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An actual Joseph McCarthy

By Dustin Hawkins
web posted October 31, 2005

Has anyone seen Joseph McCarthy lately? You can see him, first, in a new liberal fantasy movie directed by liberal fantasist George Clooney. There you can get the Hollywood version. Or you can see him, or more-so his namesake "McCarthyism", taking form in the Democratic party. Of course, Joseph McCarthy himself wasn't even guilty of McCarthyism, but more on that later.

Joseph McCarthyIndeed, Joseph McCarthy was an actual American, with actual evidence against actual Soviet Spies and Communist sympathizers. This was no joke, except to liberals who continued to either promote spies into the highest levels of government or outright ignore any evidence that there were Soviet spies in the highest levels of government. That Joseph McCarthy was right, as evidenced by the results of the Venona papers, would make him the target of the liberal establishment for decades to come.

The Venona papers, a series of decrypted Soviet intercepts, would prove that Soviet spies had infiltrated: The Department of Justice, the U.S. Army Signal Corps, the Office of Strategic Services, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Agriculture, Naval Intelligence, the Department of War, the Department of the Interior, the Federal Security Agency, and the Democratic National Committee. The list of proven spies would also include Hollywood screen writers and producers, a Democratic Congressman, TIME reporters, CBS correspondents, Franklin Roosevelt's Administrative Assistant, various Foreign Ambassadors, various journalists, chemists, and physicists... I could go on but I think you get the point.

And the point is: Joseph McCarthy was right, liberals were wrong, and they would do anything to destroy his reputation because of it. That there were Soviet spies in the White House and liberals continued to ignore them is of little importance to liberals. What's really important is: Joseph McCarthy was mean and he scared people (mostly people who would later be confirmed as Soviet spies). And thus the creation of "McCarthyism," a term which denotes no acknowledgment of having been right, and thus not applicable to a one Joseph McCarthy. It is, however, applicable to a different group: The Democratic Party.

The Democrats have been foaming at the mouth for months in an attempt capture evil Red-Stater's in the act of... well, we don't know yet. But there are a lot of accusations anyway. First there was Tom DeLay, who was indicted for a crime that was missing one crucial element: the act of a crime. Upon discovering that what Tom DeLay did was not against the law, Democratic Prosecutor Ronnie Earle quickly changed the charges and sought a different indictment on a different charge with, not one, but two different Grand Juries. The first Jury issued a "no bill" which means "no evidence" and thus he had to rush to a third Grand Jury, wherein he "forgot" to process the results of the previous Jury. Whoops, butterfingers.

Then there is the investigation into, as the media breathlessly reports: "Who outed Valerie Plame, super-duper-secret covert spy?" Reportedly, no one really cares because of the small fact that she wasn't a "spy" nor was she "undercover" and she had not been for years, thus making the crime of "outing a spy" surprisingly non-existent. (And proving the efficacy and problem-solving abilities of the Government, the matter is still "under investigation.") Thus, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has spent years on trying to figure out who the leak was (to date: former CIA head George Tenet told Dick Cheney who told Scooter Libby who told Karl Rove who told... I can't keep up, and we don't even know if that is right). But it doesn't really matter, because no crime had been committed, unless you are the media or in the Democratic Party, whereby anytime a Republican breathes he either needs to be brought up on charges or a commission needs to be formed.

The only possible indictment that could come from the investigation into who leaked Valerie Plame's name is who told whom about Plame's identity when, and whether or not that person was truthful about the telling despite the telling not being a crime. That Plame's name was leaked doesn't even matter anymore. But at least they have finally figured that much out.

Despite the mounds of evidence of no crimes being committed, the left keeps hammering on the idea that crimes have been committed. The constant badgering by the Media and Democrats against political opponents who have not committed crimes brings to life those very tactics that liberals have accused McCarthy of for decades. Except McCarthy was actually outing criminals, and was not mindlessly throwing charges around. He was, after all, proven correct. The Democrats will not be.

Democrats are merely trying to oust their political opponents and damage their reputations. They've lost the battle of ideas and thus they've retaliated with fake criminal charges and wildly obscure accusations. They have gone after the President, his advisors, and the Republican leaders in both the House and Senate. And while they keep coming up empty, the accusations get more deranged and publicized.

If the Democrats had listened to Joseph McCarthy some 60 years ago, the United States would have been a much safer place. But they didn't. They defended spies and trashed McCarthy. He was right and they hated him for it. And now that the Democrats have found themselves weakened, powerless, and idea-less they have resulted into the only tactic they have left at their disposal: McCarthyism.

Dustin Hawkins is a columnist living in Nashville, Tennessee. he can be contacted through his webpage at www.dustinmhawkins.com or through e-mail at dustinmhawkins@yahoo.com.

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