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web posted November 13, 2000

There is such a thing as winning with grace and losing with grace. When it comes to the presidential elections of the United States, there was little grace shown this past week.

Al Gore has done a remarkable job not looking presidential or particularly graceful this past week. He's said that the ballots in Florida were poorly designed and that 2 500 may have voted for Patrick Buchanan accidentally on November 7. He's demanded -- and as of this writing -- received a hand count of Florida's ballots which should only serve to once again show that George W. Bush is the president-elect of the United States of America. Through his people, he's made baseless accusations against both Bush and Florida election officials.

And this man wants to be the president? Is he really showing that he has what it takes to be the leader of the free world, or is he showing the hair trigger authoritarianism that the Clinton Administration has become famous for?

Al Gore may not like it, but the Florida results will once again show that Bush has won that state's 25 electoral votes and will become the president. Whether or not he squeaked out a tiny majority of the popular votes is irrelevant. The United States is not a democracy, it is a republic. The popular vote means very little...the electoral college is yet another holding line against mob rule. The mob may be protesting -- with a little help from "Rev." Jesse Jackson -- but Gore is still a loser. It's a pity he's actually acting like one.

web posted October 30, 2000

"We're not interested in scoring partisan political points and leaving town. If that were the case, we'd probably already be gone," said Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott on ABC's This Week on October 29.

Lott was referring to the current budget standoff between Congress and President Bill Clinton. Clinton has accused Lott and other GOP congressional leaders of refusing to compromise on White House proposals to improve education, Medicare and health care.

Congress usually ends its session by mid-October so politicians can return home to campaign, but disagreement over the budget, including a $240 billion Republican tax cut package, has delayed their exit from Washington. It is the latest date Congress has been in session during a presidential election year since World War II.

The problem is that Clinton is refusing to negotiate with Congress in what this magazine considers a fairly transparent attempt to help the faltering campaign of Al Gore. It is clear that Clinton is hoping that a repeat of the 1995 shutdown, one that saw the Republicans lose much of their popular support while boosting Clinton's, will propel Gore to the White House and win seats in Congress.

It's telling that Clinton -- on October 28 -- called on Congress to "leaders to instruct their tax negotiators to meet with ours tomorrow so we can find common ground on tax relief for America's families." Clinton is effectively ignoring the fact that there is already a bill that passed in the House and the Senate will be passing it any day now.

Although George W. Bush is leading Al Gore in the polls with only days until the vote takes place, it is still a brave thing that Republicans are doing. Americans, as the first shutdown proved, are sensitive about the functioning of their government. Though it may not have cost them anything or caused them any real hardship, that shutdown was used effectively by Clinton and his fellow Democrats to paint the Republicans as extremists who were willing to destroy the country rather than "compromise" with the president.

The Vinegar in Freedom Award

There is an old Serbian proverb that says vinegar in freedom tastes better than honey in slavery. This award is meant for events and people Enter Stage Right considers to be positive.

web posted November 13, 2000

Like them or hate them, you have to admit that the Bush family clearly shows some good breeding.

Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the president-elect of the United States of America, has shown true grace under pressure this week. Rather than feed the media statements through third parties about fraud and recounts over the confused Florida results, Bush has spent the last several days at his Texas ranch planning his administration. Sure, he's launched a legal challenge against a hand count by Florida election officials but it is proper to fight a method which would treat those ballots any different from other ballots that were not hand counted.

Where Gore officials have spent the last few days shrilly denouncing a Constitutional method of picking a president that has gone back over two centuries, the Republican camp's man is acting like what he's wanted all along.

The the job of president.

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