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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty-Four: You Can't Go Home Again

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 21, 2011

Since both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain have been virtually and symbolically kicked out of the Presidential campaign, I no longer have a horse in this race. I'm also profoundly grateful to Canada for having taken me in. Where America is headed with either Gingrich or Romney, I don't wish to go. Truth be known, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, would make a better President of the United States than any of the contenders left at the head of the GOP pack.

With my seven part series, Bringing America Home, I, rather like Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, attempted the impossible. Nostalgia does not a destination make. The only real home an American has is his or her own self. Dwelling gracefully within one's own humanity is challenging enough without taking on a whole nation or political party.

Rick sits mournfully in CasablancaWe are all, even if we don't realize it, a Rick of Casablanca.

With "the only constant being change", A New World Order has been a fact since the first single cell on earth began to make whoopee. My longing for the past overlooked Ronald Reagan's greatest asset: recognizing the worst enemy of America is Communism. I still share that same certainty with Reagan and know that Communism is the worst enemy of worldwide, individual freedom anywhere and everywhere in the Universe!

With that in mind, the main survivor of the GOP primary now seems to be Newt Gingrich.


He seems most at home with himself and his individual freedom, even when the world says, "We don't like the first part of your home that you showed us, Newt!"

"So?!" says Mr. Gingrich. "I'll show you another part of my large home that you haven't seen yet!"

There's not much about himself that Newt Gingrich doesn't know or hasn't made peace with; and the warrior in him is what came out in the last debate I watched. To paraphrase him, "War is about killing people and we are at war with Radical Islam!"

No mention of Communism and that is where he made his biggest mistake with myself and Ronald Reagan. He not only bought the lie that Communism is dead, he's selling it.

I wouldn't trust Newt Gingrich with anything other than his own dreams and ambitions. Then again, I'd have to say the same thing about myself. What I've learned in my old age is not to accept any chore or job that doesn't fit either my dreams or ambitions. Also, don't elect a President who doesn't realize that the American Progressive New World Order is increasingly a Marxist, state-controlled sales job for the growing tyranny of American big shots.

Perhaps the oldest and longest dream of Newt Gingrich has been to be President of the United States. Today he's about twelve months away from seeing that dream and ambition possibly come true.

The next obvious question must be: how many of those Gingrich dreams and ambitions can be shared with other people?

Here are Gingrich dreams and ambitions that don't sit well with Ann Coulter:

"In addition to having an affair in the middle of Clinton's impeachment; apologizing to Jesse Jackson​ on behalf of J.C. Watts -- one of two black Republicans then in Congress –- for having criticized "poverty pimps," and then inviting Jackson to a State of the Union address; cutting a global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi​; supporting George Soros​' candidate Dede Scozzafava in a congressional special election; appearing in public with the Rev. Al Sharpton​ to promote nonspecific education reform; and calling Paul Ryan​'s plan to save Social Security "right-wing social engineering," we found out this week that Gingrich was a recipient of Freddie Mac political money."

With all those sins in one paragraph and on his own back, Mr. Gingrich seems frighteningly content with himself.

Does he have a choice to be otherwise?

Being Newt Gingrich, no.

The only thing that seems to have boosted Mr. Gingrich to frontrunner status in Iowa is his shamelessness. Somehow people are waking up to the power of complete self-acceptance.

Newt Gingrich is at home with himself, enjoying the war with Radical Islam, not afraid of the MSM and part of a powerful, bipartisan coalition to build The New World Order.

Mr. Gingrich's campaign is the sharpest and wittiest American concession to Marxism we have ever seen. He makes Henry Kissinger's Real Politik look like some last minute brainstorm out of Richard Nixon. Newt Gingrich is not Real Politik. He is a frighteningly real American politician.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, arose on our horizons with so many Marxist connections in his past we are still dumbfounded by the CIA and FBI's passivity in the face of such evidence. Having elected President Obama, Americans can't really object to the Gingrich recipe for a New World Order, can they?

Mr. Gingrich is, above all, a realist. He's the Republican Party's LBJ. He's fed up with being a bride's maid and is LBJ-certain that the GOP field around him aren't ambitious enough to lead!

America either makes Newt Gingrich President or, in order to scare his only real enemy, Radical Islam, he becomes Secretary of Defense for Mitt Romney who is a more gentlemanly version of Newt Gingrich.

A Romney/Gingrich ticket is exactly where America is and has been since Kennedy's assassination: LBJ's home for the most profoundly ambitious politicians on earth.

The frightening word for most Americans should not be "ambitious" but "politician".

The last half-century has become LBJ's America.

The United States have been limping ever since Dallas fed the Kennedy's a Texas welcome.

No, Rick Perry no longer has a Texas chance at the presidency but his naked, LBJ-like ambitions reveal what's actually going on in the hearts and minds of the GOP frontrunners.

America is beyond a nervous breakdown. A third party alternative is inevitable or the United States will see a Second Civil War.

The bipartisan-fed, Progressive New World Order Oligarchy in the United States is eating America alive. Is there any authentic America left that can live?

As I've realized here in Canada and for the hundredth time, "You Can't Go Home Again!" ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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