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What divides us

By Alisa Craddock
web posted November 16, 2009

A few days ago, someone said to me that Pres. Obama doesn't know what he's doing.  "He doesn't know how to be our president," she said to me.   What this lady (and much of America) doesn't understand is, that isn't his job.  Oh, that's what we elected him to do.  That's his title—President of the United States—but that's not what he is there for.  Those who chose and groomed him, who have bankrolled his rocket ride to the White House, have a different job for him, and in that he knows exactly what he is doing.

Obama's job is to prepare America to become part of the global government, to cut us down to size, to cripple us, humiliate us, socially destroy us, so that we will need, as a nation, to become part of the global nanny state.  He is to shore up the power of his coalition by filling it with those who share his objective (such as transferring authority and power from Congress to his czars, and by eliminating those in civil service who are not on board with the agenda).  He is to seize power over businesses and extort the business world to comply with this agenda, or face destruction by the government.  He is to create laws that will bring the American people under absolute subjection, so that their compliance can be assured.  And he is to disarm us.

And this agenda has been laid out for decades.  Since the early 1960's, the final phase of this agenda has been in motion.  In addition, our foreign policy shifted from one of helping less developed countries to develop their people and resources, to become productive and self-sustaining, to one of exploitation:  Our wealthiest elite have set sights on their natural resources, and population control is the means to prevent the depletion of those resources.  It is not only the US, of course, but the wealthy elite of the world, who are complicit in this goal.   But by promoting a "myth" of overpopulation, and an "environmental" crisis, they have succeeded in getting much of the world (including many in the U.S.) to go along with it, believing it is necessary to save the planet.

Once upon a time, the US had a conscience.  The people opposed contraception, and certainly abortion. At the very least they believed these were private issues, not the government's business.  President Kennedy has opposed the use of government funds for what is euphemistically called "family planning" precisely because it would make it look as though the government was trying to control the population of black, Hispanic and Asian people.   (In point of fact, that is precisely what the goal is.  It is right out of Margaret Sanger's stated objectives.)

After Kennedy's assassination, as reported in the EIR Special Report, The Genocidal Roots of Bush's New World Order, American policy shifted to a disasterous "post-industrial policy, an absurd idea, abandoning the formula that had made America a superpower.  America's foreign policy changed from one of assisting LDC's (less-developed countries) to develop and become self-sustaining, to one responding to the new ideology of "limits to growth".  (I want to jump in here and point out that George Bush Sr.'s name is in the title because of his public invocation of the term "New World Order", but the agenda that is described herein is not a "Republican" agenda, nor a "Democrat" agenda.  The wealthy elite propelling this agenda are on both sides of the aisle.) 

It was Jimmy Carter (Democrat) who signed the Global 2000 report, and it was Henry Kissinger (Republican) who penned the National Security Study Memorandum 200, (NSSM 200) also known as the Kissinger Report, both of which laid the groundwork for this transition and the new agenda.  Controlling population has become an ugly obsession that has spawned all sorts of perverse and twisted social objectives.  The so-called "Population Bomb" was touted as a threat to our very survival.  We had to bring our rate of population growth to zero (or less) or we were doomed, according to the propaganda, because there weren't enough resources left to provide for all of us.  Hand in hand with the zero population agenda was the agenda to end all economic progress.  Now this is key:  One of the most influential figures promoting stringent population control measures, Paul Ehrlich (author of The Population Bomb), also urged that, in order to restore a "quality environment" in North America, the U.S. must be "de-developed"—that is, "bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation." (Does this sound a bit like "Cap and Trade"?) Who else can you think of who is in favor of de-development.  Does the name John Holdren (Obama's science czar, and another fierce population control advocate) ring a bell?
Ehrlich goes on to say that "This campaign (for de-development) would be largely political, especially with regard to our overexploitation of world resources, but the campaign should be strongly supplemented by legal and boycott actions against polluters and others whose activities damage the environment."  The de-development strategy also, of course, funneled money into minority neighborhoods for "family planning" clinics where this "social service" as the family planning clinics would like you to believe, included forced sterilizations.

America became the chief exporter of population control programs, and, as advised in the NSSM 200 report, tied economic aid to a country's willingness to accept population control programs that included contraception, abortion, and sterilization.  It is reprehensible how many poor women were baited with a few dollars to have their tubes tied.  It is reprehensible that people in need of aid, especially in a natural disaster, are faced with the agonizing choice of sacrificing their moral convictions for much needed emergency aid, or holding fast to them, and suffering disease, starvation, and death as a godless world turns its cold back on them.

Here at home, the Roe v. Wade decision has resulted now in some 50 million abortion deaths.  In some other countries, the percentages are much higher, with, in some cases, 30-50% of all pregnancies resulting in abortion.  In Europe, Japan, Russia, Thailand, and here in the US, along with a significant number of other countries, we are beginning to  see the poisonous fruit of the culture of death they have created with their propaganda as they now face the prospect of demographic suicide in those countries.   How do you suppose our leaders will deal with the imbalance of young to old people in this country?  Well, in 1987, the director of the population think tank called the Hastings Institute, Daniel Callahan, suggested, in a book called Setting Limits, that the government must aggressively promote euthanasia and the "right to die".  As the EIR report described it, he claimed that human beings have a natural lifespan of approximately 75 years, and that the government should not spend one penny on any life-extending medical treatment for people over that age.  As EIR reports, "Callahan justified his homicidal mania on two grounds: the "philosophical" grounds that man should be content with dying at the age of 75 or so, and the other, that the growing disproportion of elderly to young people in the United States necessitated draconian cutbacks in medical treatment of the aging!...In other words…the aborting of [50 million] potential young Americans over the last [36 years] has led to a situation in which it became "necessary" to kill off the elderly!" (EIR Special Report, page 9).  Remember, this report was written in 1992, 17 years ago.

Thus, we have the drive to ram through a health care bill that will ration health care to the elderly.  Since it is financially unsustainable, any promises they make about not rationing will be empty.  There are already bureaucrats in place (appointees of this administration, and paid for by Stimulus money) who are rationing our health care.  Medicare is already way beyond any private insurance company with respect to what sort of treatments they deny payment for.  Cut $500 billion from the funds available to pay for geriatric healthcare, and you have a situation where people will be receiving far less treatment than they did before.

It is easy for us to fall into the trap of believing that overpopulation is the problem, and population control the answer.  The world is in turmoil.  It feels like it's about to explode. We are inundated with gangs and murderous atrocities, we've seen a horrendous increase in unwed pregnancies, children growing up without proper guidance, raised in the tender mercies of the nanny state, most ending up in trouble with the law.  Our relations with other countries are strained with starving people in third world countries, genocide, war, terrorism.   But is population the problem?  No.  It is government policies that have created this situation, both at home and abroad.   Contraception and Roe v. Wade created the out of wedlock pregnancy problem in America, which caused the crime problem and the 9 trillion dollar welfare problem.  (Contraception and abortion provide the delusion of risk-free sex, which leads to risky behavior, which leads to more pregnancies.  But the reality of pregnancy and the abhorrence for abortion most women feel when actually faced with the decision, and society's destigmatization of out-of-wedlock pregnancy, have given rise to an increase in children born out of wedlock.)  Since most of these kids will grow up without a father, and consequently in poverty, most will get into unlawful activity.  Illegal immigration has caused a significant increase in violent crime, in addition.  The government, of course, knows all this.  They have the Moynihan report, among others, to point it out to them.  But our government seems to want to foment social discord, perhaps as an antidote to charity, which would enhance civil society,  rather than de-develop it.

But the government seems also to have a vested interest in encouraging sexual activity out of wedlock:  it is the most powerful weapon against Christianity, which teaches chastity and family values.  Would it surprise us to learn that at a recent meeting between a number of population control NGO's (in which pro-life participation was shut out), the issue of the obstacle that religion (read Catholic religion) played in resisting the population control measures came up.  The question arose of how they might combat the influence of religion.  The response was to encourage young people to become sexually active.  This is done through sex ed courses, and a generous provision of birth control measures.  Once young people engage in sexual activity, their consciences are scorched, and often religious values are abandoned.  So you see, our government here at home knows that teaching abstinence actually does discourage premarital sex, but that would interfere with the anti-life, anti-family, pro-environmentalist attitude they wish to instill.  Otherwise the young people might actually recognize that the healthcare bill, and the Cap and Trade legislation are both aimed at the same goal:  Absolute control over you and all other resources.  In essence, they want us all to churn their butter, while they lap up the cream.

The Population Bomb is a myth.  The Population Research Institute, The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute*, Human Life International, all concur that "overpopulation" is a myth devised by global elites to keep for themselves and their use, the natural and mineral resources of the world.

So what is the answer.  Christians know.  We need to stop killing our children.  We need to restore a culture of life.  We need to help those in need, not kill them off.  Abstinence education, and natural family planning will help encourage healthy families without sacrificing human dignity and morality.  Education can create useful citizens instead of "useless eaters" as they are called.  America can lead the way, if her people wake up and recognize that this evil has grown out of a lie, an insidious anti-life agenda which, by propaganda, became internalized in the collective conscience of our nation.  It has to end.  Abortion must end.  Assisted suicide (which will inevitably give rise to euthanasia) must end.  We must stop it here, and we must stop promoting it abroad.  It is a gross violation of the rights and dignity of human beings. It is a denial of God.  It is a rejection of charity in the most brutal, evil way possible.  There can be no excuse for it.

Our political leaders in both parties have countenanced this obscene agenda.  The division in this country is not between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.  The division within the Republican Party is not between "right wing extremists" and more sane, sensible centrists.  The division is between those who support the global government, and all its evil designs, and the ones who respect our own Constitution, and, yes, who recognize and embrace our Christian moral law as the foundation upon which this country's laws arose.  The Republican Party needs to recognize that we (the people) cannot compromise on the moral principles of our tradition and history.  We cannot survive as a nation, as a people, if we accept that compromise. Our present circumstances prove that.  So as Conservatives, we will not vote for you anymore.  We won't take the lesser of two evils anymore.  We will vote for the guy that says America is a sovereign, Christian nation, and who will take an oath to defend her and mean it. And we'll vote for the guy who will reinstall, if you will, her original operating system, and be very careful what sort of software s/he uploads, careful to quarantine and eliminate whatever viruses may be embedded in that software.  Our new leaders will be men and women who will restore Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  We'll have American Heritage Programs at school again.  We'll have a Christmas pageant.  We'll remember our honored dead and our wounded living, and we'll fight the right battles for the defense of our country.  We'll honor our elderly, we'll teach our youth right from wrong, good from evil.  We'll not just be a proud nation, but a good nation again.  But only if we repent of this evil we have done, and turn back to the Living God, who is all forgiving to those who fear Him.  "Without Me, you can do nothing," the Lord says.  Well, certainly without Him, we can do nothing good.  So what will we choose?  Evil?  Death? Exploitation?  Slavery?  Or will we choose Truth, virtue, life and liberty? 

This is our nation's moment of truth.  Do we perish as a nation, or will we be "born again."  Those words have never been more poignant in our history.  Therefore, choose life, not just for yourself, but for all those who will come after.  We must stand our ground without wavering.  If not, we will perish. ESR

Alisa Craddock is an activist in the culture war, a convert to Catholicism, and describes herself as a Christian Libertarian.  She may be contacted at alisa.craddock@hushmail.com


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