PC -- The rise of the religion of the New World Order

By Diane Alden
web posted October 30, 2000

Don't kid yourself, political correctness is a movement, a system of thought, a religion. It is every bit as powerful as the once well respected Western tradition which came out of Greece, Rome, the Renaissance and Enlightenment, and the Judeo-Christian tradition including the Bible, the Torah and the Koran.

Political correctness, however, is more totalitarian and associated directly with utopian socialism. Add the New Age worship of the environment, utopian psychology, the goddess movement, gender wars, sexual orientation battles, ageism, disability, ethnicity, and race. All these groupings and tribal id's are identity politics. The PC movement uses these "movements" and causes. In reality it is the parents of most of them. At it's core, PC desires the destruction of Western civilization as we once knew it. Political correctness has become the standard by which everything that affects society is judged.

It is not unusual on college campuses today or in major corporations, in government, in the courts, in the media, the large foundations, the military, and at the primary and middle school level, or even in many towns and cities for standards to be grounded in the PC. Whereas, the Ten Commandments, the Bill of Rights, and other major documentation of Western tradition were once the ideal for human beings and society to espouse and adhere to but not anymore.

The PC technique of vilification and intimidation of those who do not comply or conform has been used by all totalitarian systems including that headed by Hitler, the Red Guards in China, the reeducation camps of Pol Pot, Castro's Cuba and the former Soviet Union.

The groups and institutions which demand adherence to political correctness are but one more attempt for the dark forces in humankind to exhibit themselves in our day and age.

Nowadays, however, political correctness is also considered the proper standard for conducting the life of the nation. In public and some private schools, from kindergarten through graduate school, the chilling affect of political correctness has led to the death of the free exchange of ideas and the result is a corrosive silence.

Forty years ago a teaching assistant at a second rate college would have sent anyone spouting the basic tenets and advocating political correctness back to remedial critical thinking class 101. In a more sensible time in America they would have been laughed out of the room and told to grow up.

PC Marches On

A few years ago at Stanford University, a required course in Western tradition was offered. However, the PC crowd which was composed of radicals and some minorities threw a hissy fit and called the course racist, sexist, violent, imperialistic, unlike Third World cultures which they deemed were superior.

As jurist Robert Bork relates in "Slouching Towards Gomorrah", "The culmination of the campaign consisted of a conga line snaking across campus led by Jesse Jackson, the protesters chanting, "Hey, hey, ho, ho Western cultures gotta go. And go it did…Stanford revised the course, eliminated some of the white male authors and replacing them with women and writers "of color," some of them bitterly hostile to Western civilization."

In this New Age, the New World Order has made PC their religion and philosophy. It is based on a notion that all ideas, religions, cultures, societies are the same as all others. That Western tradition is the repository of all evil and should be replaced with something that grants no superiority to any idea, culture or philosophy -- except of course PC.

The question becomes where did the modern notion of political correctness get started?

The warriors of the New Age, New World Order, and PC as its religion are not new. They are old as dirt and the mountains of the moon. They are the intellectual descendants of the Visigoths who finished off the decaying Roman Empire.

The New Barbarians

In a previous article on the New Totalitarianism I mentioned the Prussian or German philosophers of the 19th century as the source for this anti-human, anti-intellectual, and anti-western mindset. Nearly every ism from Freudianism, feminism to environmentalism will find a home with the German thinkers. They include of course, Hegel, Marx, Engels, Schopenoer, Nietzsche, and several others.

In the current hostile take over of Western tradition, however, the mind nazis have added a few more modern philosophers, and not all are German but they do follow the German school of thought. They are Herbert Marcuse, Antonio Gramsci, and Walter Andorno, Max Horkheimer, and Habermas

They were the prophets for the New Barbarians who plague us today. Every great movement needs its prophets and law givers and the New Age World Order has its own.

The New Age World Order had to seize the moral high ground in order to eradicate all forms of Western tradition and that included Christianity and Orthodox Judaism. It has been eminently successful as millions of Americans have accepted PC as the tradition to replace Western religions and philosophy.

The New Barbarians know that for the utopian revolution to succeed, the mindset into which Western peoples had been conditioned for hundreds of years must be eliminated. All forms of traditional authority must be criticized and discredited.

To this end the German school of thinkers like Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse and their friends invoked Freud's theories combining Marxist criticism of capitalism with psychology. They concocted a campaign of philosophic social criticism mixed with subversive strategies for a culture war against all authorities and accepted values in both private and public life. The individual is to be liberated from his or her ties to the family, tradition, religion and cultural values. They are mere chains binding people to a corrupt system -- or that is what the PC nazis and New Barbarians would have us believe.

The Intellectual Visigoths and the New World Order

Probably a majority of great thinkers from whom the New World Order draws its reason for being, are associated with something called the Frankfurt School of Social Criticism. A German philosophic school of thought which was at its height in the mid-1920s. It was part of the strategy of the Frankfurt School to combine and confuse Marx's teachings with completely opposing views; liberal critical academics got enthusiastic about the ideas and the revolutionary strategy of Marxism because an aura of humanity, social justice, and rigorous thought had been generated around them.

The references to the classical philosophical traditions were meant to appeal to the hearts of intellectuals. Marx's original aims remained intact: revolution and dictatorship. But in order to bring this about it would be necessary 'to abolish those social conditions currently inhibiting development', in the fundamental cultural and social institutions.

They aren't household names like Marx, Hegel, Engels, Lenin and Mao. However, they are the founding fathers of the intellectual system of thought that runs amok in most American universities today. I won't go into a long list of names but will cover the most important.

A very important thinker in this philosophical movement was Antonio Gramsci, an Italian intellectual and Communist who spent time in jail under Mussolini but whose views some refer to as "cultural Marxism."

Remember the Frankfort School of Social Criticism

The Frankfort School of Social Criticism is Marxism with a different face. This Prussian-German school of barbarians has given rise to all kinds of ism. These include Freudianism, environmentalism, feminism, racism, ageism, and any other philosophical subset, which includes beating up on Western tradition.

It was Rush Limbaugh in his book "See I Told You So," who had an excellent description of what Gramsci and the German philosophical movement is about.

In his book Rush said, "in the early 1900s, an obscure Italian communist by the name of Antonio Gramsci theorized that it would take a 'long march through the institutions' before socialism and relativism would be victorious." I read on to learn how "Gramsci theorized that by capturing these key institutions and using their power, cultural values would be changed, traditional morals would be broken down, and the stage would be set for the political and economic power of the West to fall"

Furthermore, Gramsci says, when a group challenges notions which people take for granted -- it is necessary for that group "never to tire of repeating its own arguments (though offering literary variation of form)," for "repetition is the best didactic (moralizing) means for working on the popular mentality.

In other words in the case of the left and the New Barbarians, tell a lie often enough and people will believe it and accept as 'common sense.' Gramsci like most of these intellectual grotesques, believe that there are rulers and followers. Additionally, only those from Gramsci or rather cultural Marxists in general have the capacity or the (moral) right to rule.

"If the relationship between intellectuals and people - nation, between the leaders and the led, the rulers and the ruled, is provided by an organic cohesion in which feeling - passion becomes understanding and thence knowledge (not mechanically but in a way that is alive), then and only then is the relationship one of representation. Only then can there take place an exchange of individual elements between the rulers and ruled, leaders and led, and can the shared life be realized which alone is a social force -- with the creation of the 'historical bloc' ". He called a historical bloc a "hegemony." This means dominion or a super power and that is where he wanted to take his warmed over Marxism. He wanted to build an elite with a twist, who would of course, know what is best for mankind. They would use every means at their disposal, particularly the language, to become the primary ideological force driving humanity.

For sci-fi buffs and us ordinary folk this translates from intellectual 'yada, yada' to "we are the collective -- resistance is futile."

Gramsci and the rest of the Germanic School of modern barbarians are plugged into something as old as the Garden of Eden and the Serpent. That is mankind's tendency to play God and to central plan all of creation.

This particular school of thought exhibits a hatred and intolerance for the creative direction which is outside its realm of control and "system." In its ideological arrogance it permits nothing outside the "system."

In the case of the PC nazis, their philosophy is foolish as well. In the history of mankind, the individual human being always opts out of the "system" when an oppressive order takes creativity and dynamic happenstance and destroys what enhances life, offers liberty, and the Divine. These Germanic philosophical movements take the Divine behind Western tradition and stomp on it, accusing it of being demonic, cruel, and exploitative. While they blindly assume the replacement will bring peace, light, and the utopia they crave.

The New Barbarian's "system" offers perfection, paradise and harmony on earth. They buy this condition from those who have liberty at the moment by promising security and the "unity" of man. The results, however, are always tyranny, poverty, and oppression, and finally barbarism.

Hitler wanted a thousand-year-Reich, his version of heaven on earth, and instead he got the destruction of his nation and of entire peoples in the rest of the world. Hitler's racism grew out of the Germanic school of thought just as does political correctness, New World Order, and the agenda of the left's New Barbarians.

These totalitarians can not overcome or replace the spiritual aspect of man that brings forth the unplanned, the brilliant, and the unpredictable. But they will try to replace the notion of the Western spiritual tradition by taking the moral high ground and offering, like Hitler and others, a heaven on earth. They will do this by creating a tyranny of little minds with rules and regulations and prohibitions thus emasculating civilization.

The Germanic school is totalitarian to its toes. PC is the tool it has used and will continue to use in order to convince a huge hunk of the denizens and citizens of these United States that the "old" Western tradition is evil and imperialistic. All of them turn a blind eye to the examples of what the end result of the new barbarism will be. You only have to look to Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and Mao's China to get the big picture.

But that is not what the new barbarians think will happen when they are in control. The world they see is a utopia where tolerance will be mandated, and right and wrong will depend on what these "enlightened" totalitarians decide.

This bunch envisions a population that has been halved to no more than two or three billion people on the face of the earth. They will use any means at their disposal to make sure this happens. That is one reason they are population control fanatics. That is the reason people like Ted Turner give billions to the UN and Planned Parenthood and other groups which want to artificially, and in central planner fashion, curtail human population. They will destroy man's means of survival and entire way's of life to accomplish this "enlightened" end.

Since they do not credit human beings with much sense they don't envision that most problems that exist in the world today will ever have a solution. Rather life is a static experience and a zero sum game. They believe that the bounty of the earth and its resources are finite even though everything that has happened to humankind for the last thousand years indicates otherwise.

Not long ago humanity used whale oil to light their lamps. These people would never have believed that something like electricity would be harnessed. Those who used the first typewriter or printing press would have scoffed at the notion of computers and satellites to access and spread information over the entire planet in seconds.

The Germanic school and their philosophical children are humankind's eternal pessimists and nay sayers.

They refuse to admit that Western tradition and the science which has developed out of free thought and people at liberty have become the base for the gradual positive development of mankind.

When they are in finally in control, the New Barbarians and the religion of PC will most likely allow remnants of Christianity, Judaism, and eventually the other world religions to remain in some barely recognizable form. The old traditional religions will be kept in their place the same way the Red Guards kept all attempts at liberty and freedom in place. They did this through fear and intimidation. The only religion that will be tolerated will have to pass the one size fits all PC test.

The PC and New Age New World Order already use the tax system, the educational system, multiculturalism, feminism, rabid environmentalism, the multinational corporate state to make sure this will happen sometime in the future.

In this brave new world of the New Age, reproduction, families, the church, all institutions will derive their legitimacy from the collective state and permission will be needed from that state in order to function. If force is necessary to create the new utopia the barbarians will use it, they always have.

One of the chief promoters of the New World Order and the religion of political correctness is the United Nations. The UN uses intimidation in various parts of the world to control the weak and the poor in the name of social justice -- their way. Recently, the Vatican has stopped giving money to many of the social programs of the UN and UNESCO and UNICEF because they see it as nothing but recruiters for the "culture of death." The UN has evolved into an assemblage that seems more interested in promoting death than life.

The UN has shown itself to be more interested in passing environmental protocols in order to dismantle the prosperity and good life and system of government that Americans hold dear. It offers to one and all, mediocrity and conformity and not the New Age they envision. In this New World Order of the New Barbarians all humankind is unified under the religion of PC, with the blessings of the New Barbarians. The earth and saving the earth is the politically correct new religious concept which it uses in order to control significant numbers of mankind and to ration the good things of the earth.

Among the New Barbarian proponents of UN hegemony over the world, including the United States is Vice President Al Gore

If Al Gore is elected President he will succeed as the head foreman of the wrecking crew to finish off Western and specifically American civilization. His current boss Bill Clinton began the most recent demolition process. Like all good totalitarians he and his subaltern sneer at the system which brought them to power. Clinton in particular used his office to demolish the very Western tradition, including the spirit of the Constitution, which allowed a poor boy from Arkansas to become the American equivalent of a king.

The Source of Course

In the United States PC started began to gain steam in the 60s, although it had been bubbling beneath the surface for years. In 35 years it is rampant in universities which should be the home of free speech and an arena where the mind flourishes in creativity and freedom. But now all speech and action has to pass the "hate speech or hate crimes" test.

Quite a drastic change from the days these same people, such as Bill Clinton, were the loudest, dirtiest, most anti-establishment types, demanding free speech in every conceivable form. But as Orwell warns us in "Animal Farm," "some pigs, (in this case PC and its adherents) are more equal than others."

The dangerous thing about the New Barbarians and PC is that it is couched in feel good kindergarten teacher terms; "why can't we all get along."

Perhaps this may be one reason PC appeals to so many people. It offers a clean, orderly, secure, safe world free from the chaos of human existence. But in the end "getting along" will mean giving up everything that made American Western society great. It will mean giving up that which propels us to the stars and beyond. Creativity and liberty are restless and do not sit still when boundaries are set up by the state or by barbaric intellectuals whose only god is their arrogance and pride.

The Modern Godheads

The German school of intellectual thought has the key to understanding how the inmates have come to run the asylum in the United States and much of the West.

They have invoked Freud and combined Marxist criticism of capitalism with psychology. They concocted a campaign of philosophic social criticism mixed with subversive strategies for a culture war against all authorities and accepted values in both private and public life. The individual is to be liberated from his or her ties to the family, tradition, religion and cultural values. They are mere chains binding people to a corrupt system.

The expanded list of the Frankfort School of Social Criticism or the New Barbarian's leadership includes Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer, Otto Kirchheimer, Friedrich Pollock, Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Leo Lowenthal.

It was their ideas, or other ideas from similar sources, that largely inspired the young revolutionaries of the sixties in Europe and the U.S.A.

Today, following their long march through the institutions, these not so young revolutionaries are occupying key positions in all of them.

Most college students don't know it, most professors don't understand it, and feminists have been coopted by it, as well as the civil rights movement, American Indian Movement, Hollywood, environmentalism, and the entire list of the world of the politically correct. Nonetheless, they have a right to know about the historical, philosophical and politically radical origins of those that now set the agenda for the family, schools, society and the state, and still to some extent the economy.

When Marxism in its Russian form failed and when the intellectual class saw it failing in the 30s these clever fellows came up with a new twist.

Whole generations of students in Europe and the U.S.A. were required to read Max Horkheimer's 'Traditional and Critical Theory' in the sixties and seventies. In it, Marx's silly vocabulary is transformed. 'Revolution' becomes 'negation of the existing'. The 'dictatorship of the proletariat' becomes 'the socialization of man'. 'Communism' is now called 'reasonable society'—as if the atrocities of the communist dictatorship had not been apparent already in the thirties!

Additions to this vocabulary now include "sustainable development" and simply add your favorite PC expression.

Marcuse wrote an essay in the late 70s called "Ecology and the Critique of Modern Society," written shortly before his death in 1979. His vision was of the importance of ecology for the radical evolution of society. The essay argues that genuine ecology requires a transformation of human nature, as well as the preservation and protection of external nature from capitalist and state communist pollution and destruction.

Rooting his vision of human liberation in the Frankfurt School notion of the human beings in nature. Marcuse also believed that unless violence within human beings was diminished, there would necessarily be continued destruction of nature, as well as violence against other human beings. Consequently, Marcuse stressed the importance of radical psychology and transforming inner nature, both to preserve external nature and to diminish violence in society.

NOW does this begin to sound a bit familiar? Today the schools from K through graduate school revolve around the teaching of nature and protecting nature as a prime factor in why human beings exist.

Nature has become an end in and of itself. The goal is no longer to protect or harmonize with nature, rather it is to glory in it and place it above and beyond humanity. However, man is not part of nature he becomes another function of nature but nothing special or more important than a butterfly or slug.

This philosophy totally flies in the face of Western and Christian tradition.

The school system once used a little discretion in teaching the "environmental science" but no more. Earth adoration and multiculturalism have now displaced lessons in citizenship and the history of Western civilization as the focus of life and learning in the public schools of America.

When you add this to the destruction of the educational system with one flaky theory after another, along with the lack of solid science and math, English, and logic, history and geography and the recipe for the end of Western tradition is pretty close to accomplished.

Marcuse would be pleased to know that the New Barbarians have succeeded in establishing an educational system which drugs America's little boys and the 'un-socialized' with anti-depressants and Ritalin. We are not talking necessity and a couple of kids, it is happening on a massive scale and the studies show this to be the case. Again this points to Marcuse's combination of psychology and socialism as proposed in the Frankfort school of barbarism. A whiz-bang job is being done as we destroy or control what potentially might be the fly or rather the disrupters in the march to the New World utopian society.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Unfortunately, most of our educational establishment, government and the media would not know the Frankfort School of Social Criticism from a Frankfurter. So they muddle on thinking that they are building the perfect society where drugs, rules, and squeezing the last bit of individuality out of societies' children will make society better.

They dump classic thought, history, education, music, writing, and art; replacing it with a trip into the back alley dumpster as we fish for left over McDonald's fish filet sandwiches, used condoms, drug syringes, and garbage that a land fill would refuse.

The weird and sad thing is that in the process of ditching Western tradition they have also disposed of the Divine for the profane, the thoughtful and creative for the banal, mundane and mediocre. They have kicked out the God of Moses for a hallowed out plaster cast of their own feet of clay.

If this were not the case our schools would be producing literate people. Christian children in public schools would not be made to feel as though they are espousing the formation of the Third Reich. Men and women would not be confused about their roles in society, there would be a gracious and respectful appreciation for the differences between the sexes.

New immigrants would have a notion that being American means something special. They would understand that it is not all about economics or becoming a hyphenated, victimized ethnic with a grudge. They would not have been subjected to the outrageously contrived PC goon squads prevalent in our institutions.

Our art and music would be the envy of the world and we would not HAVE to be importing scientists and engineers from outside the country. We would not be taxing and licensing people to death. Our institutions would be giving us greatness in all forms. Our prisons would not be filled with millions of people who commit "crimes" which once would have been considered diseases or stupidity worth no more than a fine and no jail time. Yet at the same time violence roams the streets.

There would be no growing home school movement, militias, ruination of civic virtue and public responsibility, corruption at all levels, hyper materialism, loss of spirituality, laws upon laws and more laws, and there would be no germinating secession movements and distrust and fear of our government establishment.

The children of the 60s are the spawn of Marcuse and Marx. They are in power now and they have twisted our culture into a putrid, decadent thing reeking of self-destruction in an over regulated yet lawless society. They are succeeding in replacing a creative and enlightened tradition with the barbaric, crude, mindless, intolerant, zombie-like decadence. While God Himself is supplanted by the cruel barbarity of their philosophy.

But that is exactly what the New Barbarians wanted. The destruction of Western society and its institutions was the point of Marxism. That is the reality of the German philosophers of the 19th and early 20th century.

What the blatant socialists and communists of the German school didn't accomplish in the West in the 20th century the American left and the New Age New World Order has. They used political correctness as the mood music, wine and candle light to seduce American culture and society. However, the American morning after is going to be a dilly.

Marcuse called for a new socialism that made peace, joy, happiness, freedom, and oneness with nature a primary component of an alternative society. In his worldview life would not be, as we know it today.

To find out what it would be like read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, George Orwell's 1984, Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass, and see the movie Matrix. These books and the movie will give you an understanding of the world of the New Barbarians and what you will see you will recognize because it exists in our world today.

On the next episode of the Brave New World of PC: Ted Turner, Maurice Strong, President Clinton, Al Gore, Kofi Annan, George Soros and the rest of the New Barbarians give us the world according to them.

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