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The New World's law and order

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 23, 2009

"They're not terrorists! They're just common criminals!!!"

That's the new Progressive sales pitch … or, forgive me for debasing a "teachable moment", calling it for what it really is: re-programming America! … uh … preparing us for how all terrorism and all war will be treated in the New World Order.

Under a one world government, of course, all acts of violence will be considered a domestic crime … well … some of them will be. Those acts of violence by the New World Order itself?

That will be considered law and order.

The New World Order is already in place … and the three major, atomic capitals – Washington, Beijing and Moscow – are now … and simultaneously … governing with Marxist expectations and with increasingly Maoist fervency.

Oh, the laid-back President Obama … his calm and seemingly unruffled certainty?

If his aims are the same as those of the two other nuclear powers … to unrelentingly socialize … and, yes … Communize … to force the American people into accepting what our President thinks is inevitable: the universally Marxist New World Order … and I am completely convinced those are his aims … what can possibly stand in his way?

Glenn Beck?


The Catholic Church and its stand against abortion?

Rome couldn't stop the Holocaust … nor even the Fascism of Mussolini's Italy. Do you really think the Catholic Church … with the likes of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi still in it … is going to stop this mounting, Roe v. Wade infanticide and Obamanomics blitzkrieg?

And the ownership of all the major nuclear powers by Marxists?!

"Michael, calm down … it will end up an inevitable blend! Of the Left and the Right!"

Hmmm … we've been warned about that bi-partisan lie since the 1911, Robert Minor cartoon showing Karl Marx and capitalist fat cats meeting on Wall Street to carve up their ownership of the entire human race!

Right now, Attorney General Eric Holder, under transparently veiled orders by President Barack Hussein Obama, is going to show Americans how all forms of lawlessness, including Islam's Jihads, will be dealt with by the powers of the New World Order.

Any crime anywhere is now a domestic crime … within the New World Order.

While having … for years … surrendered eagerly to the fashionably appealing tyrannies of socialism, Marxism … and yes, Communism … having actually savored and now yearned for the kinds of unbridled power allotted both Stalin and Mao … and now having been delivered by some kind of diabolical miracle to the very White House itself, a seat of power in the last standing defender of individual freedom … with those early and limitless fantasies dancing in the synchronous thinking of President Obama and his Marxist advisers … is it no wonder he treats the Constitution of the United States with such contempt?

"Michael, start thinking out of the box!"

That "Box", the Constitution of the United States, is our Boat!! The very Ark, which our American Noahs built for us!!!

Hmmm, again …

What can one do but watch? Go on the record and then … just watch.

As for the growing evidence of our President's sympathetic policies toward Islam?

We "fell" for his display … his apparent efforts to hunt down Osama bin Laden … but this delay in sending more troops to Afghanistan?

And this drama he's creating in New York … with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed … giving America's enemy – but apparently not the adversary of the New World Order - the greatest worldwide platform to sell Islamic insanity to the entire human race?

Well … in the New World Order it's obvious … that Islam will receive extraordinarily special treatment.

The American preparations and "Progressive Movement" toward a … by now …  Red Islamic New World Order? This all began one hundred years ago … when the spoiled brat millionaires thought a know-it-all-and combined oligarchy of Capitalists and Communists would rule the whole world and that it was only a matter of time before that could be fully accomplished.

Now America is under the rule of the Progressive Movement's ultimate leader … President Obama, who appears to increasingly rule with his Czars … and under some kind of Divine Immunity from the disastrously unconstitutional decisions he's making.

Ironically … or rather tragically, the Islamic dictator of Libya, Muammar Ghaddafi, said that America deserved 9/11 because of its hypocrisy.

The truth is … at least I think this is the truth … that America has deserved all of its inevitable self-destruction ever since 1973 and the Supreme Court's passing of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

If that had received an immediate and unequivocal rejection by the American people and their representatives in Congress … none of this virtual, American suicide would have happened!

As it is, America's utter irresponsibility and its literal wallowing in infanticide – some estimate it as 30 million abortions per year – have reminded not only God but the entire human race that Americans are willing to betray the very belief that made them great, the Declaration that "all men are created equal".

Not "gestated as possible candidates for abortion"!

Created equal!!

At what I think of as a modest estimate of just 1.3 million abortions per year for 36 years?!

That's 48 million … coldly butchered Americans … a figure at least 8 times greater than that of the European Holocaust … and larger than Stalin's purges.

This is beyond "Have you no shame?!"

I left America almost 16 years ago because of all the Clinton Administration's unconstitutional assaults upon television programming and also because of America's legalized abortion, a horrific practice I had ignored for years because I had been, of all things, a Liberal!

Had to be! I was in the arts!!

The "Progress" of my country's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision to the present policies of President Obama and his Progressive majority in Congress has been a straight line to hell.

The growing nightmare and widening gulf between pro-abortionists and pro-lifers is deepening.

By 2012 it will be the Grand Canyon.

As Lincoln said, "A house divided cannot stand!"

With a President that some in the mainstream press have compared to Abraham Lincoln, which side of that canyon do you think America will finally land on?

The pro-life side?

Or the pro-death side that advertises itself as Lincolnesque?

The present government will eventually and unmistakably make it "inadvisable" to be pro-life.

If things continue as they have, pro-lifers will inevitably be unable to earn a living in America. They will be blacklisted more indelibly than any American Communist who faced judgment from HUAC, the House on Un-American Activities Committee.

If you don't believe me, just read the history of Stalin's "Purge" … or worse yet, Mao's "Cultural Revolution", both part of "Great Leaps Forward" under the same Marxist principles which Obama's Czars, former friends and advisers have not only been applauding but proclaiming as the direction they want included in the President's repeatedly shouted message of "Change we can believe in!"

If the mainstream press can call that kind of President a "Lincoln" … History will undoubtedly call the mainstream press of early, 21st Century America, Obama's Pravda.

May God help us … because by then He will be our only hope.

Legalizing murder ... which is what the Roe v. Wade decision did in America ... opens up the floodgates of such freedoms for the government itself.

"We the Government gave you the same right to murder which we can now publically claim for ourselves … and demonstrate with impunity!

"We, the Government, in other words, have the right to do ANYTHING WE WANT WITH YOU AMERICANS!!"

Again, to put America's surrender to the perverse magnetism of this New World Order, there's an ultimately horrifying but very, very Marxist logic to such thinking. The two greatest executors of Marxist philosophy and its unrelenting will, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, set the benchmark for successors … or, in this case, for the Harvard graduates who dream, like perennial sophomores, of  surpassing Stalin and Mao in terms of unbridled power over the entire human race.

We Americans, however, don't have the moral high ground that either the Russians or the Chinese had when Stalin, Mao and the Communists literally took their own countries captive

Americans have willingly engaged, since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, with their "Progressive" governments in consensual murder. Therefore the individual freedom of America has abandoned itself to what looks more to me like a consensual suicide, necessitated by its own bottomless and homicidal hypocrisy.

Lincoln predicted that the only way America could be destroyed would be by suicide … and that was obviously a warning … which we either never heard or still refuse to heed. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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