Don't go wobbly George

By Diane Alden
web posted November 13, 2000

Don't go wobbly George. The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, gave that advice to George Bush, Sr. during the Gulf War.

Dubya, you'd better pay heed to anyone called
Dubya, you'd better pay heed to anyone called "The Iron Lady"

Now it is time to give George W. Bush the same advice. This is no time to go wobbly George. This is a fight to the finish or it better be. What appears to be a Democratic challenge to the election results in Florida may result in a court battle. The Democrats will fight but will Bush?

Conservative pundits such as Peggy Noonan are decrying the strategy of George Bush and Rick Lazio in New York. She intimates that it was Bush's fault that Gore took New York by 25 points and Hillary beat Lazio. She maintains that Hillary and Gore conducted a better campaign in New York. Balderdash!

No Peggy, Bill Buckley, George Will, and Rush you got it wrong. While conservative media slept the country was dividing along ideological and geographical lines.

The only thing Bush did wrong was to waste his time on the minorities, women, and the left wing coasts. From here on in it will be a waste of time. The conservatives will never veer hard enough left to satisfy these groups and they should stop trying and become what they are, the last hope for America. Now they are saying Gore will have to go left to satisfy the Nader crowd. What that means for the heartland will be devastating.

The heartland, except for the old radical leftist upper Midwest was a landslide for Bush. The left coast and the Northeast corridor, now a stronghold of collectivists and statists went for Gore. I have said that in countless columns that the coasts, throw in the radical unionists and leftist Democrats, Farmer, Labor, and ethnics in the upper Midwest and it boils down to a nation which hasn't been this divided since Vietnam or the Civil War.

Look at the map guys. But then part of the problem is that even most conservative pundits and journalists are oriented to the coasts and that is where they live and that is where the coverage of issues and events takes place. The race between Hillary and Lazio got disproportionate coverage regarding the importance of the race. The only factor that made it more important than any race anywhere is that Hillary was the candidate. That is not a good reason to do wall to wall coverage of an East Coast election.

Fly over country has become a colony of the coasts. It's land mass is being federalized as the barons in DC take taxes, confiscates land and demands compliance with unconstitutional laws and regulations.

We are divided along geographical and ideological lines and it angers me that conservative pundits have not been awake enough or they have been so enamored of what happens on the coasts they have slept through the split in our civil, spiritual, and political culture. As far as I am concerned conservative pundits can take a well-deserved hike. Peggy and the crew from the Northeast deserve a share in the blame game for being so stupidly asleep by blowing off Buchanan, the Libertarians, and conservative third parties and being blind to the strength of the far-left Naderites. The numbers in this election tell the story.

Having said that and realizing it will be ignored I will say to GWB once again, you should have listened to me. We needed General Patton or Frank Savage from Twelve O'clock High and we get a "unifier" which is a euphemism for loser.

But Bush better get it right this time and I will paraphrase Margaret Thatcher and say, "don't go wobbly George." You owe it to fly over country to stay the course. If you don't the hinterlands are doomed to continued control by the coastal elite.

The Democrats will try and tell Bush that he should give up for the good of the country. If he listens the Republicans can kiss any future credibility good-bye. That advice applies to the Northeast conservative and liberal pundits, journalists, movers and shakers because if Bush and the Republicans cave no one out here will give a damn about what you think.

If it this were any other time in history all this wouldn't matter. But this country is not the country of Harry Truman or even LBJ or Sam Nunn or Scoop Jackson. That Democratic Party is dead and the old time hangers on have not got the message yet.

This is a country where the left controls the institutions and the media and basically have more influence on government policy than the right. How did we get that way?

It wasn't just Al Gore or Bill Clinton or the Democratic Party who have brought us to this point. It is the entire leftist agenda of the last 65 years, including the Cultural Revolution of the 60s.

Now lots of those folks think that 'revolution' brought civil rights for blacks, gays, women, and gave us the utopian philosophy of environmentalism, diversity, and multiculturalism. They see a continuation of the identity politics as a way to achieve more power to accomplish these culturally Marxist and utopian goals. They offer security and equality but they give us tyranny and division. As an added bonus the left will do what it must to get rid of those nasty conservatives and Christians and evil people who listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately, the various gripe groups co-opted the civil rights movement for their own self-centered and Marxist purposes. Add PC and we have a society turned on its head.

We have politically correct hell. Unfortunately, for us and for them the Democratic Party is the party of PC and they continue to fuel divisions along racial, cultural, and class lines.

The party of Truman and Kennedy along with the incompetent and clueless Republicans have given us a kind of collectivist Nanny State with police state overtones. Through their efforts the United States will continue to become a Big Brother utopia where no real or freedom loving American would care to live.

The map of this recent election and the results show a country divided along ideological and PC lines. In the Northeast, the land of Hillary and Barney Frank and Alec Baldwin, the predominant political culture is now nearly totally Marxist. Socialism is not a debating point any more it is life in coastal states America.

We don't have time to redraw those lines; it is too late for that. A reeducation process would take generations and by then it will be too late. The Northeast corridor and the West Coast have held the rest of the country hostage for years as they arrogantly dictate to us and they will continue to do so.

All of us know that as long as the East and West coasts have a majority of the population and have bought the votes of new immigrants and minorities they will continue to inflict their values, views, and unconstitutional politics on the rest of us. They will continue to shove their values down our throats. The Founders never intended this for any of us including the left. The left and obviously the Democratic Party only use the Constitution when it suits them.

The Democrats and Al Gore who are considering a challenge regarding the Electoral College and the Florida vote indicates how little they think of the Constitution.

It is questionable if national elections make much difference any more anyway. As leftist policies are inflicted on us no matter who is elected. We are now suffering the tyranny of the majority and the courts and the system do nothing to stop it because they are part of that tyranny.

The reason we have the Electoral College is to avoid the tyranny of the majority. We have that as a protection so that the large landmass of the heartland, which can't overcome the population centers of power on the coasts, has some influence on government and the direction of the country.

The heartland trusted GWB to lead and he better want that job bad enough to fight for it. To submit to the machinations of the left "for the good of the country" will do the worst possible damage to this country.

GWB -- it is time to be Winston Churchill and George Patton and Frank Savage and FIGHT. The time for being a good sport is over and giving in to Democrats and the left will do no good for any of us and that includes Democrats.

Just remember Bill Clinton didn't consider the good of the country during the impeachment nightmare. Bush is under no similar obligation to spare this Constitutional fight and in fact it must be enjoined.

We need this fight for our national soul. It will tell all of us whether or not the Republicans are fit to lead. It will tell us whether or not we are a Republic or a tyranny of the majority, a rabble with a vote.

If GWB does not fight to the bitter end, than there is nothing on God's earth that is going to save this Republic. Elections, obviously, don't do much good any more. Because of Republican spinelessness during the impeachment crisis we are stuck with an administration and a system which has lost its legitimacy.

I am waiting for George W. Bush to prove me wrong. If he thinks caving is going to save the country he better think again. If he caves it will truly tear us apart.

If George Bush doesn't fight this time he will have pushed the country, the heartland anyway, into despair and confusion. Eventually, the rule of law which is on life support at the moment will succumb to total leftist control.

Most Republicans representatives with a few exceptions will compromise on principles while the Democrats won't. As Rush Limbaugh said on his daily show, "they use our virtue against us."

We will not change the coasts and the path they have chosen to take should not be forced on the rest of us.

If the rest of the country wants to remain at liberty it is time to start putting pressure on the states to do what is best for the citizens of those states. If George Bush does care about this country he will fight and not cave -- for the good of the country he will take it to the limit. Otherwise the heartland will remain a colony of the coasts. We will send our sons and daughters to fight northeast elite wars, while we send tax money to promote and pay for a bureaucracy even the Roman Empire wouldn't have dared create.

The barons in DC will continue to confiscate lands and create fiefdoms subject to the whims of the coastal elite while giving international bodies like the UN a playground in America as they hand over entire sections to the control of the UN in pretentious "bioreserves" and "wilderness or heritage" projects.

I feel sorry for conservatives living on the coasts. However, my concern is maintaining liberty somwhere in the former United States. We need to return to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as written which we won't get if Al Gore becomes President.

If George W. Bush doesn't fight for the heartland then the heartland needs to find new leadership and tell the Republicans -- no guts -- no glory and no thanks.

As Benjamin Franklin said, "Where liberty is -- there is my country."

Diane Alden is a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right who recently launched her own web site In Fly Over Country.

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