The will of the people

By Lisa S. Dean
web posted November 20, 2000

As God is my witness I take not one ounce of satisfaction in exercising my "I told you so" rights. I only wish I did not have to do so because if ever there was a time that I wanted to be wrong, it is now. I am talking about the threat to our liberties which is being enacted on the national stage right now as the troops of Albert Gore Jr. prepare to march forward to win an election they know they had lost. That they can do so with a straight face is a tribute to what they have managed to get away with over the past eight years. The fact is if they succeed in getting another four years it will be because they know you don't care.

You let them take your neighbor's property and you did nothing about it because you didn't think it impacted your life. You let them speak in pious tones about campaign finance reform while at the same time they disgracefully turned our sacred White House into Motel 1600 in exchange for cash contributions for not only Bill and Al but now even Hillary because it didn't impact your life. You sat by when they developed methods to monitor your electronic communications and to expand their eavesdropping capability and authority to include innocent citizens' conversations because they just happen to live in the same neighborhood as a suspect, and when we asked you to shout at members of Congress to investigate, your voices could barely be heard above a whimper, because you didn't want to believe that your government would spy on you.

You closed your eyes when they made illegal land deals to benefit the Riady Group in Indonesia to the detriment of our coal industry in this country and didn't see how it impacted you. You blinked when they made sensitive computers and then weaponry available to the Communist Chinese government while taking in money from Chinese business front groups to aid their campaign, but since you were benefiting from a strong economy, you didn't care.

You closed your ears and didn't want to hear our warnings about what they were doing to emasculate the Second Amendment, after all, you didn't own a gun and didn't know anyone personally who was being affected by it. You shielded your eyes so you would not have to think about the implications of their violations of the Fourth Amendment, the First Amendment, the Tenth Amendment. You told yourself that Elian Gonzalez was, after all, not an American and therefore the middle of the night raid on his family's home wouldn't happen to one of us. You didn't want to know the details of the spy systems known as ECHELON and Carnivore lest you have to confront the reality of what the government was going to its own citizens.

You said repeatedly that their actions wouldn't impact your lives. Now you stand face to face with the truth of an election being stolen piece by piece, precinct by precinct right before your very eyes, an act that WILL impact your lives, that WILL affect your families and friends, and now you have to believe your government is doing this to YOU and you stand there helpless because after all, you said nothing about their blatantly unconstitutional acts over the past eight years, so what can you possibly say now?

If you have to live with the consequences of a stolen election, then don't all jump to blame Al Gore and his henchmen. Blame yourselves because Al Gore has been honest with the American people over the past eight years. He's shown them what he is and what he stands for and what he will do to this country if elected president. It's the American people who have not been honest because they have refused to see him for what he is and for what he has been a part of for the past eight years.

You have permitted lies, treason, blatant immorality and cheating of the worst kind to take place and you didn't just tolerate it. You cheered. You kept the Administration's ratings at an all time high. And when the number two man in this team was challenged largely on ethical grounds by Senator Bill Bradley, you helped that team dispose of him as swiftly as possible.

If I sound upset, it's because I am. We have done our very best to sound the alarm and we were scoffed at, so it does little good now if we will have been proven right. A Republic cannot endure without a constantly vigilant electorate who pays attention to what is going on in its government. We used to have that in America, but that was back when we had government of a size where people could keep track of it. Forty years ago, that was the case. It is no longer so. Perhaps this crisis is sufficient to awaken people. But whether or not it is already too late, God only knows.

Lisa Dean is Vice President for Technology Policy at the Free Congress Foundation.

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