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The First Amendment, corporate power, leftist whining and The Reagans

By Bruce Walker
web posted November 10, 2003

James Brolin as Ronald Reagan in The Reagans
James Brolin as Ronald Reagan in The Reagans

The CBS decision to The Reagans draws predictable Leftist whining. Is the First Amendment under attack? Of course not! CBS was not kept from airing its sludge by government but by millions of individuals exercising their First Amendment rights. Leftists constantly rail against the power of big corporations, but then purpose that a vast corporate bully like CBS has more right to free expression than millions of individual Americans.

Conservatives note that Leftist boycotts of Rush Limbaugh or Laura Schlessinger show a double standard, but that understates Leftist hypocrisy. Rush and Laura are individuals, not corporate empires. The Leftist boycotts were against them personally because of what they believed, while the conservative boycott of CBS was because of a particular, egregious moral crime.

Worse, huge Leftist information and entertainment corporations form a de facto ideological monopoly. If CBS is producing a product so awful that millions of angry consumers are complaining, then why are those "competitors" of CBS - CNN, ABC, New York Times and MSNBC - defending a business rival which is producing shoddy goods and services from the American consumer?

Leftist whining does not stop with transparent corporate collusion to trick American consumers. The hacks serving these big globs of Leftist corporate wealth argue that the First Amendment confers upon their media businesses the right to lie.

If The Reagans had been well researched and honestly portrayed, no conservatives would have opposed it - even if it presented only a negative picture of this dying American hero. No one demanded that CBS be decent and humane. The issue was fabricated and scurrilous smearing of a dying American hero.

Leftists propose the brazen argument that past films they have written and produced were also pseudo-history unconcerned with truth. Stalinist screenwriter Dalton Trumbo wrote Executive Action, a crude tale which blamed the murder of John Kennedy on ultraconservative oilmen and generals. Oliver Stone produced JFK, an equally vicious screed which insinuated that J. Edgar Hoover and the CIA plotted Kennedy's death.

These and countless other savage and corrupt caricatures of conservatives were immoral and destructive. Hollywood may have the legal right to use its vast power to demonize those who represent Judeo-Christian and American values, but it has no moral right to do so.

Bigoted and bullying behavior by bosses of big corporations against those they hate is a disgrace, not a defense. What good corporations should do is care much more for truth and for balance than these Leftist corporate propaganda mills have shown the American people in the forty years. Cancelling The Reagans may help begin that needed crusade against the vices of arrogant Leftism.

Does this so-called "Chilling Effect" on corporate empires mean that no more controversial films will be produced? This phony argument conveniently ignores that CBS, ABC, CNN and their sisters have never produced edgy documentaries or historical fiction which made Leftists look bad. Consider John Kennedy. The films about his life and his death fire dozens of rhetorical arrows, but these are always directed at conservatives. How did we find out that Kennedy was committing statutory rape with a White House intern? How did we learn that Kennedy was addicted to painkillers? Or that he used the IRS to persecute conservatives?

Leftists like Oliver Stone and Dalton Trumbo have ignored the real, serious moral flaws of Kennedy. Hee was their fallen hero, their martyred prince and hiding the truth was their goal in dealing with the Kennedy Legend.

These Leftists, armed with the freedom of the press, failed to tell us that Harry Truman was an anti-Semite or that he applied to join the Ku Klux Klan. These self-anointed guardians ignored the pathological lies and the serious crimes of Bill Clinton.

Walter Duranty walked through the first holocaust of the Twentieth Century, kicking aside the dead children and their mothers, abandoning those rights which of First Amendment to hide the evils of Communism. How serious is the Left about exposing evil? Durant has yet to be stripped of his Pulitzer Prize.

The corporate overlords of information have also ignored the enormous files of information about the betrayal of America and of freedom which the Venona decrypts, the subsequent files of the KGB archivist and the corroborating information from Stasi files of East Germany reveal about the greatest crime against freedom in human history - the treason of rich, powerful Americans to Soviet interests.

There is much that the American people need to know, but CBS and its incestuous siblings will never spend a nickel or five minutes of broadcast time to tell us. They are too busy dreaming up sadistic shams about the man who rescued them and the world from the threat of totalitarianism and thermonuclear Armageddon to worry about real good and evil.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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