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Portraits and Landscapes: Atheism's point man

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 8, 2010

It is most appropriate for me to have begun Portraits and Landscapes on the day following an American election that again, for the second time since 1967, denied gestating Coloradans the "personhood" and "inalienable right to life" upon creation. Amendment 62 was defeated.

Nineteen seventy-three, of course, was the year during which all Americans were informed by the Supreme Court that "personhood" doesn't exist until at least the third trimester of gestation. We as a nation, to my mind, have been haunted by such legalized murder ever since.

The Left, however, still claims it is Vietnam that haunts us most. The 43 year-old, silent Vietnam War against our own children? That war, most Americans concur, must not be talked about.

Unless I am mistaken, even Glenn Beck didn't mention Amendment 62 on his program. He spoke of Colorado's Amendment 61! Hmmm …. "neither a borrower nor a lender be!" Might that explain Colorado's refusal to lend many of its own children a life?

From my own, personally haunted heaven here in Canada, I literally look down on my former homeland as having almost irreconcilably lost its soul. Of course, the 89 years of legalized slavery in the South was finally overturned. Such a liberation, however, required a Civil War.

Now most Americans accept abortion with the same insouciant sophistication they had accepted slavery.

Hmmm, indeed.


At 11 years of age I learned that abortion, though illegal at the time, was indeed an acceptably sophisticated practice, particularly by such bourgeois and enlightened couples as my surgeon father and alcoholic mother.

I'm an alcoholic, almost seven years sober, thanks to God and AA!

Suffering fetal alcoholic syndrome, I most likely entered the world a drunk. Yet I was allowed to enter life. Two of my siblings were not as fortunate.

As the devoted opponent of almost everything "Progressive", I imagine the Progressives might use me as the best justification for abortion.

"Nip the trouble-makers in the bud!!"

The Progressives are not murderers, they are … uh … Progressives!

"We have a population problem!!"


"There are just too many Tea Partiers!"

The 2010 election confirms the Progressive belief that Bill Maher is right and conservative Americans are just as the comedian describes them, "They're stupid!"

The Progressive Scientists will eventually find a "stupid gene" and construct their Final Solution for  ridding the earth of "stupid Americans". Those gestating infants with the "stupid gene"?

"We needn't even hear them, let alone see them!"

Why didn't Fox News come to the support of Amendment 62, the Colorado plea for the recognition of "personhood"? We certainly knew that network's position on most of the election's contests? Bill O'Reilly occasionally speaks against abortion … but then again … he's Catholic, isn't he? So he has to do that.

Then why aren't the other Catholics like Biden and Pelosi doing it?

"They are Progressive Catholics! In the same way that Bill and Hillary and Michelle and Barack are Progressive Protestants!!"

Oh … okay … gee … then isn't that a sort of split, yet another "schism" in the Christian faiths?

"Yes! That's Progress!!!"

With Bill Maher leading the way?

" … uh … sort of."

Bill Maher kind of dragging the stupid world of religious belief up to his high level of atheistic enlightenment?

"Kind of."

Bill Maher's an atheist, isn't he?


Well, then what are the Clintons and Obamas and Pelosis and Bidens and their religious faith? What are they in the eyes of Bill Maher?

"… Uh … "

Hypocrites? Aren't they half-baked everything? Half-baked Catholics? Half-baked Protestants? Half-baked Marxists? Half-baked Islamic sympathizers?

Maher's the pure thing, right? He and Christopher Hitchens? Atheists.


Isn't that where Progressivism is really headed? To a world of atheists?


Then what are the Jihadists and everyday Muslims going to do?

"They'll worry about that after we, the Progressives, first see the end of Judeo-Christianity."

Oh, so America and Israel are going down.


Then Islam is next?

" … uh … "

It's got to be next if atheism is where true enlightenment awaits us.

" … well … Michael, you are trying to catch me in a contradiction."

Communism is pure atheism, right?

" … well … "

Marx and Maher aren't really all that far apart, are they?

"I don't know Bill Maher's economic philosophy."

No, that's right. The comedian hasn't written a Das Kapital because … well … it just wouldn't be funny and Bill Maher makes his living being funny. He's the atheist's Don Rickles.

"The insult comedian?"


"I think he has a much wider range of comedy than Don Rickles."

Then why do I only see clips of Bill Maher's insults?

"That's how he gets his biggest laughs."

Then he is The Atheist's Don Rickles.

"No, he is appearing more and more frequently on serious panel discussions."

Like the ones with George Will?


So his atheism and his film Religilous are being sold as serious philosophies to a wide audience. He has become Atheism's Point Man, right?

"He has a high Q rating, big popularity, a big audience."

Yes. As Atheism's Point Man he's very entertaining. A very entertaining and very American version of Christopher Hitchens.

"I see where you are headed, Michael.

Where is that?

"You tell me!"

Isn't the final goal line of all Marxist thought a complete conviction that God is not only dead, He never existed in the first place?


I don't believe that there is anything funny about abortion but there is always something hilarious about religious hypocrisy and hypocrites in general.

"Now where are you headed, Michael?"

With Bill Maher we never confront the issue of abortion as murder, we just jump across it to the easily found hypocrisies of religion in general and then, by association, the anti-abortionists or pro-lifers can be discredited.

"As you often say, Michael … 'Hmmm … '"

I may very well be wrong but I think Bill Maher, rather like Camille Paglia, is not enough of a hypocrite to say that abortion is not murder.

"Do you know that for sure?"

No, but Bill Maher knows too well that a woman's liberation should not be giving her the right to murder another human being, even if the murderer is an atheist or the victim a possible Christian.

I just don't think he wants to deal with the issue at all.

"Maybe he does!"

Hmmm … we'll certainly find out soon enough.

"How do you know that?

I just have a hunch, you know?

"No, I don't know."

Then be patient and read The Book of Job as if it were The Bible of America with Bill Maher advising us all to "Curse God and die because you're really all too stupid to recognize the obvious: God is the delusion of idiots!"

Oh, atheism is not a Portrait of Bill Maher. Atheism, thanks to Bill Maher, is a growing American Landscape. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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