiting for the Obama Nation to drop its fist down on the American people.

Should this President be reelected, that is most certainly what he will be forced to do. With the support of the United Nations, Red China and the neo-Soviet Union he could most certainly do that.

Can the United States argue with the Progressive New World Order?!

With the help of the Catholic Church, America can and will!

With the Church's help, Reagan's wish eventually came true: the Iron Curtain came down.

With the help of the Catholic Church, Roe v Wade will eventually be overturned state by state. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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