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Too much denial going on around here

By J.J. Jackson
web posted November 24, 2008

Dear God in Heaven above!  There is so much denial going on right now among conservatives that I feel like I have just arrived at an AA meeting where there are bunch of first timers, who have been dragged there by their friends and family, and are shouting about how they, "don't have a problem."  I have just gotten about as sick of this as I can take and am ready to start slapping you denial riddled fools upside your empty little heads.  So here is my hand and here comes the slap that you all so rightfully deserve.

For nearly the past three weeks I have been hearing conservatives softening their tones on Barack Obama after he beat John McCain and his moderate ramblings on November 4th.  And if it did not sink in when I said in the last paragraph that I am sick of it, then let me reiterate it again.  I am damn sick of it.

You little pansies, and you know who you are, who are talking about giving Barack Obama a honeymoon and talking about waiting to see what he actually does really do make me sick.  You make me sick because a lot of you were the same people who were unloading on him and his Marxist ideology (clearly able to be seen by anyone reading what he has written and listening to anything he has said) for months prior to the election.  He deserved that barrage from the big guns then and he deserves the same firepower, if not more, pointed and unleashed upon him now that he has won. The man does not deserve any sort of a "honeymoon."  There is no, "wait and see what he will do," reasoning that is valid.  We know what he wants to do.  He has said it time and time again.  The only question is will he be allowed to do it.

But a lot of you namby-pambies, who try desperately to put forth your conservative, pro-liberty credentials, are denying everything that the man has said and done within his life and his campaign. You are hoping, beyond hope if you ask me, that he will all of a sudden change his stripes and not go full auto Marxist on our butts.  My God, what has happened to you cowards?

I would love to think that you are maybe just scared of saying something that Barack Obama or his "truth squads" might find objectionable and that you are moderating your tones out of fear.  We all know that history is replete with examples of how people with Obama's ideas deal with their political opponents.  I cannot believe that you actually however believe that things will be different than what he promised when he was on the campaign trail.

Maybe he will be more moderate on taxes?  He will not be if you keep making excuses for him instead of preaching economic reality!

Maybe he will be more reasonable in fighting the war on terror?  If you start giving him a honeymoon and believing that now, all of a sudden, he will see how serious terrorism is, he will not be.

Maybe he will be a little more considerate of the first amendment? Yeah, I see that happening if you start making excuses and take a wait and see attitude!

Maybe he will not rush headlong into trampling on the second amendment? Ok, sure ... you believe this despite all his anti-gun, anti-self defense remarks during his life and on the campaign trail why?

Oh, I know what your excuse is because you keep saying it.  You keep saying that now, because he is actually going to be sitting in the oval office and (you assume) held accountable for his actions, he will recognize the reality of the myriad of situations which will confront him and that he will have to act in more moderate ways because his is "smart".  Yeah, "smart" ... that's what they call spouting Marxist talking points and promoting an ideology that has failed time and again from Mussolini's Italy to Hitler's Germany to Stalin's Russia to Khrushchev's Soviet Union to Mao's China to Kim Jong Il's North Korea to Castro's Cuba to Chavez's Venezuela?  Not to mention how it is currently failing in the plethora of European states that continue to struggle under chronically high unemployment rates and legacy costs for the "free" healthcare and welfare of Marxism light and the entitlement mentality.

You want him to change his stance on anything he believes?  You have to unload on him and keep hitting him with the truth.  No honeymoons.  No grace periods.

If I hear one more conservative or so-called capitalist (most of whom I believe are corporatists, in that they are capitalists looking to game the socialist system for their own ends, and not true capitalists) claiming that Obama is "smart," despite my previous points about his promotion of an idiotic ideology that has always and will always fail, I may have to move from slapping them silly to putting a boot up in where the sun does not shine.  It is a ridiculous notion that you folks espouse.

"Smart" people do not rush headlong down a road that leads off a cliff.  I do not care how many degrees and letters they have after their names.  As we all know the halls of academia are littered with the corpses of people that have such honors behind their names and could not think their way out of a paper bag.  But they can certainly pontificate on the way things, "ought to be," in their minds and muse and whine about why things are not that way.

It is time to stop denying who Barack Obama is, and always has been, and admit that he has given no reason to "hope" that he will be anything other than the man he has shown us to be.  It is time to admit that in order to "change" him (and the course this country has been on for the previous century regardless of what liberals believe) that he must be ridden and ridden hard.  He must be constantly smacked upside the head with the facts and not allowed to get by on good looks, charm and lofty, vacuous rhetoric.  He must not be given a free pass.  He must not be given a honeymoon.  And most importantly he should not be given any more credit than he is due.

Right now, his credit is zero.  So get up and stop being a bunch of wishful hopers like the mindless Obamatons that voted for him are.  And stop feeling, as they do, that by merely having "hope" that our troubles will be washed away and get your butts to work. ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor contributor to American Conservative Daily and also the founder of SignalCongress.com.  He is the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com.


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