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We are the modern day Paul Reveres

By Robert Rohlfing
web posted November 9, 2009

Paul RevereThe modern day conservatives of this country are following along in the footsteps of one of the early compatriots that in the early days of this country stood up against the established governing body to right the wrongs and injustices that were being handed down through over taxation and oppressive practices wrought by said governmental body. Just like Paul those that are attending Tea Parties and attending town halls, networking and participating to get the word out we are the common man and women. We are Americans first and foremost, we do not hold high office nor do we consider ourselves elite, common sense values and a deep rooted desire and fortitude to preserve the freedoms and conserve the liberties guaranteed by our founding fathers so long ago when they drafted the Constitution and set us on the course to afford those the inalienable Rights that they envisioned for us the keepers of the nation they fought and sacrificed for.

We are not the radicals that the media likes to portray us to be, unless you consider it radical to look at the most important manifest that shapes the heart and soul that is our nation! Just like Paul we choose to stand up against the over taxation of the citizens of this nation, you might even consider that in his day Paul was called many things from a radical to a patriot and he wore those labels proudly on his shoulders without regret as did all the common men that surrounded him and heard his cry on that night so long ago. They listened to his call that night and came together the next day on the squares of Lexington and Concord not to incite violence but to stand in the face of tyranny and oppression, just as today those men and even women stood there because they wanted better for their children and generations to come. We today stand together not because we want to incite violence -- far from it actually -- we stand together because we recognize the sacrifices that those that came before us and want to preserve the freedoms that they fought so gallantly for us to enjoy and conserve those rights for our children and follow on generations.

We are just like those folks from so long ago we are farmers, trade smiths, we are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. We are the common man that recognizes the shift in this country that is occurring away from those principles and values, we are the ones that look past the propaganda that a modern media can use to indoctrinate a population into believing that moving away from what has made this country the greatest county in the world and that is what the founding fathers laid down for us to follow. We are not the party of negativity, for that matter we are not exactly a party and we welcome all those from either party because we are a belief we are an ideology. We are folks that agree to disagree and we are folks that are well informed and have the fortitude to stand up for those that even disagree with us.  We are the ones recognizing all the assaults flying under the radar to take away the rights that our founding fathers envisioned for us such as the freedom of speech and many others and we are growing in strength and we are watching your back even if you are willing to experiment with the notion that you would be better off sacrificing those freedoms.

We are the Sleeping Giant that is no longer asleep!  We will gladly network and spread the word, we will gladly stand in the modern day square and we will gladly wear those badges that Paul and others wore so long ago because we are emboldened to the preservation of the freedoms and liberties that our founding fathers so sacrificed long ago. Today we have the call to be the modern day Paul Revere’s and work with our fellow Americans to expose just all the hidden attacks that are occurring on our Constitution and the rights guaranteed within. Network people, attend the Tea Parties and town Halls, dig deep do not rely on just one source of information seek out all sides to form the bigger picture, and most important participate as we are a participatory governance! ESR

Robert Rohlfing is the proprietor of The Drumbeat of Liberty blog. © 2009 Robert Rohlfing



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