Election 2000: Report from the trenches

By Joe Schembrie
web posted October 30, 2000

The legionnaires of ancient Rome had a saying: "Never volunteer." But there are always fools who do, and you can count me among them.

One recent Saturday morning, I drove down to local Republican headquarters and volunteered as a foot soldier in the Election 2000 battle. The parking lot was jammed and I ended up walking several blocks. Once inside, I had to wait in line before a chair opened at the tables.

My assigned task was to postal-stamp campaign literature. Not exactly intellectually engaging, so we were free to talk. So what, do you wonder, is Topic Number One down there in the campaign-volunteer trenches? It is prescription drugs? It is Social Security?

No, it's illegal immigration.

The young woman at my table had recently come up from Southern California. She told of how the Clinton Administration has pretended not to notice as millions of Mexicans illegally flood into the United States, going on welfare and burdening social services. She told of how illegals get preference in medical care, free of charge, over law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.

She wasn't surprised to learn that this year, the population of California became more than fifty percent 'minority.' And no one expects that affirmative action will be modified to benefit whites. But if we saw the government of another country using its power to discriminate against a minority, we wouldn't call it 'affirmative action.' We'd call it 'racial persecution.'

An older man at the table was an anesthesiologist who immigrated from Eastern Europe in the early 1960s. To get into America back then, he needed to fill out applications and prove that he had a valuable professional skill. But as an added bonus for this country, he also brought a keen appreciation for the liberties and freedoms inherent in the American system of limited, constitutional government.

You see, his homeland had been invaded by both German and Russian socialists; he had been shot at as a child and tyrannized as an adult. All in the name, of course, of the 'Common People.' So he had very little tolerance for the Democratic Party using the same rhetoric.

And as a hard-working legal immigrant, he wanted nothing to do with the illegals milking social benefits. Moreover, he sees clearly where it's heading.

Well, we all see that.

The Democrats are de facto encouraging millions of illegal immigrants to swarm across the border, lavishing them with welfare and social services, granting them automatic citizenship -- all with the goal of importing new voters into the Democratic Party's ranks.

It's working in California. The state has gone from solidly Republican to solidly Democratic during the Clinton years. Today California, tomorrow America.

If unchecked, the Democrats will 'naturalize' millions more illegals, until we end up with a government as corruptly socialistic as Mexico. After all, we'll be importing the same voters!

What good is a stock market boom, if we lose our country? Or as I put it to the other election soldiers that Saturday: "When other countries become bad, people go to America. But if America becomes bad, where do we go?"

True, Buchanan is the candidate who talks about illegal immigration. But his disregard for racial sensitivities has poisoned the debate. Just do a web search on 'Buchanan Holocaust' and you'll see.

Oh, and another thing: Buchanan doesn't have a chance of winning. A vote for Buchanan is a vote for Gore, a vote to reward those who have sold America for political advantage -- and a vote to complete that transaction. Another four to eight years of Democratic rule, and voting rolls will be so swollen with illegal immigrants beholden to the Demagogic Party that it might be impossible to electorally win the country back.

Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans are standing up to Clinton as the President threatens to shut down the government unless they approve legislation to grant instant citizenship to two million illegals. The Republican leaders remember well the PR disaster that happened last time they confronted Clinton over a government shutdown. But they also know that if they approve this ultimate vote-buying scheme, the entire electoral process will be shut down.

Those of us spending our Saturdays volunteering at local Republican headquarters are aware that the country is at stake. Indeed: If America is lost, who will protect the world from militant socialism? And where will Third World immigrants go then?

With the weekend time that many people waste weeding their lawns, others are toiling to save their country. In the past, millions have fought and died to keep this country free in the face of oppressive odds; all we have to do now is stamp literature, make phone calls, and visit door to door. And, you know, the polls look good.

But we could still use all the help we can get.

Joe Schembrie is a senior writer for Enter Stage Right and can be reached at joeschembrie@enterstageright.com.

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