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Putting the "quagmire" in perspective

By Charles Bloomer
web posted November 10, 2003

As of last week, the death toll among our troops serving in Iraq stood at over 250. One hundred sixteen were killed from the time of the invasion on March 20 until May 1, when the President declared the end of major combat. Since then 140 more have died.

While the death of any of our troops is a distressing event, we need to keep some perspective on the situation. We need to keep in mind that war is dangerous but sometimes necessary. These troops have made the ultimate sacrifice while trying to make a dent in terrorism and its supporters, trying to free an oppressed people from the grip of a brutal, inhuman dictator, and trying to minimize the possibility of another terrorist attack on American soil.

Various and sundry anti-war protestors have called for, among other things, the impeachment of President Bush, the resignations of senior administration officials, and the firing of Pentagon leadership. Michael Moore, the semi-literate producer of false documentaries, daydreams of parading "a hand-cuffed George Bush before the world as a two-bit crook when word comes in that yet another American soldier has been killed in Iraq". New York Congressman Charlie Rangel has called for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation because of the downing of a US helicopter recently that killed 14 soldiers. Critics of the war, especially Liberal critics, ooze with indignation at the loss of our troops in Iraq.

The critics may be indignant when soldiers die performing a noble act, but they are evidently complacent when innocent people die for no reason. In the case of abortion, these same critics actively support the death of innocents.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's website, 42,116 people died in traffic fatalities in 2001. If we assume the same numbers for this year, over 28,000 Americans have died on our highways since the war in Iraq started. Every day, 115 people are killed on our roads, more than were killed during the "major combat" phase of the war. Twenty-eight states have more fatalities over a 6-month period than have been killed in Iraq. In 14 states, the number of people killed on the roads is 4 times the fatalities in Iraq. In the eight months since the war in Iraq started, California alone had had over 2600 traffic fatalities – ten times the number of soldiers killed in Iraq. I don't recall seeing any news reports of Michael Moore, or Charlie Rangel, or Barbra Streisand, et.al. calling for the resignation or impeachment or arrest of any state governors or traffic commissioners.

Do any of these critics care about the number of Americans who are murdered each year? Last year, Washington DC had 262 murders. Department of Justice records show that for the year 2000, seven major metropolitan areas each had more than 255 murders. Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles each reported over 550 homicides. One may argue that not all of the victims were "innocent" since many of these murders involve criminals killing other criminals, but all murder victims die for no rational reason. Again, I haven't seen or heard the anti-war critics call for the resignations of these big-city mayors or police chiefs.

Undoubtedly the most disturbing hypocrisy made evident here is the support for abortion among nearly all of the anti-war, anti-Bush critics. The Liberal loudmouths stand on their high horses to proclaim their indignation over the deaths of American troops – 255 dead as of this writing – while actively and aggressively supporting the murder of innocent unborn children. Every day that these people rant against the president, every single day that Liberals attack the war on terrorism, every day that the Michael Moores and Barbra Streisands and other brainless Hollywood celebrities disparage this administration's actions to protect the United States, each and every day that the ten Democrat presidential candidate dwarves complain of the direction of the war – every one of these days, there are over 2300 abortions performed in this country. Nearly ten times as many innocent children are murdered each day in America than soldiers have been killed in Iraq during the entire operation. Has anyone seen any indignation about the daily murder of 2300 babies from the Liberal anti-war critics? Of course not. Abortion is the central plank of the Democratic Party, supported by all the Democrat presidential candidates and Liberal Hollywood celebrities. To use Michael Moore's own words, "What did they die for?"

My sincere sympathies go out to the families of those service members that have died in Iraq in service to their country. We can be proud of the troops who sacrifice so much, sometimes their lives, to protect our freedoms. And while we should demand accountability from our nation's leadership for the sacrifices our troops endure, we should also demand rational behavior from those critics who wax indignant so selectively.

© 2003 Charles Bloomer. Charles Bloomer is a Senior Writer at Enter Stage Right. He can be contacted at clbloomer@enterstageright.com.

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