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Civilization's new trajectory: Part 1: Chess men of transformation

By Debra Rae
web posted October 7, 2013

Early in life, well-born, bred, and educated Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer embraced a noble call to guard his "great historical heritage and intellectual tradition." Unknown to young Dietrich, the democratic republic of his native Germany, once inestimably influenced by Christianity (Martin Luther, specifically), stood at the precipice of an unimaginably brutal dictatorship. The Fuhrer's "peace-centric" rhetoric belied hideous intent to enforce a new, insidiously evil trajectory for German civilization.

All was not well in Bonhoeffer's world. Nor is it in our own.

"Déjà vu All Over Again"

Recently, in remote southern Iceland, a passenger allegedly went missing from her tour bus. Returning to the group from having changed her clothes, the freshly coifed traveler failed to recognize the victim's description as her own. In a gesture of goodwill, the unwary passenger joined the search party that, in fact, was looking for her!

Bereft of rigorous, classical education, many Americans today remain similarly clueless of an encroaching police state. As George Santayana once warned, not to learn from history dooms us to repeat it. While most "get it" that something isamiss, many haphazardly immerse themselves in a quagmire of distracting daily duties—then seek escape from the frenzy in varied forms of mindless entertainment.

Unlike Bonhoeffer, Americans too often neglect to guard their "great historical heritage and intellectual tradition"—hence, America's rapid slide from a society governed by "we, the people" to a police state governed instead by the strong arm of law. By quietly accepting surveillance cameras, police and drug-sniffing dogs in schools, national databases that track our finances and activities, sneak-and-peek searches of our homes (without knowledge or consent), and anti-terrorism laws that focus suspicion on average citizens, Americans steadily forfeit basic freedoms and constitutional rights ensured by the founders.

Sci-Fi Seduction

In "More Than Human," Dr. Martin Erdmann references the 1922 science fiction novel, The Chess Men of Mars, whose highly advanced inhabitants prize, above all, the art of contemplation. These exist as mere heads that use bodies of headless creatures to move about. Popularity of this fanciful plot demonstrates humanity's far-reaching fascination with fantastic characters and societies.

Recall that larger-than-life Adolph Hitler was deified, superhuman qualities were ascribed his master Aryan race, and the whole of Germany was perceived as a sort of God-man. Incredibly, the All-German Society for Metaphysics (Vril Society), to which Hitler and many of his top leadership likely belonged, set sights on achieving mastery of this Aryan race by harnessing, then wielding an electro-fluid (specifically, vril, or universal energy). Vril was believed to be the power source enabling one (1) to gain material supremacy and one day (2) to take over the world. Means for harnessing vril included meditative practices, physical medium-ship, sex magic, nightmarish rituals/ experiments, and child sacrifice (deemed ideal gateways between astral- and material- worlds).

Super Master Race of Trans-humanists

Speaking to this mindboggling seduction, attempt to fashion God in the image of man has been a recurring theme throughout history. Case in point: Today's budding trans-humanist movement is premised on rudimentary belief that, first, evolution is true. Next, in theory and practice, man's ability stands ready, through technological advancements, to shape the direction of human evolution.

By redesigning the human condition with a mind toward societal transformation, trans-humanists view values as relative, arbitrary—and chosen. A global set of universally agreed upon core values facilitates religious acceptance of trans-humanism's ultimate goal—namely, ascension of humanity to Godhood. Even more, common-denominator values bridge the techno-spiritual gap between trans-humanism and technocracy, a totalitarian form of utopian socialism.


Last June, scientists, philosophers, public figures, business leaders, representatives of different religions, and philanthropists gathered at the Global Future 2045 congress. These purpose to create "a new mankind" that no longer wastes resources, but their end vision is far more expansive. Reminiscent, perhaps, of the "Chess Men of Mars," it culminates in transferring an individual's personality into a more advanced, non-biological carrier.

By focusing on nano-, bio-, info-, cognitive-, genetics-, and robotic- technologies, GF2045 neuro-scientists, neuro-engineers, and futurists call upon the U.N. General Assembly to ease transition to a new breed of man, technologically fitted to a cyber-connected, wholly enlightened, one-world community. Because the brain is at the heart of one's identity, what post-humans will look like is yet to be determined.

Technocratic-Religious Framework

Dr. Erdmann fingers technocracy as dark horse of an up-and-coming, techno-fascist world order. As previously mentioned, technocracy describes a totalitarian form of would be utopian socialism. Once freed from biological restraints, some seven billion, mystically connected global citizens are expected to interface with technology as virtual persons who, in turn, create virtual environments in which they expect to rule as "kings."

In Hitler's words, "Man is God in the making," and his ultimate goal is to achieve immortality. Even more than a means for controlling masses, National (also, Trans-national) Socialism is "the will to create mankind anew." Elitist scientists, engineers, technologists, and bankers follow the Fuhrer's lead by introducing this religious component, deemed necessary for their transcendent 21st century dream to take hold.

Nazi Pan-Arabism

Surprising to some, the Shah was a great fan of Nazism and, in 1935, even changed the name of Persia to Iran, which in Farsi means "Aryan." In 1921, Nazi ally Hajj (Muhammed Effendi) Amin al-Husseini was appointed mufti and head administrator of Arab Palestine and, in 1938, was put on the Nazi payroll. Saddam Hussein became one of the most devout practitioners of al-Husseini-inspired Nazi pan-Arabism. When, in the 1930s, the Muslim Brotherhood likewise became a furtive arm of Nazi intelligence, some of the Brotherhood's leading men combined doctrines of Nazism with Wahhabism. Backed by Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi sect today controls seventy to eighty percent of some 1,200 mosques in the United States.

Follow the Money

Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D., explains, "While much of the world celebrated the Allied defeat of Hitler in 1945, what they didn't know was that the Nazis were winning the war for control of much of the world's economy."

By 1943, Hitler's sidekick Martin Bormann already had amassed what amounts to trillions of dollars in today's economy; and an associate of J. P. Morgan Banking was president of the Nazi-controlled Bank for International Settlements (BIS), where Nazis sent their looted gold valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

A U.S. military intelligence report (The Red House Report, 1944) revealed that powerful, Nazi-era bankers, industrialists, and civil servants began working on a new cause—namely, European economic and political integration. The Office of Strategic Services summarized German post-war plans in foreign countries—plans that provided industrial firms and technical schools, along with low-cost German technicians and scientific research experts.  

Toward establishing a new trajectory for civilization within a socio-political, techno-economic, and religious framework, "The beat goes on; yes, the beat goes on." It seems Sonny and Cher had it right. ESR

More to follow in Part 2.
Debra Rae is a regular contributor to The Intellectual Conservative. © 2013






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