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Chapter Fifteen of Keeping Score in America: The Red Trinity And Obama's Leap Into War

By Michael Moriarty
web posted September 30, 2013

Here we go!
Here we go!

The parachute on Obama's back is the entire American population. Almost half of the American citizenry hasn't wanted to be strapped to the back of a President whom some call "a narcissistic sociopath" or just a plain ole "spoiled brat".

Yet we are trapped on Obama's back; only to open up as his salvation and our ruin.

The United States hasn't been this broken since the Civil War.

Nor this broke in its entire history.

Apparently this is all part of Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America".

War  in the Middle East is a final frosting on the cake.

Does Obama really mean what he says or is this nightmare, as I suspect it is, the brainstorm of the recent newlywed, George Soros and his most private of "think tanks"?

Hasn't Soros persuaded his two most powerful friends, Vladimir Putin of Neo-Soviet Russia and President Barack Obama of the United States, to play "good cop/bad cop" with the human race?

Isn't the former member of the Soviet KGB, President Putin, now playing both Mr. Reasonable and Mr. Tough Guy?

While Obama leaps into what he's always derogated as the American, militaristic cliché?

Isn't this Putin/Obama Two Step all an act concocted by years of Communist analysis of the American psyche?

Isn't this Trinity of Red - Soros, Putin and Obama - manipulating the entire human race?

America and Americans particularly?

Nudging the Once Free World rather forcefully into accepting the Progressively Marxist New World Order as the only possible choice for Mankind's future?

Last week I patronized my own writing, looked down on it when compared to my  music; however sometimes, when years of memory and analysis coalesce, there is the birth of a few articles which contain the inevitability of music.

This article, rather like my music, is writing itself.

While I ponder the possible machinations and plots of The Red Trinity, I spend an increasing number of hours examining Pope Paul II's Evangelium Vitae, or, as I translate it, The Message of Life.

That seems to make me a lapsed Catholic looking back at Rome for the one thousandth time.

Including a personal, Catholic struggle in today's thoughts escalates the wages of not sin but perspective.

Pretending to be one of the parachutists in this article's photo can bring real urgency to these meditations upon my soul and The Universe of The Red Trinity and its greatest pride: Communist China, Neo-Soviet Russia and Barack Obama's Marxist New World Order.

At the risk of repeating the excruciatingly obvious, the United States hasn't been this broken since the Civil War, nor this broke in its entire history.

Meanwhile, I sit here in Canada with the Evangelium Vitae in my right hand and The Red Trinity in what the Italians would appropriately call La mano Sinistra.

Clearly, for myself at any rate, the battle of Good vs. Evil instead of Marx's sinister and virtually heartless "objectivity", its "Dialectical Materialism", which makes no judgment as to the relative goodness or evil of anything put under consideration, this war between the Church and Communism is being waged right now.

Unfortunately I have no doubt that Communism, at first glance, is not only winning but has won the war.

The string of Popes, with the exception of John Paul II, since Pope Pius XII's Concordat with Adolf Hitler has only bent with the onrush of tyrannies such as Nazism, Fascism and Communism.

Meanwhile, back here at home, my friend Pat Hickey of Chicago was justly obliged to clear up the confusion which Pope Francis left in his wake last week.

Apparently the Pope admitted to being "reprimanded" by some corner of the College of Cardinals regarding this oversight. The not-so-collegial lecture was clearly, "How you must deal with the world press, your Holiness!"

Pat's article arrived just on time for me to include it in this discussion of The Red Trinity and Obama's Leap Into War versus the Evangelium Vitae.

I wrote Pat:

"I wish, like Cardinal George, I could lump abortion in with homosexuality and contraception.

"When Francis avoided talking unequivocally about abortion and extended his hand toward homosexuals, the Liberal press lumped abortion in with homosexuality as Cardinal George wanted him to.



GB, (God bless)


My soul will object, to the doors of hell, about the Church's condemnation of homosexuality and contraception in the same breath as the deliberate murder of a fully conceived, undeniably diagnosed, living and gestating human being.

The Catholic Church's Wastebasket Category: abortion.

Into it they dumb the very stringencies, such as complete chastity, the utterly inhumane demands upon priests and nuns that compound the nightmare, that drive their own ordained ministry into virtual crime.


When you read John Paul II's Evangelium Vitae you cannot deny that Pope's vision of Catholic life as one dedicated to human suffering.

Frequently and, yes, perversely, to an increase in human suffering among the Catholic population, from hierarchy to congregation.

We came to Earth, in the same way Christ did, to "suffer".

Pope John Paul II
Are we are here to suffer as Christ did?

I beg your pardon?

The historical and fully proclaimed objective of America and Americans is "the pursuit of happiness".

Joseph Campbell's escalation of the objective into "bliss"?!

"Pursue your bliss?!"

That is Campbell's wisdom and certainty that human life, both before and after Christ, with or without the Catholic Church, promises inevitable pain and suffering of one sort or another.

As Campbell himself might say and know, "There is no bliss without suffering! Happiness, yes, but not ecstasy!!"

Perhaps that is why Christ's Crucifixion is called "The Passion".

From the increasing passions of our faith in Christ, we receive spiritual ecstasy over the thought that, indeed, "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son".

If anyone or anything is in ecstasy or bliss now and to Eternity, it is Christ!

The Eternity that we are all assured by the Catholic Church exists for human souls?!

That Eternity could not, would not and never will be lived by either God or Christ in eternal suffering.

The state in which Christ, God and the Holy Spirit live in is heavenly ecstasy.

The suffering for the Holy Trinity has been lived on the Cross.

Human suffering on Earth no longer brings suffering to Heaven.

It only brings suffering to the Earth where Christ's sacrifice, because of God's Love for His children, was enacted as irrevocably indelible proof of God's Love.

And an absolute end to human suffering.

Yet the certainty of heavenly bliss because of the suffering already endured on Earth by all of humanity is the Catholic Inevitability!

If not, why be Catholic?

I am Catholic enough to know that World War III is the ultimate inevitability.

The present alliance between the Communist world of Neo-Soviet Russia, Red China and the Obama Nation of a Progressively Marxist America and New World Order?! That Communist hegemony supporting Islam versus what is left of traditional America is undeniably in the driver's seat.

Because of the present, Communist domination of the world, despite a few tonsorial appearances, America, individual freedom and authentic Christianity appear to be irreversibly doomed.

I believe the forefront of resistance to Communist or Red Islam will and must be the Catholic Church.

America is mortally wounded now.


It began with Kennedy's assassination and the Warren Report covering up the depth of Washington's corruption.

That is now a 50 year-old, bipartisan decadence and corruption eroding the United States of America.

Only Ronald Reagan offered the slightest period of respite from Communism's worldwide domination.

Will Obama provoke World War III?


It's a game, the ultimate objective of which is the complete destruction of Israel to appease Communism's present but temporary ally: Radical Islam.

Once Israel is destroyed to the satisfaction of both Islam and Communism, then Islam will complete its eternal war with the meaning of America.

Communism will exploit Radical Islam's assaults upon America without helping America in the least.

Can the Communists do that?

With Marxist President Barack Obama on their side they certainly can.

What's the only major thing left to oppose Red Islam?

The Catholic Church.

World War III, that which is inevitable, will ultimately be fought between the Communist New World Order and Catholicism.

It will be the ultimate, both covert and open war between God and the Devil.

Unfortunately I doubt if I will be alive to see the outcome.

I am certain that Christ will win.

There is no doubt about that.


Good and Evil will still reign in the same amounts they did before.

And that means?

Suffering is as necessary a part of the Earthly experience as the air surrounding us.

It's the only possible way to prepare us for the Divine Ecstasies of Heaven!

If you have never, at some time in your life, suffered?!

Bliss is unattainable.

You are, at best, merely happy.

The merely happy belong in Purgatory.

Agony, as Hollywood's Michelangelo and that conspiracy's divinely Eternal cliché reminds us, is the price of ecstasy. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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